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Exactly. Now I made a post showing the main views about each Eastern religion in general(Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism, Hinduism). Tantra comes from hindus. So despite the article written by lovetruthsite, I think sex might not be a bad thing, but in general is hard to find a person who would be on similar mindset as you and share both the same beliefs and thoughts and go with such practices.

Here is the article that I was talking about. It is used to do further analysis on some Maslow theory.

As for “sex being used against us”, see both the article about buddhism, taoism, hinduism that explains that people should never have improper sexual conduct. It is well explained especially in the Buddhist and Taoist teachings. And actually there are ways, somewhat described in the Taoist teachings, as for how one would have a proper sexual conduct.

First, here’s a link about Sexual misconduct, in Buddhism:

In Lamrim Chenmo, the texts conclude that the four types of errors are sexual misconduct:

1.Being not with the right person: Including men having sex with men, with people of non-binary gender, with any women not being one’s wife.
2.Being not with the right organ: Including having oral, anal sex and masturbation.
3.Being not at the right place: Including temples, public areas and rugged and rough places.
4.Being not at the right time: Including women’s period, pregnancy, nursing, fasting and disease.

Now, for the Taoist sexual practices:

Taoist sexual practices (Simplified Chinese: 房中术, Traditional Chinese: 房中術, pinyin: fángzhōngshù), literally “the bedroom arts”, are the ways Taoists may practice sexual activity. These practices are also known as “Joining Energy” or “The Joining of the Essences”. Practitioners believe that by performing these sexual arts, one can stay in good health and attain longevity.

Some Taoist sects during the Han dynasty performed sexual intercourse as a spiritual practice, called “Héqì” (合气, “Joining Energy”). The first sexual texts that survive today are those found at the Mawangdui. While Taoism had not yet fully evolved as a philosophy at this time, these texts shared some remarkable similarities with later Tang dynasty texts, such as the Ishinpō. The sexual arts arguably reached their climax between the end of the Han dynasty and the end of the Tang dynasty. After 1000 CE, Confucian restraining attitudes towards sexuality became stronger, so that by the beginning of the Qing dynasty in 1644, sex was a taboo topic in public life. These Confucians alleged that the separation of genders in most social activities existed 2,000 years ago, and suppressed the sexual arts. Because of the taboo surrounding sex, there was much censoring done during the Qing in literature, and the sexual arts disappeared in public life. As a result, some of the texts survived only in Japan, and most scholars had no idea that such a different concept of sex existed in early China.[1]

Qi (Lifeforce) and Jing (Essence)
The basis of all Taoist thinking is that qi is part of everything in existence.[2] Qi is related to another energetic substance contained in the human body known as jing (精), and once all this has been expended the body dies. Jing can be lost in many ways, but most notably through the loss of body fluids. Taoists may use practices to stimulate/increase and conserve their bodily fluids to great extents. The fluid believed to contain the most Jing is semen. Therefore, Taoists believe in decreasing the frequency of, or totally avoiding, ejaculation in order to conserve life essence.[3]


Also, about the ‘being in an illusion’, or in a Matrix, there are a lot of Buddhist and Hindu teachings mentioning such stuff.

Made a review about ‘Maslow’s pyramid’ and it’s flaws. It can be found here:
There is only one solution that will solve all problems in the long term.
It’s name is Buddhism.

Apply Buddhism to your constitution and religion and the following would happen:
-No more drunk girls, no more drinking and any meat consumption would be banned, with added health benefits. (Would make strong devotees of Islam to acknowledge that the principles there not only respect Islam, but surpass Islam).
-Any person in such a way would have the moral high ground against any Islamist, and thus, very likely, there would be a bigger aversion to stop bad sexual conducts from happening
-No guns would be needed. A person that is buddhist would more likely to be expert in some martial arts and thus, any confrontation between a strong buddhist and an Islamic, would lead into an obvious winner, on the Buddhist side.

Guns can make the problem worse and allow Islamists to actually use guns to do a very bad thing across Europe.
While knowledge of using guns would get some persons to have the stronger high ground, If you’re a buddhist, you would not only have the moral high ground, but also have defense methods learned from martial arts and tai chi(an islamist is more unlikely to learn such methods).

