May the Tao be with you! -A recap since the beginning of this blog

Let’s start with the best and the most fundamental ways of the Universe.

That is, Tao Te Ching, also well seen in the first article of this blog, Tao Te Ching.

Tao Te Ching, translated Way of Virtue, stands as the solid base regarding what Virtue is. It adds up and completes the posts that explain the Cardinal Virtues, among other things.

From here on, a summary of the best articles with a small description attached to them:

  •  The Galaxy is so big, and carelessness will cost us the Universe , starts with expanding our awareness regarding the size of the Universe, then explains all possible theories, from best to worst, starting from politics to further stretch some key views into exopolitics.
  •  What if? and The Death Cults , explains how deep some traditions go, and how easily can be seen as manipulation, deception, with good emphasis on the system as a whole, that sometimes goes from deception disguised as happiness and hope to what it really can be, and that is a structure that propagates death
  • The posts after this, range from the topic of Ancient Aliens to a Planet with the size as big as Jupiter that can do a pole shift. The two topics collide, by being connected with this Planet X, or Nibiru. There is also the subject of exopolitics for the next hundred of years, with key points explained here(Potential timelines). Links for Ancient Aliens here, here and here, and for Planet Nine or Planet X, here, here, and here.
  • After this, posts are reviews or comments for articles from different websites and their latest news feed. Out of this, the notable comments articles from here and here are great.
  • The Way and the Virtues, is a very good article that explains and compares virtues and their attributes.
  • Justice and the Universe, A Just Education and Sharing of Information and Derivative Constructs and Real Value, explain in clear terms, how and why the Universe, the more it is Just, the more real progress there is, because Justice, as balance, makes sure that Life exists, and without Justice, there is only stagnation and death, and the second and third articles explain both how the system needs to be, starting from the education system, and then how the general blueprint for the current system is based on debt, and how it really needs to use and never forget fundamentals, because society, as it is, has gone so much into derivative constructs that it lost it’s core identity, both the population in general and most individuals in it.
  • True Hope and a closer look regarding what’s to come, and The Book of Enoch, while the first article looks a bit painted with a polarizing attitude(after all it is a comment), it explains both that, True Hope is not Hope as seen by everyday persons(which gives incentive for laziness), but one that knows that regardless of how much or how less you work for doing the best outcome, the help received can look either good or bad to the individual, and that is according to their actions, be it just and unjust. Then, the Book of Enoch, simply stands as a testament and proving the facts and assumptions from the articles “Galaxy is so big…” and “Justice and the Universe“. And the book was read after the articles regarding Galaxy and Justice were published. In a way, it is proving the information of those two articles, and that can be considered a very good moment of my life to experience.

Thus, my favorite two books so far in my Life are The Book of Enoch and Tao Te Ching.

Enoch was a man that walked with God, and God took him, and Lao Tzu was a man, that by himself, went to Heaven, and also took a disciple with him.

These are the highlights of this blog so far.

While the future is not written in stone, certain laws make some assumptions and scenarios a certainty.

What is beyond Tao, I do not know.

Wondering what is beyond Tao, gives only one answer. Achieve the Tao first.

To go in it’s opposite direction, it is just a deviation into Manifestations. It will only end in stagnation.

When you reached the points of being aware of the Highest and the Lowest, you realize that it is a game of awareness that pushes back and forth, and you can’t go too low without facing the high, and you can’t go too high without taking the low with you.

It feels either like a trap, or a One Way direction.

And One Way it seems to be. And as hard as it can be, the only solution  is to reach Higher Truths, or put simply, To Complete the Vision that forms current Truth, while at the same time be active in helping to spread the Tao.

Prudence and Temperance (The Awareness being aware of itself) with Determination and Justice(The Awareness in action, applying it’s principles) seems to be showing the Way, just as Tao Te Ching makes you aware of the Tao.

May the Tao be with you!


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