Ishtar, God and the great calf

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Thank you a lot for this. This came at the right time, was studying something in regards to gods.
Thank you for this and your post.

My intuition was right, posted some information regarding how breaking of eggs is not something truly Right, but something more or less sinful, and pagan.
I am curious, for how long you knew about the paganism in so called ‘Christianity’?
Today, or at least, the past couple of weeks, evidence was revealed regarding what is/ what are the so called ‘religions’, right now.

The videos from the article after this have good information and further clarification, so I’ll post a comment there, regarding what current religions actually are.

In this next video….,

The videos revealed aspects that can explain what has happened in the past 2000 years or more.

For example, all the ‘Christian’ religions, be it orthodox or catholic, are having a lot of symbolism that clearly shows symbols of worship to Ishtar.
One evidence is the name, another evidence is the cross symbolism(this kinda hits the Knights Templar too), and pretty much everything else using the cross.

One thing that was clear by “God” in Noah Laws is that, no engraved images are to be allowed to be worshiped. Also, no false idols are to be worshiped.
Currently, religions are full of ‘engravings’, sometimes statues and portraits.
This is why, the Church or Temple that the Hebrew people had, only with writing, is the only one correct.
Images create worship, and that worship is of images(that lead to delusion), instead of writing or laws(that usually inspire justice). This means that churches that have no iconography and only writing, those are correct. And this proves, as evidence, that so called ‘christian’ churches, are not actually serving God, as God wanted.(The Noah and likely Abraham version).
This means that the so called ‘christian’ churches of any kind, using images at the place of worship, are practicing Blasphemy to God.
Another thing to note, is that, right now, just like there are female prostitutes and strippers, the actual so called ‘church’, filled with symbolism of Ishtar, and of course, iconography, makes all ‘christian’ religions nothing more than versions of ‘MALE PROSTITUTION’.
Strip Clubs use images (and seduction) to delude people.
Churches use images(iconography) to delude people.
Nothing useful has come from either of them. Only delusion and hope and somewhat ‘happiness’.
Both Churches and Strip Clubs have proven themselves to practice the same job.
Church uses male people in specific outfits.
Strip Clubs use female people(generally) in specific outfits(or lack thereof).
And since it is very clear that the ‘christian’ church worships Ishtar, which clearly can be associated with ‘mother of prostitutes’, this is a clear sign that ‘christian’ church is nothing more than the same thing, that is run by ‘male prostitutes’.
And since ‘male prostitutes’ have authority, then it is clear how all the media is full of ‘prostitutes’ and pretty much almost all ‘positions of leadership’ are occupied by prostitutes.

So, now, it is clear that Ishtar, besides having the nickname of ‘mother of prostitutes’, she now, can brag of having the title of ‘mother of male prostitutes’ too.

No reason has come out of any church. Only ‘anti-reason’, or ‘anti-logic’, or ‘faith’, as they call it.

Now, regarding why this happened?
Well, the only explanation regarding why we have churches and any other form of prostitution, is the following. People don’t like to think! They hate reason and laws, so God, in his mercy, likely, had no other choice than to use this form of ‘male prostitution’.

Remember the Golden Calf:

People were worshiping a bull, not laws.
Everything I’m saying now is a presumption, but this would be the logic. There was the Flood, and somewhere after that, people would need a set of laws to govern themselves to not fall on sin. So, laws were shown to Moses at that time, the narrative was that no matter how you’d put and say to people that the respective laws should be respected(because in the other case, the people would fall into sin, and all sinful people would be destroyed sooner or later). And since not all people respected the laws, through subversion maybe?, a religion would be needed to be made for those (sinful) people so they are organised.

Now, there is a likely chance that the Church in it’s inception wasn’t corrupt, and there were Just people.
And they were, well, Saints, and had a good moral code. The introduction of iconography probably was the only way to keep a religion, since people didn’t like to read and write at that time, a lot of people were not capable of reading/writing ( see slavery, wars, etc.).

So maybe, the best thing to do, is to have a religion for the masses, that includes iconography.

The Church in the current state, for the past 200 years or so(maybe more), is where the problem is.
Since writing is now mainstream, the Churches should stop practicing of iconography and worship, and instead use writing as to make people be aware and think.
If ‘Christian’ churches were Just, they would put a reform to ban all ‘pictures’ program slowly and add the public printing of books and printing of good quotes and texts in the Church.

Almost all Christians around the world, 90% of the population likely, if not more, have not read the Bible. They just follow along, because it’s tradition. If they don’t wake up and start studying these aspects in childhood or in their mid 20’s, chances are they will never study it for the next tens of years, unless the situation demands them to.

In education, if it wouldn’t be partial, people should have a test/exam that clearly shows that a person read the Bible, Quran, or any other Holy text.
As a matter of fact, if education would ever be Complete, it would need for the people to know ‘All of the above’, or ‘All the holy texts’ and the versions.

This is the main problem. People just following along, not reading, not studying.
If people don’t study at all, the society could wake up someday worshiping the wrong god.
Question is, what if society is more or less, already there?

It has been worshiping the ‘Golden Calf’ in the past. When Priests fail to be wise and complete(in knowledge), then sometimes they are comparable to, well, more or less worshipers or workers of Ishtar.

Most of the practiced ‘traditions’ are pagan.
I’ve said priests need to be celibate, maybe practice single cultivation.
Lack of knowledge for the part of the ‘priests’, will put them into a situation similar to ‘the emperor has no clothes’.

For the writer of the articles( Bradley), I’d ask you, is it correct to use the ‘PANIC’ attitude and ‘ALL CAPS’ writing in your articles? In my opinion, the only response for those who use ‘panic’ attitudes is that some readers would not like it. However it is somewhat justified that the situation demands it.

Thank you for the videos and the articles.



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