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Ok this is the fourth comment. Now, you said something about interplanetary police force. 2-3 months ago, I thought, that the best and the future system of government in the next hundred to thousands of years, and the dominant, because of it’s awareness(compared to lack of it and aggressiveness), it would be a Universal Police, and this, as an organism, would seek to have it’s own space program, that would seek to eliminate all corruption in the universe, be it with Laws or with Might and Laws. And as a result of it, the more the Universe Evolves, the highly likely the possibility of such a system to appear. As a matter of fact, that’s the future!

It would be ruled by Law, the same way Moses received the Tablets of Law from God(the system of a Republic, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers). And with the best Laws, it could get power and emphasis across all the universe and will totally eliminate unipolar(master-slave) type of leaderships. All people will be in agreement with each other.
No matter how corrupt some individuals might be, in my opinion, as Time Flows, they will defeated, because corruption as a system cannot survive if the universe evolves. And it’s either the universe stagnates and reverses, or it would evolve and the likelyhood of an Universal Police with the role to protect and teach all People great Laws. And the most rewarded people in that future universe, is those who would do True Justice, and that would seek to serve and protect life and would be a part of it. No matter how bad things may be, and how much evil some individuals would do, those who would do no harm to anyone and would seek to protect and teach, will be the most likely winners in the Universe!

And also, another comment:


One month ago, was thinking of going on the same emphasis, of some truly evil beings, that, in theory, would try to do damage to people with the means of Remote Viewing, or any other kind of thing and would use it to seek to dominate the universe, to conquer it, with the means of, exactly that, greed, pride, which is the foundation of Ponzi Schemes, which in turn would seek to corrupt all living beings in all Universe, by simply seeking to corrupt, saying ‘greed is good’, ‘pleasure is good’, ‘lust is good’, ‘buy everything we say’, to form a frenzy of orders, and by those simple means, races upon races of beings to be conquered and enslaved and for them to enter into a hierarchy, that would, with it’s power, to seek and control every living being in the universe. To me, that was just a theory, and it could not only be one ‘big ponzi schemer’ but multiple ones. And they would try to do the same thing. Also another theory, just as good, was, what if someone could create a super complex AI(artificial intelligence) be it by God/Prime Creator/ First Source, or someone else(who knows?) however you’d call it, then give it, say, interdimensional capabilites of travel across the universe, and also communication, to seek to test and try to corrupt as many civilizations as possible, the same way ponzi schemers do. Just imagine if that kind of thing is as big as a cube, like a computer, and that thing, would simply like to do things on an universal scale… And maybe, only Laws done(with God?), would stop that thingy of doing bad things across the map/universe. Question is, what if that thing exists? How many bad things are out there? What if the Universe is not so ‘peaceful’ and ‘quiet’ as the guys watching with the telescope or anything else, think it is? If thought reading is very likely possible(it could be possible for an AI to actually read those thoughts and feelings of people made in the Akashic field, process those, and take decisions according to some individuals) who knows how far some things can progress? It may, be, likely, a good thing, to have such a device, as a mean to test and make individuals learn(likely?). But that theory stands upon only one hypothesis, and that is, that souls are things that need learning. And maybe, the best thing to do, is simply test a lot and a lot of beings out there, as to draw out their weaknesses as to repair them(the weaknesses)(who knows?). And, if one would simply chop and chop and chop, maybe they would create the perfect soul, adaptable to anything? Anyways those are just theories as to why that would happen, and I don’t want to give bad guys ideas as to justify themselves over why they are doing bad things. It would be simply better to simply, for the individuals, to stop doing bad stuff at all and lead by example. Anyways, the most likely scenario is that sometime, some day, probably, all living beings will come together, but the ‘when’ in this sentence, is unpredictable and unknown.


Ah, forgot to add that those ‘beings’ likely can do their bad stuff from light years away, so it’s very very hard to do them something about it, unless you manage to have advanced interstellar travel technology of both going toward them, and of course see what they are doing at that moment, in real time.

And the only thing that can be done about it, is for people to find better means of living and defense and caution regarding such potential possibilities.


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