Derivative Constructs, Ponzi Schemes and Real Value

From here:

Ok, what I’ve written here may be true, but it’s dramatic. The state of mind of the people may improve, but it’s going to take either a long time, or it will be not without discord.

The issue is, the ‘church’ cannot produce ‘wise people’ just by having the written versions of their canons and following their tradition, and neither because they have specific outfits. Wisdom is built by endless study and good comparison. ‘Wise people’ do not exist, as a job, and if they don’t exist, neither the church priests, as a job.

The text and comparison regarding those clubs starting with the letter S, can apply to the teachers(those from university), if their material lacks consistency and real value in the world.

The main issue is forgetting the fundamentals, that is food(agriculture), clothing(textile arts(it’s the name in wikipedia, should be textile engineering)), shelter(building a house(basic architecture), basic medicine and knowledge(all forms, with books, but has to be balanced in all fields, domains).
Introducing the notion of ‘derivative’.
People are using ‘derivatives’ in all forms of ways.
The most basic ‘derivative’ that they use is cash, or banknotes. More than 40 years ago, US Corporation, likely was the only country to have us dollars backed by gold. Now they’re backed by nothing but belief.(Which is now controlled more or less through computer algos(that are in turn controlled by humans)).
The more a ‘job’, or ‘activity’, is moving further away from activities in the basic necessities of living(agriculture, then clothing and shelter and medicine, knowledge), the more that ‘job’ can be considered a derivative.
A job in the ‘ad industry’ couldn’t exist if there isn’t paper to print and internet and other industries that could make a profit off it.
A job as ‘taxi driver’ couldn’t exist if there are not cars and gasoline(made out of crude oil or other means).
A job, the further it is from the fundamentals, can be considered a ‘derivative job’.
Derivative jobs are what determines and ensures the creation of Ponzi Schemes.
Ponzi Schemes are ways that, through increased number of participants( be it individuals that are working for the ponzi schemer, through the means of ‘derivative jobs’), can use that increased number of participants to siphon wealth, both from the ‘derivative jobbers’ and sometimes the individuals who produce fundamental products(in agriculture, clothing, architecture).
And these ‘ponzi schemers’, that are in charge of ponzi schemes, are using ‘laws’ and ‘words’ and ‘deception’ to do it.
This is why, a lot of countries are in DEBT. US Corporation has 20 Trillion us dollars in debt.
The balance sheet of the major central banks, is the following:
fed – 5 trillion usd; boj – 5 trillion usd(equivalent in yen); ecb- close to 5 trillion usd;
As an added note, DB- a bank from EU, has more or less 50 Trillion usd$ worth of derivatives on it’s ‘balance sheet’, and that, can be considered an instability to the ‘financial system’.

There is no ‘enriching’ that took place.
It is all a bubble.
All that happened is that, through means of either production(of derivative products) and/or conning, money was created, was given to some individuals, and through the means of it, a lot of ‘DEBT’ was created. As a result of that, current ‘companies’, if they are to ‘grow’, they would only take more ‘goods’ from the little people, until there is nothing left, and more or less communism takes place.

Society, to actually increase in value, it needs people to be aware, intelligent and NOT greedy.
Greed is the root of all problems that can create wars, conflicts and lack of wisdom.
And greed and delusion is what keeps any ‘DERIVATIVE CONSTRUCT’ or ‘PONZI SCHEME’ in place. And make no mistake about it, there are a lot of ‘Derivative jobs’ out there, and that, is exactly what is siphoning all the real wealth away.

The most valuable thing, is the Spirit(that is the way of thinking), then the Soul and the Body, and only after that, there are the fundamental products: food, clothing, shelter, then medicine.

And because all the attention of the ‘Spirit’ has been taken ‘away from itself’, and to the means of derivatives, and also pleasure(which is essentially a loop in which awareness is trapped in endless observation, thus spending time and resources without awareness), this is why ‘society’, the ‘world’, can collapse.

The ‘church’ or any other religion may have done and talked about the aspects of the spirit, but it was a minority, not a majority, and now the vast majority, through what I see on their tv schedule, has lost almost all value and became an ‘ad product’, not a ‘thought school’.
And well, all ‘ads’ can enter into the definition of using ‘iconography’ to propagate delusion.

The solution is to be aware of the aspects mentioned above and recognize real value from fake value, and well, wake up the people around themselves from the bubble that they live in.(Thought the effort of waking people up, just one person, depending on it’s state, there are rare chances it takes hours or days, and more likely that it would take months or years(especially if it’s older, habitual and not interested)).


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