Justice and the Universe

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First, great article.
The thing about limited vision, is true. When you see a lot more, some people would even question you regarding your perspectives. And also they are paralyzed by their own greed. People don’t study. However, a good thing for me, that I found the crux of the reason why people, at least the most of them, are the way they are. While it is exposed in my previous articles, it sums up to one word. Greed. There are multiple types of Greed. They are well categorized in the 7 deadly sins. It would be a good idea to be called, the 7 types of greed, with greed as a vice, to be considered Partiality. Which, is the opposite of wholeness, and the crux of the matter. In your argument, people don’t usually care about other problems because they have to satisfy their own greed. Be it food, whatever it pleasures themselves. Pride is the greed that keeps this whole system(who is not whole at all by the way, it is more like, full of holes ). Because of it people run for things like money and peer respect. As ridiculous as it is, some do it for other’s people partial love(because it’s partial after all, but they do it anyways). People would have to renounce every bit of partial love(which is not love at all). True love looks to be to put truth above love. And have love as a means to ensure connections to other people. But not for any other purpose than truth itself. Thus, the manifestation of Justice takes place, by expressing Truth with Love.
As ridiculous as it is, society is this way, because they accept all the forms of greed existing, without questioning every action, whether is just or not.
Myself was the complete opposite in childhood, questioning whether this or that will be good or bad. And I studied the aspects of it. Found also a lot of knowledge, making myself to question what is really going on, because some knowledge was not in the public domain.
As ridiculous as it is, there are tv shows and animated series with what you call ‘magic’, making people do things, done with tv programming since childhood. Questioning every possibility, as long as you can and take any opportunity available to learn regarding any possibility became, and it is, the best education. When you hear real stories regarding these theories, and methods, to be true, then one can consider some ‘fiction’ regarding some things shown on tv shows, as ‘facts’. Regarding current system, everyone holding a ‘position’ or a ‘job’, is more or less, an actor(the ability to act, be active; however some would practice dissimulation, and that looks to be the case in our world). Considering on what thin ground current ‘con’-‘tracts’ stand, some of them could be called pure fiction, in which some people would like to ‘play’ or be ‘part of’.
Considering a lot of people in ‘high position’ would be the same as considering people ‘in a play’, of a high position.
People regard some ‘facts’ as ‘fiction’, while at the same time, they are not aware they are ‘playing’ in a ‘fiction’ themselves.
The joke’s on them, so to say.
Now, the thing regarding ‘limited vision’ is best explained in this comment, by exposing why people are blind, and that is their greed, or their specific action or process they are doing, that themselves are caught in a loop. This aspect is very similar to the ‘Halting Problem’ that programs/AI’s can have(search in your preferred search engine ‘Halting Problem’ and see the specific article on wikipedia). And even humans are having this problem, because they are not aware how, when or where to stop. Thus, the reason for all the vices. And how they continue in them. To them, the vice, is experiencing love, or whatever they do, they see it as love. But that is partial.
Thus, the only True Love, is Justice.
But that, True Justice, is without any of the sins, including wrath. If the individual manifests wrath without being aware of it, or knowing the reason why is manifesting it, and has pondered upon it, and figured when or where, that is Just or not, then it cannot be called True Justice.
As an example, the most Just, would do the most Just thing to fix the individual, as the foremost priority and second, to make the individual pay back all the cheats, attacks or any other things, that can be considered, pre-debts, to the individuals that were harmed, in a just way, to ensure that the harmed individuals gain real value and none of the sins. Any sin, manifested, starts a cycle of sins. And those cycles of sins most likely would be repeated over and over again, causing destruction. And thus, a cycle of sins never stops, at least at the individual form, until each individual is aware of those specific sins that are manifested, and the exact opposite of it, is known as well. Thus having the knowledge of this specific thing, makes the individual aware to really Save The World, by Saving Himself/Herself First.
Regarding pre-debts, those are committed by pre-debtors, or the best word that is out there in our world, is predators. The word ‘Dator’ in Romanian language, stands for the English translation of ‘Debtor’.
Pre-debtors or Predators, are thus, through their debt that they are committed of creating for themselves, are Future Slaves, when the one who has suffered will call back it’s debt.
And no amount of cancelling will ever suffice, or even so called ‘transferring’ it, well explained in previous articles from the blog lovetruthsite.
It will be transferred back. A double or multiple effect. Both the one who gained the ‘unfair debt’ and the one who went into ‘pre-debt’ by attacking, and thus creating the debt.
So that means, no matter how some ‘predators’ call themselves ‘masters’, they are not ‘masters’. They are slaves. Because they will have to pay the debt that themselves have created.
And they will have to pay it back.
Death doesn’t really solve things. It only suspends them. In the long run, the most Just thing for the Universe itself, is to have all the individuals, good and bad, be re-given Justice, and re-learn the just way of doing things, paying their debt to all the individuals they have harmed in a just way. The alternative, if they truly want to be unjust, is to experience what lovetruthsite blog called, recyclation in the Central Sun, meaning wiped out their consciousness/awareness.
This ‘permanent death’ can be considered only suspension from the space-time equation/ space-time of the universe, because, sometime, someday, that exact awareness may be brought back, if needed, and to fix itself.
The universe itself can only collapse to it’s inertial state, at it’s worst, if people become infinitely unjust. Then it would try to rebuild itself, every living being. Even if one could theoretically ‘con’, an entire universe, in an unjust way, it will be blocked by the previous history of unjust acts made in the past, that would be found either way, and have to be paid, in order for the Universe to truly move on and evolve.
Also, the theory that a truly just group of individuals would evolve, in a different corner of the galaxy/universe that would realize that the ultimate goal is to do justice, would try to simply eliminate all evil across the universe, and thus, sometime, someday, the bad guys will be in a very bad position.
Thus, evil doesn’t pay off at all. It only ensures that you go more and more into debt.
So, this means, all Predators are ensured to be future slaves that are to pay off their debt.
They can only stay predators in a temporary state(if somehow predators would win). They will wake themselves up with the reality that they can’t evolve any more, because it requires to be just, and that, they cannot. Thus, their final fate is death, or change and pay their debt back.
With this simple argument, that goes for the crux, evil is known, for what it is, just a lack of state, that leads to death, and thus, in the minds of the individuals who are aware of this argument, banished forever.
This is how all evil on this planet and on the entire universe will disappear.
But, knowledge of this argument, gives you no choice but to be infinitely just.
One could say, this is how you discover Justice.
For at least 3 weeks, this argument is known, and would be expanding on it in the near future.

