Possibilities and Timelines – The best possibilities are Tao Te Ching followed by a Conservative Revolution

Once upon a time, a thought came by.
Thoughts come and go, but this wouldn’t stand by.
Focused on it’s rigid evolution, five possibilities it lived by.
Until Tao Te Ching… , after that, possibility zero came by.

What is possibility zero?
Too many things are named, yet this has this name.
It’s basis is… Tao Te Ching…

This article is focused on possible outcomes for the world.
The most favourable outcome for the world, is, by far, a truly Conservative Revolution.
This revolution needs to be defined by adopting a Truly Conservative lifestyle.
The most correct Conservative lifestyle relies on the buddhist principles of:
-Being a vegetarian, thus respecting almost all forms of life
-Not doing any harm, and practicing Buddhist values well explained in it’s respective documents
-Not practicing any form of sexual misconduct, and this means, no sex before marriage and no sex with persons you are not married with.
A conservative revolution that focuses on speaking Truth to lies, and living by the correct values of the Eightfold path.
It needs to enter all the levels of government and education, and to not seek contriving.
There are a lot of people in various communities( like zerohedge), who promote the use of violence. That is not a correct view. Through it’s polarization it might give disastrous results. Also, there is one more thing to mention, that, both the ‘americans’ and ‘russians’ participating in the commentaries(on zh or rt) sometimes promote wrong views of violence.
So, this means that the current so called ‘conservative’ movement is anything but conservative, and needs to improve itself. But the same holds true for the oppositon formed with the so called ‘democrats’ who have become in the end, nothing short of ‘mob rule’. Also the so called ‘republicans’ barely show any sign of life and resolve to sustain correct reforms.
This happens to be reflecting the similar mindsets in all the other various communities, be it in the area of ‘european politics’ , where it’s generally similarly anemic as the republicans, or in the area of ‘chinese politics’ which has been in the past and is in the present, a vicious, aggressive form of mob rule, endlessly demanding rights, while at the same time lying and cheating whenever possible, and willing sometimes to sacrifice it’s own people for the good of the ‘party’, which is nothing more than mob rule. (look for China Uncensored youtube channel).
And these bad relations create tensions that can escalade into very violent responses.
And this situation creates the ‘acceptance’ of the general public, that, sometimes, ends up sustaining the bad reforms and decisions by the people.
This in turn can affect in a certain percentage, even the most independent minded people.
This is why, only the very few who manage to build themselves a very valuable set of values and knowledge to keep it to themselves, have the luxury to think more freely, because most don’t even have time to really think at all.
A conservative revolution is based on a new system that can truly sustain those values, and apply them to the population exponentially.
It may create polarity at first. The solution to polarity, however, is Tao Te Ching.
This may take place in the next 2-5 years.

The second possibility:
Is defined, when a conservative revolution may not work…
Is to favor Virtual Reality development, and scenarios to make people understand the consequences of their actions.
And if VR willingly might not work… then from there on, only forced outcomes would manifest.
Re-education places, would consist in conditions where a person is given books and curriculum, and has to pass exams. If the person cannot pass the exams, it will sit into the prison forever and work as imprisoned labor force to pay it’s work.
Re-education places could consist of VR technology.
This may take place in the next 10-20 years.

If the first two possibilities “True Conservative Revolution” or “VR re-education” don’t work, then the other naturally occuring possibilites will likely manifest.
The third possibility is ‘conventional warfare’. Endless weapons, wars and killing in the world.
It does not benefit the world, it will slowly erode and destroy whatever ounce of goodness it had.
The fourth possibility is cataclysmic events like Hurricanes, Tornados and possibly the use of ballistic missles, sometimes with nuclear capability. Due to tensions, it might happen.
The fifth possibility is ‘extinction level event’ scenarios. A big Flood, big volcanos erupting or nuclear warfare… This outcome is probably the worst…

Currently humanity stands into possibility number 3, with ‘conventional warfare’, with potential bursts towards possibility number 4.
Possibility number 2 is VR tech, but it can be both used for good, and make people learn, or used for evil and make people more misguided than before.
Possibility number 1 is the most healthy for humanity. It means fixing all it’s problems from the bottom up. But it is, still, polarized.
Possibility number 0?
Read Tao Te Ching, get rid of the polarity as a result, and be one with the Tao.
If almost every person would read Tao Te Ching each day or even each week, slowly but surely humanity would have way higher chances to reach Possibility number 1.
Possibility number 0 is to be one with the Source, to be of one mind, to not contrive, to work harmoniously with one another, to give wealth when in excess, not take further away.
It is very similar to Maslow’s pyramid.
At possibility number 0, stands transcendence of humanity.
At possibility number 1, stands Self-Reflection or Self-Actualization.
At possibility number 2, stands Esteem, Aesthetic, Belonging and Love needs
At possibilities numer 3-5 stand a lot of the ‘survivalist’ aspects, like Safety needs

maslow's hierarchy of needs five stage pyramide

To recap, there are five main possibilities:
1. Conservative Revolution, people actually promote good principles by which humanity lives by
2. If no Conservative Revolution, then, VR-like education, with games and scenarios is a second choice to make things right.
3.If none of the first two possibilities happen, then wars will continue.
4.Very risky for human civilization
5.Extinction level events(cataclysms, floods, etc.)

Possibility number zero is:
-Reading Tao Te Ching, everyone, and refusing to continuously be polarized against one another. It is the way towards balance and peace. The alternatives are these uses of ‘force’, seen as possibilities 1-5, with possibility number 1(conservative revolution) being the best

Here is Tao Te Ching:

Gia Fu Feng translation:

Mitchell translation:

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