How to make your own Faraday Cage

As a reply to this article:

For protection against any bad waves…
How to make a Faraday Cage for your phone(if you put your phone in it, it has no cell phone signal).
1. Cover your device in paper. It is best for the device to not have any contact with tinfoil.
2. Cover the paper that covers the device, with tin foil.(It available in almost any everyday grocery store or supermarket).
3. Cover what is now paper covered with tinfoil, with another layer of paper.
4. Cover said paper – tinfoil -paper cover, with another layer of tin foil.
5. Cover that said tinfoil- paper- tinfoil -paper, with a layer of paper.

The Tin foil conducts/absorbs and at the same time blocks all electromagnetic frequencies.
The Paper is there to protect from the fields that are getting through/into the tinfoil.

This is how you build a homemade faraday cage phone pouch.
And for any other things, a protection for your specific electronics(be it phone, laptop, from invasive electromagnetic fields that could fry your electronics).

Using similar procedures, build a tin foil hat.(if you feel the energy frequencies to affect your state of health).
Do not build just a simple tin foil layer and put in on your head directly. It will only attract more energy frequencies.
Meaning you build a paper hat, then on top of the paper, you put tinfoil, then on top of the tinfoil you put paper.

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