This also validates the argument(from Jesus), that rich people have as big a chance of going into heaven’s kingdom as a camel entering through the hole of a needle. They would have to renounce their greed and to be just. And their richness is made out of their greed, which makes their own behavior unjust, as a result. Also, the ‘camel entering through the hole of a needle’ points to nanotechnology, which is, maybe, one way to reach the space program, but, look at what future evil scenarios are predicted, with trans-humans suffering because, they realize that the initial human form was way better…

Right now, the so called ‘society’, is literally living in a bubble, made out of their own greed, that, when it pops, it won’t end well for the society itself.
It is playing a losing game, where the mindset is ‘losing is winning’ and ‘winning is losing’.

Now regarding the article about ‘the rabbit hole…’.
The argument regarding a society, where, once upon a time, it was telepathic, may be true.
The author of the book ‘Transylvanian Sunrise’ whomever it may be(don’t know who he/she/it is), wrote in the romanian version of the books, using a chronovisor, or something else, how civilization was 8000 years ago, with people literally not talking to themselves, only telepathically, living very peaceful, and were using their mind, likely, to bring light in the room(somehow magic, uncertain how). Also, a different civilization is reported to exist at that time.(the source is the books), and somehow explains that those individuals at that time were downgraded to speaking. Maybe they failed as a civilization because they were lazy? Or not caring enough or just enough to evolve and see other star systems?

And now, regarding the author of the article ‘how deep does the rabbit hole really go’.
Seen some names and ‘blogs’ being mentioned as bad, and it is a good service that it’s pointed out that it’s bad. However, seeing no actual replies from them in your articles(maybe they did?) or not have the articles posted by other people as a reply to their activity doesn’t do much justice to them. But they will be more indebted. It will only cost more time…

The fact that the world is described as such in these articles(lovetruthsite), shows the age of maturity for a lot of people is the same as a kid’s, and they have even conned themselves that they are mature. The irony to themselves…
And at the same time, it shows, that there is a lot of work to do to fix all this world…

Hope you, the reader, like this comment.


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