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Thank you for your post.

May I ask, does this(all caps name) happen to all religions of Christianity all over the world?
Does this apply to the Orthodox Church and any country that is membership of it?
What about other religions?(Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism)
Is any country on this planet that is free of such things?

What about countries that are involved in wars (ie. Russia), are they part of this con?(ritual sacrifice, maybe the wars that they may wage)

Regarding what you say, is the best outcome to renounce your citizenship?
Is statelessness a good idea?

Is there any legal form of operating and gaining specifc rights as a stateless person?
Can you declare your own country, and set laws that would make one independent of all iniquity from all past forms of government?

Another question. What about passports? All passports use all caps name. If one wants to travel to a foreign country, doesn’t this mean you use a ‘fictional corporation’, that is accepted by another state? And doesn’t the affirmation ” Simply say: I AM NOT (place your all caps name here)…”, becomes invalid as soon you use an id, be it passport, driver’s licence or id card? How can one operate and do activities, without using the aforementioned documents?
How can individuals using private jets travel without security scanning?(not as any regular citizen using any airport…) (Individuals using private jets are somewhat extempted from security measures and can carry whatever they want in that said private jet owned by themselves(unlike normal citizens, who have to declare what they have, when they are buying a ticket and using a firm/company’s passenger airplane))

Another off-topic question.
Why does Russia’s coat of arms has a two headed eagle, while US coat of arms is a one headed eagle? When was US coat of arms introduced? Was it AFTER, ‘We the People’, Constitution, and getting rid of British influence(that was/is highly likely influenced by what you say it is, the fallen roman empire). Does it mean, United States was independent only in the era of Benjamin Franklin, and after 1800, somewhere along that interval, a Con was made on US people and somehow they lost their independence?(see United States Corporation,The Act of 1871).

Can you state the top 10 countries of the world by their current state of affairs?
Russia had the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, which could fall in the category of marxism(which is how actual ‘nwo’ movement would be (marxist-socialist nwo)), but since 2000, the country itself has it’s propaganda that promotes less and less corruption in that state, and it looked to be built itself well in the past 10 years(no debt to other countries).
China had 1989 Tianmen Square massacre(among other bad things in their history). They somewhat built their Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association(that doesn’t respond to the Holy See). But, they did organ harvesting and trafficking in 2000’s, so China doesn’t look really good(it has a lot of pollution). They look to be in the opposition of other countries, but they look to share the same mindset as the nwo.

It looks as if, no country in the world is really healthy.
Again, is orthodox church any different than catholic church?
The orthodox priests DO wear black too. But they wear white on top of the black on the ceremonies.
What do you say about the visit of Patriarch Kirill in Antarctica? If he wears black, what does that mean?

Is the world totally upside down?

Another question. What about the usage of a bank account? What about establishing your own firm/business? Won’t this need the usage of an id? What about the usage of ‘cash money’? Since they are printed by the respective central bank that the country has, doesn’t using the respective cash would mean you are part of the country’s system of laws?(Actually on cash, it can be seen the same as trading gold, silver or anything else, if it’s bartering, but when a credit card is used, that credit card is in all caps name too)

Doesn’t any person that is using Paypal, means it is registered as ‘ALL CAPS NAME’, especially when it needs the credit card to deposit/withdraw?

There is the use of Electronic Currency(Cryptocurrency) that could facilitate payments, without the use of names and identities using ‘ALL CAPS NAME’ or address. There is USDT = USD Tether, worth exactly 1$, no matter what the price of the USD. And there is BTC.
There is the use of trading in gold and silver, but there is not an exact currency unit established (and exchanging in metal to currency or reverse is done with high commissions and generally done with an id).

And I guess there is time for another question….

Bradley, you seem to love kids…

How does one, according to the God’s Law or Natural Law, make the birth of the baby legal?
Do you write your own birth certificate?(The parent writes the birth certificate?)

And one more thing to cover. If all id’s are to be considered fake, in regard to ‘ALL CAPS NAME’, what does one do, when the said ‘id’, expires, and has to be renewed?

And to add to this, according to some countries specific laws, in the new foreseeable future, all id’s will have a chip(that is likely to have your location at all times)… How does one individual deal with all of these ‘problems’?


The “Birth Registration” is actually a Death Registration.
Look at the “Act” relating to Birth, Deaths and Marriages for your country. (particularly western governments, notably of british origins, though I would hazard a guess and say it is the same in all countries, as the corruption is so deeply rooted via all CONtrol systems by the corrupted ones in this whirld of spin and inversion)
Act = Law [Lore] = wal [inverted meaning] = wall = barrier = bar = barrister…and so on – word play.
Birth definition, as defined by “The Act” (Births, Deaths & Marriages Act),
…”Birth: Includes a still-birth”.
Thus, by definition, it EXCLUDES all other possibilities and this is so there is no misinterpretation of its meaning. (The Act says that your registration is that of a “still birth” = dead body = corpse = corpse-oration = corporation = fictional entity = strawman (as per Wizard of Oz film).
Also same for “a child”, includes a “still-born child”. (i.e. fictional person = persona = mask)
So again we see the DECEPTION is always there right in front of you in plain sight (sight = site = cite)
Legalese is truly an art form ….black arts, that is!
THE LAW AND YOU by Bill Turner (NZ) (38min)
“Who You Are” or “Where You Stand”!
Do you know whether or not you are a Sovereign?

The first door to open is to take CONTROL of the birth certificate. From there forward, ask seriously that God open each door thereafter. This will NOT be easy steps to comprehend in most cases! So, be prepared to seriously study to show yourselves approved unto the Lord.

@ Bradley and readers,

when I have been reading the sentence about
the AFTER BIRTH it reminds me at the German
scientist Max Planck. (1858…1947)
I believe this is from him but if I am wrong,
well, I am open for revision.
Planck`s research were on the area of quantum
physics and as far I remember he found out that by
division of fields of energy this fields were always
connected equal the distance between the divided
fields and I think, this is the reason because of
sending the after birth to the Salvation Army.

To the distance between the divided fields:
He found out, when the one field was changed,
the same change took place at the another field.