A look on things in April

To quote this:

“LAW is dead and burried and Miss Justice has run away to another dimension. Get used to it because it will Not Ever Change.”

^From this, it doesn’t look too good, but I wrote an article, regarding Justice and the Universe:

In my choice of things, looked at the election and saw a clear winner at the debate.
More here:

On the other hand, this article reflects where the current presidency might lead:
It didn’t look too good then, and neither it looked well before.

This article explains how carelessness is costly, and it looks for the huge percentage of the population, it may be their strong suit, question is, will it always be this way? And the answer to that is likely, maybe.
It feels that people have been complacent and not ready, meaning the idea of huge obstacles ahead, and the lack of idea for people, on how to deal with it.

First, it looks not good for the Trump admin.

Then, the next generation of people, clearly doesn’t look ready(were they ever ready?):

And in the end…

People, the conservatives, paint the idea that they have been complacent, once Trump is president…

And some say there is a continuous run for protests:

While I do not live in the US, whatever happens in the US, can affect the entire World, both in short term and long term direction. And it is also a clear indicator of the current status of things.

And it doesn’t look good. There was hope, there is hope. Some say success is as dangerous as failure… And Hope, as Hollow as Fear…. Quotes from Lao Tzu.

Fear is lack of Action. Fear is lack of Dilligence, Courage and Determination. It is a cardinal virtue. There are two active cardinal virtues and two passive cardinal virtues.

Prudence and Temperance are the passive ones, that are needed. And Determination(it’s best name, not Courage or Dilligence) and Justice are the active ones. A great addition.

If current people, the conservatives, have gone to only watching TV, having fun, forgetting about the world’s troubles, indulging in happiness, which lasts only temporary, this doesn’t look good in the future. Complacency is dangerous. And it looks like there is no real victory…

Thus hope, being as hollow as fear, meaning a total hope and a total lack of determination, is a huge sign of lack of cardinality.

It may be, that Hope is Sloth, which is a sin.

Question is, how many have learned this? How many have been educated this way?

Me, the one writing this article, noticed this today. And it was badly needed to be noticed a long time ago. And even if you tell people, some would choose to ignore.

Now, going back to the theme of things…

The conclusion is, things haven’t changed much.

There are people who are called of ‘good intentions’, but are dreamy, simply hoping, it’s all going to be all right. It starts to look they are not truly good people those who are hopey, dreamy, but never face reality. The ‘other side’, as you’d like to call it, is not complacent. It actually looks that Trump’s side is heavily influenced by the ‘other side’ that is greedy by nature, but more diligent. It doesn’t look good at all.

The issue is, there ARE people willing to listen and do things right. The other issue is, a lot of the people in that category simply don’t know, they are never taught, and only in time, they can know how to do things right. Some of them are taught wrong. Knowing how to do things right, means a lot, actually, it means the World in it’s entirety.

This is how things are being looked at.

From now on, won’t use the word ‘hope’ anymore.

I’ll just say, I ask you to be determined, prudent, well-tempered and Just.


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