[nc] Regarding the animal food-chain

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Also to add, most governments, have that predator bird, the eagle as their symbol.
A bad symbol. It needs to be taken down. But at the same time, it just shows how people that are consenting to such ‘governments’ don’t realize that, that respective government may treat it’s population as chicken.(and feed off themselves). That bird is cannibalistic, because, at somewhat level, it is unjust, it eats it’s similar kind.
And it just shows, the stupidity of the so called ‘patriots’, how ‘patriotic’ they are, in serving a predator, or a system that has it’s symbol, a predator. Utmost stupidity.
To add more, no wonder bad things happen. There are mammals eating mammal kids in the animal ‘food-chain’. An example is jackals sometimes packing together to eat the cow baby, at it’s birth.
A mindset, to remove all the predators from all the ecosystems, needs to start, to actually have true justice.
That means all sharks need to be eradicated or just separated enough to have them removed from eating other fish.
To separate mammals as to not eat other mammals.
To finally end the predator-prey cycle.
When this actually happens, you won’t see in humanity bad stuff.
It has to happen everywhere. Not only partially.
It’s a lot of work, to remove all predators from all ecosystems, but it needs to be done. The best way to remove them is to simply have means to stop them from eating other living beings and start eating alternate food(herbivore). The second best thing is to, well, send them to early death. The choice to survive doing a different thing however is more just.

As for we, the people. We need to stop eating meat and any other kind of things. Going vegetarian is a good idea. There are people who have registered better results in strength training, going vegetarian, examples can be found on the internet. Sure, the diet may change.
Someone wise said this quote: “Meat may be good for the body, but not for the mind and spirit”.
Originally, people were vegetarians.

Not sure how real is pedogate. Though, considering the corruption at the highest levels, the stories, and even the rumors that child trafficking is not a new practice(meaning it was done in the past), among other bad rumors of other things(think sick princesses who would kill it’s own servants and bathe in their blood, for the purpose of looking good), simply shows how depraved is/has been the nature of humans.

What was there, before christianity? Some sort of form of paganism. And let’s be honest, the church has some of it’s practices with paganism. Eating animals and eggs, a holy thing? Not at all. More like pagan tradition.
What if that egg contained potential life, in good environment, it could hatch a bird.
Instead they boil it, the potential life dies, then they call the easter eggs holy, because someone put holy water on it. Well, maybe it shows that dead things can be made holy, but isn’t the most just thing to avoid destroying life in the first place?

Considering the previous paragraph, one could consider that a lot of people who are eating eggs, are in a way, child eating (though this time, a potential fetus that is to become bird is eaten). Apparently, originally, eating eggs are a sign of mourning.
Mourning comes from guilt that one person, at least subconsciously, through it’s negligence, had the consequences that made them unable to stop it’s death.
Boiling a potential life,(thus killing it), then eating it(and sometimes painting it in a different color) simply shows the insane amount of ignorance one person can have for life itself.

If things are really going to start to be just, there is a long way to go. Don’t you ever think that if you start saving kids from bad potential behavior, but at the same time, you eat eggs or meat, you are ok. Meat and eggs should never be eaten, it doesn’t matter if the animal was dead or something else. Maybe eating dead flesh when there is really no other choice(think hot desert with no water or grass, and only some animals are there, and there is no other choice to survive). If the world really is to be fixed, it has to be fixed all the way.
It has to stop eating meat and eggs. It has to stop predators of any kind on this planet to do their ‘pre-debtor’ behavior.
To some(if not all), this is new. This is where humanity stands, and if there is to be real progress, it needs real Justice. And you have to go all the way with it.
To be Truly Just is to Serve Life.

Regarding laws, in history, a good example of laws, are the Seven Laws of Noah:
And also, some passages from Natural Law(wikipedia), like Plato’s, in the least, are good.


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