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If you know about problem solving, you’d already know what needs to be done. Also in previous posts you mentioned 1m viewers. First you’d have to take measures to make sure your blog is actually read, not simply posting on your blog from time to time, and ‘hope’, that viewers will come along. As a matter of fact, there is a high probability that so called ‘social media’, which are ‘owned’ by ‘private corporations’ are censoring specific content for specific users. With that in mind, there is a high probability your articles and content will never reach normal, everyday citizen who wants to find out information. However, someway, you were found in search engines or other people’s blogs, when was looking for good content regarding specific subjects, and because what you write has a high probability of real value, your blog is read by me. Only intelligent persons, wanting to know the whole picture, will find your content anyways. So, even if you post on social media, if you’re really that censored, you’ll likely be censored. Here’s a post on ZH, regarding how twitter retweets are somewhat censored: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-23/busted-twitter-caught-manipulating-tweets-former-blackrock-fund-manager-critical-cia

Now, if you really wanted all those viewers, all you had to do is go post, be active in the comment sections on multiple websites and draw attention to your articles. On one hand, posting away might give your information to multiple people, and on the other, you can have less to none views and continue to improve your knowledge and material.

As for teachers and educational system, it has to be an educational system with similar/same nucleus of knowledge, but the knowledge itself has to be free of bias, (like pride and other sins, especially in the liberal education, which is actually useless), and only allow specializations for jobs to be generally short(equivalent of the masters degree of 2 years). This is the only way to ensure that some people’s education never diverges too much from the main view, and with that divergence, some views will be harder to integrate.
The issue with the world system of education starts from university(at least it was from my view), in which people’s values are majorly diverged by having people educated 4-6 years in universities, with different degrees and different values. Some real economists become hedge fund managers and sometimes they rack billions of dollars per year(though they are few), forming themselves also an insatiable greed for their own views, robbing millions of people, both of their wealth and their own dreams. Thus university education is heavily biased, is heavily guilty of ‘partiality’ and in specific countries, at bachelors degree, for example, in economics, there is NO MENTION of what ‘hedge fund managers’ are, or what is a hedge fund manager.
Apparently, they manage ASSets…

As ridiculous as it is, normal people, if are to continue to exist and not be chipped and treated like slaves, need to actually understand economics, and managing finances.
Jesus hated the greed that was cultivated by these money managers.
But at the same time, in what he written at the time, he promoted the idea of having people very capable to manage their affairs.
The issue is that people have been educated by the dirty MSM with all the greed, lust and gluttony available, making them completely unaware and incapable of understanding concepts like prudence, determination, temperance and justice.
And those are needed, to not give in to bad spending habits.
People are bad at spending their money, let alone spending their time……

This is the issue. Educating them to be aware of their own selves, the resources available, the knowledge that can open doors to infinite possibilities.
Or else, end up like at the time of Noah, when, apparently to some sources of information, he built an ark for himself and his family(a total of 8 persons it says), some animals, and all the rest of the people on this planet were flooded 5000 years ago(an estimate of 3500 BC).
At that time, the lifespans of people have reported to be over 300+ years(at least Noah lived 350 years, at least that’s what is written in the Bible), and, as a result of that, the estimate population at 3500 BC was reported to be 9 Billion. The people did not believe Noah at the time, were full of lust and all other sins(same as today).
If that is correct, 9bn people died, 5000 years ago. It was because of wars, strife, sins and greed. On a long enough timeline, the individuals have to be free of all the sins in order for society to evolve, without throwing their own destruction to other societies. What would happen if you’d have current lustful and sinful media, or ridiculous sharia law on few galaxies away, with advanced technology? The answer is simple, wars, discord that could make galactic wars. No one wants galactic wars. Star systems and planets of life destroyed because of some group of sinful individuals? A high probability that is not going to happen. So that means, there is a chance, current society can be in danger, if it doesn’t actually change it’s path from a sinful nature to a virtuous nature.
No wonder Jesus wanted to save the people. Look what that gotten him. Crucified, and put on a cross, dead, to be worshiped like that for 2 millennia. And people are still sinful, but now we can have a higher impact of sharing information through the media(that currently, is stubborn with a wrong way of doing things). There is a high chance that 9bn people got flooded 5k years ago. And that was, because of their sins. Question is, will history repeat itself, or not?

Here’s a good article showing the 9bn population living at the time of Noah: http://www.ldolphin.org/popul.html


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