Some views

Just as an idea.

What if all the posts and ‘fearmongering’ may be, the only way to push some people to expand their horizons? As in ‘disclosure’.

In reality, ‘disclosure’ is needed. But some ears don’t want to hear. They aren’t ‘brave enough’ to digest through complex information and see if it’s real or not. Some people are just too busy with their daily pleasures. The reality is, one’s civilisation’s survival entirely depends on it’s best reaction to the environment.

The best thing that’s needed from every individual of humanity, is to cultivate knowledge.

“Knowledge pays the best divident.” to quote Benjamin Franklin, also a proponent of Virtue.

List of his quotes here:

The most valuable commodity that makes the most valuable commodities appear, is knowledge.

All the great stuff started from a blueprint. Which is the most valuable? The blueprint or the objects made of it. It’s price changes in time, in actuality price is a variable established in specific times of space and time. A blueprint is most valuable in a specific space where there is no other like it, that would make a ‘good’/commodity that would sell in the future.

Knowledge is the opener or doors..

And Virtue helps developing Knowledge. Thus Virtue is the most important.

Lack of Virtue gives scarcity, poor people/society and death. Attempting to siphon wealth for the sake of the deadly sins( pride and all kinds of pleasures) inhibits real growth and it can do bad stuff. And also destroys the individual’s reputation, it makes him go into a lot of debt and a lot of servitude, because servitude he has created. And he who makes people go into slavery and suffering is likely to go into it himself.(these words are for people who want to see the ‘evil people’s fate’).It’s the way the Universe balances itself.



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