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At our best we should develop our society to be self-sustainable and less prone to marketing schemes. It would be best if we’d learn how all society works(financial, see
Also, not sure, but likely, meditations at their best could make people do psi-balls(as a practice to qigong)They actually made a movie, starring Keanu Reeves(from the Matrix), called Man of Tai chi. Here’s the video about psi balls:

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Great article. I posted the same perspective on Galaxy is so big article.
Now, first of all, how do you stop it, if this is real? It is a sick joke played on us humans.
And the worst part, that this kind of information makes you confused whether it’s real or not, and, what is there to do. It makes you so terrified, that, subconsciously, you’d look for reasons to be happy and somewhat ignore it altogether. And to simply make the mind question the information even more, look into what anime has done over the past 20 years. In Japan, they are making all kinds of anime, about all kinds of scenarios, monsters, and programming the vast majority of mindset, of the contriving behavior and master-slave relationship. And people out there, despite the great buildings and civilization, and clean places, it looks to me that the vast majority of them are obedient workers and the minority, at least part of it, is very likely corrupt. Please see the producers Lantis and Bones for starters.In some animes, they actually portrayed humans adopting aliens, be it serpent like or anything else. Is this a thing to come?
The anime is called Monster Musume.
All animes you can download them for free using a torrent client, from

Here is a link about that anime:

Also see the producers Lantis and Bones:

Also all the animes you can download them from


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