The answer to Islam problem, is not Christianity(It lacks solid spiritual knowledge and at the same time it is more likely than not, that it creates targets for Islamists to practice at), but Buddhism.

Increase the spread of Buddhism across Europe, and all problems will be solved.

Of course, there’s the scenario that some Buddhists have done great damage to Muslims:

It’s teaching don’t promote violence, though at the same time, it is seen that some members may take the initiative.
However, since it’s religion is the most peaceful and with a higher degree of awareness, it is more than likely to succeed in keeping things balanced.

Time will tell how things will go.

Make a blog and make a list with all of these individuals, with their new age stuff(posted in previous comments).
I’m watching your blog because from you I’ve learned some good sites and good information.

The annoying thing is that I’m recently the only one commenting on your site.(with this I make 5 recent comments in a row).
You and zerohedge.
The fact that zh(which is known, has it’s top article with close or less than 1m views), which is great, it means the rest get less.
These blogs on wp, are occasional.
People, despite the social media, are not using the internet at full capacity. The measure of the people that are well versed in doing research is well measured by average number of views on an article.
Zh has on average about 10-20k views per each article(and they make an average of 30 articles per day).
They enjoy their everyday lives. If you read zh everyday, you are starting to think that the world is going down. And your blog, the same psychological effect.
But zh is broad and your blog is concise, it gives good source of information(once every month, new stuff, from you and commenters, and the rest of the time, some news feed).

The conclusion is, most don’t even use the internet for anything more than fb and keeping traditional values. Those who do and do research, are not many.
And most work(they rarely have time to get involved in social media).
The solutions for the long term are somewhat clear. Everyone to practice agriculture, to never forget where the food comes from, keep a cap on number of employees(ranging from 20 to 40) and also one person one firm only type of policy in the near future, this would make the big corps that are too big, much smaller, and then lots of jobs and everyone will be happy.
Ban the military in the long term. Have people train themselves or have only police become the equivalent of military(thus no more stupid military invasions or any other bad thing), love self and others, stop same-sex marriage, because that is bondage, and marriage is for having two people to be in legal contract for them to safely nurture and produce offspring, and thus same-sex marriage doesn’t exist. Maybe bring back the tradition of being married a virgin. Stop all these ‘activist’ movements(talking about feminism and lgbt and maybe others), which only fuel more or less, hate, and instead use rational argumentation. But keep the conservative, truth movements. Love oneself and others. And, well, that is all.

Since I’ve posted too many comments, I may take a break.
I’ve taken a great educational trip thanks to your materials Bradley.
I’ve started posting comments as a habit, be it writing on blog or comments, and at some stage, it became addictive.
Now it’s time to say goodbye.

The damn ‘new agers’ are a bunch of dumb morons buying illusions of grandeur and ponzi’ing people, and if some of them are actually telling people that ‘all is well’, then they are going to have a bad time…
Bradley, build a blog(you can make another), and put all the new agers names out there, to know who are you talking about.
If not, I’ll build a blog and list all the trolls on the internet, and then add all the ‘new ager’ websites with bad propaganda and/or persons employing it.
You posted links of less than 10 ‘new agers’ websites on your blog, and you did a lot of ‘unveiling’ in their dogmatic, childish, limited mindset. The only people who would buy ‘new age’ propaganda nowadays are old men/women, looking for ‘salvation’ or ‘the next big thing’, since they don’t have much else to do with their time, and generally are too lazy to use the internet to do actual research(because they’re too old and too tired from work from the past years of their lives to actually do it). Young people for the most part would obviously ignore it, they either have work or parties to attend to. Only the actual truth seekers would actually do some hard work, and when they do, they would consider all the angles. And a full picture would emerge if you can analyze all the sectors of the economy in real time, from statistics and real life, not only from some financial news site, which requires the equivalent of minimum 2 years of studying and somewhat practicing. Working in a job that pays you to not look at the big picture, will not get you the truth, so the only jobs are those who actually force you to look at the big picture(they are few, and require enormous work and dedication for an average person to get there). And also knowing the top news outlets on the internet and their targets.

Thank you for your everyday work.

