True Hope and a closer look regarding what’s to come…


Revealing secrets of destruction to greedy people will only lead to more destruction.
There is only death that comes out of that outcome, and if, through observation and awareness, somehow wisdom finds place as a result of that, then maybe the cycle of destruction will stop and they may be worthy of learning those secrets… but there is a chance they will have to pay for all the destruction created
And regards to Truth…
As for the other side of secrecy, which is exposing Truth, as to make people do action and justice, that may be good, but only people with true awareness of their own greed are actually just enough to do just actions. People who attempt to do ‘justice’ on the ‘unjust’ will have trouble to do that, because with greed, their justice is corrupt, and it never really solves things, only keeps them in a chain of corruption.
However, exposing Truth about the bad and evil actions of the unjust men (individuals of iniquity), can make people more prudent, thus wiser. There are those who will indulge in sin, as a result of those revelations, but those will suffer the same fate as those sinners.

As for the subject of ‘channelers’, it seems they are taking instructions from what was one time termed ‘fallen angels’.
There is a high probability that this is exactly where their source comes from. And all those fallen angels, for doing and continuing their abhorrent behavior, will receive a very bad fate.

The Truth regarding what is to come, is well explained in the Book of Enoch.
Myself had a journey through my whole lifetime in which I learned everything I thought was necessary in every field. And through my experience, I can say that the scenarios or narratives in The Book of Enoch will happen.

The sinners will be punished. There is Justice. What is written about the sinners in the books will happen. From the conclusions done on the blog savetheworld1001 and also the article “Justice and the Universe”, What is written in “The Book of Enoch” is very likely to happen, be it in our lifetime or in future lifetimes.

I read the book today(The Book of Enoch), and what is written in it simply confirms almost every article written on the blog savetheworld1001.

The only people who can really call themselves ‘spiritual’ are those who are righteous, well described in ‘The Book of Enoch’. Any lack of righteousness, is lack of spirituality.
And, regards to spiritual people, well, people who are full of sin are not spiritual at all. Spirit comes from righteousness. There is no ‘spiritual people’ if they are not righteous people.

Thus, a lot of ‘spirituality’ is fake, filled with lies and total lack of judgement. And this is why, your blog, lovetruthsite, has done a great work and a good service to all those who read it.

In regard of ‘hope’, there is True Hope, that is only for those aware that there is Justice and Judgement, and all the sinners will pay for their sins with their destruction, and they have to continue to be righteous in their lives. The false hope is that which, makes the individual cultivate iniquity and sin. Hope becomes True only if people remain just and righteous, in front of it.

The best gift I can give to you right now, is The Book of Enoch:


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