A Just Education and sharing of information

As a reply to this article:

Very very good article.
Information secrecy is where all the so called ‘separatism’, which is at the core of the so called ‘racism’ is.
There needs to be a massive shutdown of all private groups and private informations that are being circulated/withheld.
Meaning, no information secrecy.
Also, torrent trackers which don’t have open sign-up all the time should be shut down.
They are the most of information hoarders and are the most dangerous of them all, because when a group hoards information doesn’t share it, or promotes elitism(which can be considered a form of racism), is when all the bad things happen, when a mentality of ‘us vs them’ happens.
At the core of all social tensions stands separation, and current ‘globalists’ are all in for more separation.
Their integration is separatist, and at the core of it, are exactly the vices, or the deadly sins.
Partiality is a deadly sin, and the so called ‘globalists’ are heavily guilty of it.
One person said, the most important thing of it all is God’s grace or view, not the material view that is out here.

In order to fix all this.
1. Eliminate all private torrent trackers and make them public(open sign-up).There is a certain ‘torrent tracker’ community that has gone pure elitist and has hoarded a lot of information and, despite their opinion, the information needs to be made public.
Also, all moderators and admins of the private trackers are to be arrested and held for treason and crimes against humanity, for withholding information and denying access to it.
No private groups with withholding information are to be ever allowed on this planet Earth.
Anyone who fails to do so, have a reminder, that they are to be wiped out of existence, permanently, because they are the root cause of all the conflicts and ‘separatist’ attitudes.(which is a form of racism). They are committing the sin of partiality, and thus, through their attitudes, lack of empathy towards other members of society and pride, have put themselves into a corner and through their actions, on a long enough timeline, no evolved being will accept them and they either have to change their attitudes and share information, in a virtuous way(see 4 cardinal virtues), or to be wiped out of existence permanently. The reason for all the bad things on the world are the expression of the deadly sins to other members of society, and because the receiving end sometimes doesn’t have enough cardinality(4 cardinal virtues, with prudence being the most), the people become corrupted and thus, slow but sure erosion of society can occur.
2. All the newspapers, magazines are to be forbidden to charge a price for their information.
All the money that should they ever receive, is to be in donations.
Charging a price for magazines or newspapers should be forbidden.
An electronic format should be released FREE.
And one can do the printing cost of that Free material separately, thus no pay for the author.
All the pay an author should get is donations.
That means all the magazines/newspapers should have, by LAW, to release a free electronic format, at the same time of their written published information.
No written published information should be allowed, without releasing a free electronic format of the exact same content first.
3. All the TV anchors/post/channels, are to be forbidden to express their opinion on TV, regarding persons, individuals, organisations. That means, real reporting is to be done, only by stating what a certain person/official has said in a report. No TV post should have the right to express their opinion. If one wants to express their opinion, they should do it on the internet, but with no kind of connection to the called TV post/anchor/channel . TV anchors will need to be very similar to Reuters way of reporting, stating only factual information, like earnings, statistical data, expressing the statistic and the source of the statistic. TV channels are to be allowed only to express factual information and specific words said by individuals, with no bias at all regarding individuals.

4.As for the system of education, there can be seen some form of separatism between ‘engineers’, ‘economists’, ‘law makers vs law enforcers’.
First of all, all the education exams(be it sat’s or university exams) should be done with only one single final on semester, no midterms, with an exam lasting 8 hours total(could be with 10-20 minute break between the 2 hours), because an individual can work 8 hours per day too.
Second, all the education exams need to be recorded, with each individual being recorded as the individual is taking the test. As to ensure no cheating is allowed. Also an electronic security check like at the airports would be great. Also, all the evidence regarding records and written exam is to be made public, without revealing the individual’s face, identity and written text.
Also, since we are talking about separation, a generalist degree with physics, electronics, programming, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, economics, finance, psychology, philosophy and maybe architecture(that is not specialized, meaning general tools for building houses, buildings, ships(naval) and aircraft), endurance, strength, qigong, combat(close, very close), ranged combat(weapons) to be put in a degree lasting 3-4 years.
And at the end of the degree, the individual is to be qualified in all of the above, at the end of the degree.
Or course, a masters degree in medicine after the generalist degree to be a doctor.
And maybe, in certain cases, a masters degree for other jobs.
This way, a fast switch from one job to another could be done, and no ‘information separatism’ would be done.
Also, all the exams costs should be paid by the state using tax money, thus being free.
The top 10 teachers(chosen by academic records) are to be teaching in their respective field and have open courses, classes, recorded and the material to be publicly available in real time.
Those teachers only are to be financed by the state.
The rest of the teachers, with the students, are to be financed privately, thus the student only pays for the exam education, not the exam itself. So that means a student can study all by himself only with the public information put on the internet. The use of a teacher, doing seminars is optional.
The exam needs to be free and stay free.
This is how an unbiased educational system would be.
That also, would change these bubble universities that are too elitist in their way of being.

Lack of quality material should never be monetized. Same with the university degrees.
If one thinks the material is worthwhile, one should only donate, not pay for the material.

This way, a just system of education and sharing of information is done.
This is how Justice, done at the core, with Prudence, is done.

Also to add, if one wants to do Charity, here’s a good(though small) example:


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