Yesterday I opened a topic regarding the biggest problems in the world, regarding military conflicts, central banks and how current economy is running into a bubble. There were 10-15 people at the table, and the only ones who were discussing it at the table was me, and 2 other people.
They repeatedly said very clear that they weren’t interested in the well being of other people, just themselves, and if they were to make money on corruption, they would.
One of them is doing ‘coca-cola’ beverage distribution(among many other things), meaning it buys it in high quantity and sells it to local stores. Even ‘he’, the ‘owner’, who was distributing that ‘poison’, was fully aware that it is poison, and even ‘he’ said that some of it might contain ‘child fetus cells’. And he said, if he makes a lot of money, he doesn’t care if other people drink it or use it.’He’ despised one person who was drinking it, but he said if it makes him money, he doesn’t care. Regarding that aspect, there is a topic on yahoo answers regarding it:
The other person works as a captain on a merchant navy or merchant marine, meaning those ships transport cargo on the seas. At the same time, he didn’t care about the other’s people well being and does nothing against corruption. Of the same mentality, if it makes ‘money’, he doesn’t care. And ironically, he considers himself a ‘religious’ person, while at the same time, he doesn’t apply those good religious principles and doesn’t care about the problems of it’s own country, but only it’s family. As a matter of fact, that individual cares only about his pride, nothing else.
And if you ask them about the real problems, they say they are ‘too small’, they are not interested, and while wealth doesn’t matter a lot, they are wealthy enough to make a difference, but instead they do nothing, one of them actually builds an entire church(the one with the distribution), but he doesn’t care about God’s Judgement. He cares only about his own pleasure, and that, in his lifetime.
How would you consider one who poisons and fools it’s own people around him, and then builds a church, just to prove to some people, with his wealth(that was not done through fair means), that is more holier and deserves more respect(probably to those under him)?

And when I brought up those macro problems, not only they didn’t want to hear about them, but didn’t want to hear about those problems from me, because I, because I’m half their age, by asking them only some questions, they have become fools on that table, those are their words, not mine. They said that I made them look like fools at the table, by asking them some questions, and that is unacceptable to them, because they made money and I did not bother to make as much money as them.

The issue is, there are people that pride themselves on making money(more like through conning, and not caring about the long term consequences), and the only thing they care about is pride and respect.

The current way of society is totally unsustainable if it has this kind of corrupt people, and that, especially wealthy. Society if it evolves in technology, while at the same time not solving the inherent corrupt logic that these people currently have, will collapse. I doubt a public space program would ever take place(even if the current technology can make it available in the next 10-20 years, or even now), if the inherent corruption problems of our society are not solved.

I think that individuals who made money on corruption, greed, pride, should be stripped of their wealth, and this needs to start with from the individuals who have the most wealth first.

The problem is somewhat, who receives it. Because generally, most people who would receive money, would naturally become greedy and prideful themselves.
One way would be to build infrastructure with it, be it small villages (cities should’t exist in the future, they are too overcrowded, that being the sign of derivative constructs and ponzi schemes), probably research in technology involving space program, and since money doesn’t really help people to grow in intelligence(being busy spending money on material things doesn’t really help as much as studying), it should be invested in education, only if the lack of educational materials exist.
Before I say the last idea, it would be a good idea to use that money to pay specific debts of one’s own country, though that depends whether that actual government is good or bad.
The last resort measure, if no one deserves the money, is, to simply, burn it.

There are corrupt people in our society. The more money they have, the bigger the sign of their corruption.
It’s hard to find people who have both money and are truly not corrupt.
I am thinking that society needs a mentality where people who make wealth, but do not think or justify it in the very long term(can go to 30 years or more), regarding their results, should in the least, be despised by the majority and at the most, have their wealth confiscated, and themselves defamed. Can someone be sued for having too much money?
What are your thoughts on this, Bradley?

Great article. As it is stated in some videos of Bill Turner, it shows emphasis on how, the ‘banks’, own the court system. In the ‘court philosophy’ you are either the client or the bank. And if you act like a ‘client’ you have to pay.

