Virtue signaling and one ZH article

From this article:

JK Rowling – “Serial Loser” Who’s Gone Into Hiding Since Cernovich, Watson, And Piers Morgan Put Her On Blast

Children’s author, Billionaire, and internet tough girl J.K. Rowling is in over her head. After a fierce twitter spat with Piers Morgan – started after Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries told Morgan to F**k Off on Bill Maher’s show over Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Rowling has been taken to task by political commentators Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson over her virtue signaling bullshit – after Cernovich’s offer to send hundreds of refugees to live in the Harry Potter author’s several mansions for a year.

Rowling’s response?

You’re one of the richest people on earth & you’re demanding we take in more migrants. How many have you housed? 

Photo published for JK Rowling joins prominent figures urging UK to take in desperate refugees

JK Rowling joins prominent figures urging UK to take in desperate refugees

JK Rowling has joined a number of prominent voices urging the Government to welcome its share of refugees risking their lives to flee war ravaged countries.

Hi @jk_rowling, I will personally buy plane tickets for up to 100 refugees to live in your mansions for a year. How do we make this happen?

Should @jk_rowling accept my generous offer to fly up to 100 refugees to live in her several mansions?

@Cernovich@jk_rowling JK this is not a troll tweet. I would also like to help this great humanitarian cause! I’ll pledge $10K for 1 way…

You flattened a house next door worth £1 million. To house refugees? No, to have a bigger garden. @jk_rowling 

Photo published for JK Rowling hedge trimming causes traffic chaos for neighbours

JK Rowling hedge trimming causes traffic chaos for neighbours

JK Rowling has riled her neighbours who have complained that she is causing traffic ‘chaos’ by having her garden hedges trimmed

Others joined the fun – including a petition to “Have JK Rowling stay at a refugee camp for 7 days, no bodyguards, to show they’re peaceful”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Harry Potter author, calling her a “Serial Loser.”

“If you’re J.K. Rowling, you’re three for three. You are the worst celebrity political pundit on the entire planet.”


Then of course there’s this guy.

Original link to the article:

So now, let’s begin.

The so called ‘virtue-signaling’ it’s more like ‘pride-signaling’.

More about it, here’s one past article about True Virtue.

The sins, in the ‘virtue signaling’ stuff, is actually anger, as opposed to patience (or prudence, temperance, justice; remains to be seen).

Also, in the so called ‘virtue signaling’ section, it is sloth, as opposed to diligence (or fortitude, justice; also remains to be seen).

As more information was added, see this article:
The way and the virtues

Someone who would use the words ‘virtue signaling’ are individuals who are not practicing prudence and, as a result don’t practice virtue either. And, as a result, they are discordians, because all they seek is discord and chaos(without them being fully aware, as a result of their lack of prudence).

The so called ‘virtue signaling‘ seen from that article would give a bad name to the word ‘virtue‘ itself, which stands for Prudence, and Prudence or Virtue is best described in Tao Te Ching.


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