To lovetruthsite … “Do you have enough handwavium?”

Just Worldview

Do you or your ‘Prime Creator’ have enough handwavium?
If you or your Prime Creator can simply suspend all people on this planet from all their activities, immediately, and have a court system where all the person’s memories, their past activities are clearly out in the open, and a person can provide all the evidence needed to sustain the arguments, then a certain conclusion can be clearly made, in regards to who is guilty of what, and how that person should be judged. For me, this can happen anytime from here on, and with all the evidence provided and with all the records out there, everything can be shown as to whom is guilty of what.
Do you want the truth about how multiple people from multiple countries created the so called condition of ‘enslavement’ and manipulation? US is not the only country involved, and one of the biggest suspects…

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