Besides this, I have one specific question for you(off topic).
On the whole internet, you (Bradley) are the person I trust the most, for the past 2 years(even though I read your blog in 2015, in 2016 managed to make a wp. account).
And well, in real life.

So I’ll ask you a question.
In 2016, a series of incidents happened in my life, that involved ‘dreams, sometimes bad’, ‘and other types of hints’. In the period of march 2016, some of these hints, pointed out that ‘jw’ organisation is bad, and something needs to be done about it. Also another event also pointed a finger to this organisation in may of 2016.
I have done close to nothing about it, simply just watched those hints, without actually getting involved into anything. Not being aware of laws and some other things, I thought any kind of action would get me in trouble.

And now, this organisation, ‘jehovah’s witnesses’, appears on zerohedge, as being banned in Russia on a court ruling, being declared an ‘extremist organisation’.
Here is the article:

My question is, what’s your take on this ‘organisation’ or whatever it is, that is called ‘jw’.
My take on the ‘originator of the hints sent to me’ is somewhat bad.
But at the same time, the organisation doesn’t look good. And you praised ‘Adonai’.
Since you’re the only person that I can honestly ask, and that can honestly give a good and truthful answer, what is your take on this organisation, called ‘jw’ ?
A comment or an article would do just fine, thank you.

Thank you for this.

I have been following your blog since september. I might have missed both the jw connection and the v sign. Though the mudras point out to being very ancient, back in the time of hindu gods.
According to some theories, we’re in the ‘kali yuga’, where the highest amount of sin on earth is performed. Not sure if there should be good and bad cycles in the first place, but just pointed out that, as a reference.

As for the article, it has good information pointing out it’s connection to knights templar, freemasonry and jw. It actually points out that they serve the same interests.

I guess this is the entire series:

Thank you for your work!

Read all the books, 2 or 3 years ago. The books are great, they give a lot of hope, but that’s all. Ok, it shouldn’t be called ‘hope’, but positive projection, meaning that great things can be done, if one tries.
Our society is majorly dominated by greedy interests and severe lack of good judgement and thinking. It needs a lot more improvements in the thinking part.
The books from her have some good information, in the areas of tai chi and visualization. You can search information on each keyword and find good information that can be applied.

One last thing regarding dreams.
At the start of this blog, had very bad dreams, one which I was thrown off like 10 meters into a wall, and one, which was very scary, ‘you’re too advanced for us’, on a sarcastic tone and many others. One involved seeing scenarios of what would happen if you went in different locations, one where you were dead, and another scenario where the Moon would explode.
The visions/dreams are very random, but sometimes have a connection, but most of the times, are just simply bizzare twists of events.

The interesting thing, however, is that, these ‘bizzare dreams’ are somewhat different from the normal dreams. The normal dreams are just nothing, sometimes you wouldn’t remember them, and don’t give them much importance.
But some of them are actually scary and sometimes in a different color, feeling, that either they’re unnatural or that the environment is more or less control.
If I try to imagine something in a dream(say one time were like opponents), and I’ve realized that I’m in a dream, and then I imagine that I do something uncommon in a dream, like visualize a tree and use it to push said opponents away, the dream fades and you wake up.

I never tried obe, but I heard of it.
Where is the place where you are in a dream? In a different dimension or just in your own imagination, but something else attempts to ‘trick’ your imagination while being very tired(sleepy), as to scare you away?
Now(as I’m writing), I’m realizing. Are dreams there to suck energy out of human beings while asleep? Because in sleep, the human body and energetic field heals itself?

If you explain all these dreams, fine.
The most ridiculous dream for the past week is that I saw a huge tower, collapsing, leaving a crater, and then a landslide getting all homes in that crater. And in that stage, my home was in it. After that, I get into the initial state, as in, before all that bad event occurred and all of a sudden the place is filled with windmills.

Since probably I’m not going to achieve anything commenting and hoping someone will give me an answer, I’ll be studying astral projection, to see what it is and if it can be achieved.
The world is nuts, almost no one on this planet has all the answers, but some people give good answers. Either way, this is my experience. Once a week or so, I get a bad dream. These dreams either need to stop or someone to explain the source of them.

Have a nice week/month and let it be that I post fewer comments.