[nc]The use of debt instruments and more

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This article is great, thank you very much for this article.
I also am saying thanks to the Eternal God for this article.

What about Jesus?
Did he die for our sins, in the fashion pointed out in this article?
This was one of my first thoughts…
On one hand you’d have to choose faith that Jesus did right and on the other hand, it’s fear that maybe some bad guys escaped in the fashion mentioned in the article and Jesus took the pain.
Maybe both directions were great, to teach a lesson in history?
Either way, in the future, things like this shouldn’t go on forever.
Bad guys should be stopped. And the best way to stop a bad guy is teach him that what he is doing is bad and, having a mechanism that stops them from doing bad, like knowing that doing bad will lead to it to their extinction. Individuals are bad because of bad habits or mechanisms that they have. So only what is bad in the individual needs to be corrected.

Now, the ‘Jesus died for our sins’ points out to a possible theory that sounds like this. What if, there are actually really bad guys out there, like it is pointed out in this article, that, would try to pin all the worst bad guys sins on the best good guys, so that, the bad guys will keep existing and living in their own version of paradise?(or parasite?). And, the good (likely naive) guys become like milking machines. Before writing the previous sentence, was thinking if that would happen to the best good guys, but, actually, the best good guys would have a desire for justice and just action and likely would be able to see unjust behavior. Thus, the really good guys don’t give the bad guys either profit or effort to sustain their pleasures(thus the good guys, give the bad guys only rules, limits and restrictions as to what they can and cannot do). And thus, the really good guys serve the best laws as to limit the bad guys damage.
(So that means the so called ‘good guys’ who do nothing against bad guys, are actually food for the bad guys. So that means, reluctance to serve any bad guy could be called a virtue(a virtue associated with prudence)).

Regards to the article itself, what if the so called ‘bad guys’ use the inference created from their TV Shows and Anime, to make all potential good guys believe their TV show scenarios(which has the content of 90% good looking and 10% really bad), and with that bad stuff, makes people reach bad conclusions and have unfunded fears.
The so called ‘individuals’ use this form of mass manipulation to put people in their own personal bubbles, which attempts in the long run to destroy and mold people’s minds to accept their own scenarios which are nothing more than personal slavery.
Or even worse, use Anime and TV show productions to make people consenting to scenarios in tv shows and anime, and even consent to a fictive character troubles/debts.
Thus, one can say, storytelling, if it isn’t entirely true, should not be said, or be narrated, by law, in the future.

And one last thing.
About currency. It is either Bitcoin or precious metals that can be considered classical forms of money(which are not debt inherent by themselves).

Now, for precious metals, things are clear.
For Bitcoin however, things are uncertain. In actuality, that currency, as long as there is internet, or any other protocol of communication that lets the bitcoin system to exist, it can extend much easier and can circulate and be used anywhere there is internet or any other form of communication that allows a bitcoin transaction to be made. If you can have internet on other planets, you can have bitcoin on other planets. This is the biggest advantage such currency system has.
Bitcoin as a system is a ledger that records all transactions, and thus it looks to be a fair system.

I’d like the author of the article that I’m commenting to share an opinion regarding bitcoin and precious metals.
Also I’d be glad to see comments regarding anything else posted in this article.

Again, thank you very much for this article!


Another wild speculation, is it possible that someone could use music or tv shows(through coded language) to make people consent to the language of the actors/artists?

Say anyone who goes to a concert, would be potentially, by agreeing or singing some songs, or even listening, consenting to actions or scenarios by singers of people behind the singers?
Very dangerous line of thinking, but it seems possible at this point.

Not sure if possible, but is it likely that there is some sort of wavelength(think radio wavelength) that would allow certain people to be obedient to? Say souls incarnated on this planet would have agreed in a previous life, to consent or accept debt in terms of agreeing to consent to anything a radio wavelength emit to(think HAARP or anything similar), being done on all past-life consenting souls.
Or even worse, a Quantum? that becomes literally undetected and somehow connects to people’s actions, being possibly done from light years away?

While the first paragraph is likely possible(the use of music, media and tv shows, etc.). The second and third is scary to think of and may be just a small possibility. There is the possibility that there are cosmic laws in place that doesn’t allow the second or third scenario to happen.

One last edit.

There are a lot of tv shows and anime that are sub par.
There are a lot of movies that are sub par.
There is no movie that is interesting or watchable anymore, in the past 2 years.

While there may be some tv shows, they are sub par.
As for anime, the same. There are only a few of them, some simply are bad taste(the ones with too much pride, killing drama 😉


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