Here’s how I see it (reply to comment)

This is a reply/comment to this article:

Great Article. Here’s how I see it. It starts with that ‘ugly’ thing behind the scenes, very likely. In my opinion, that kind of individual has no mercy. It likely uses whatever the individuals have, to expose their mistakes. It promotes only exposures of mistakes. And as proof of how badly people react to it, it keeps that proof. Not sure what happens in the afterlife. In wes penre papers, it is said that the afterlife is a constructed realm via ai’s or something like that. Intelligence, be it Artificial or some other stuff, is nothing more than a specific, changing vibration, that responds and reacts to stuff, in specific ways, according to it’s vibration. It is very likely to be off-world’ers giving orders. It could be even AI’s that give orders from far far away. Let’s think for a moment about salvation. What is that exactly. What could salvation given by someone be? Would it be hope? Would it be knowledge? Would it be, a better way to act with current resources? Would it be an external source of power to be harnessed? In the past history of humanity, those who wanted to use powers that are harnessed(see oil drilling, the heavy dependence on a paper construct called cash (real money is gold, silver and commodities that are used by people in daily life, that’s what counts to me as money)), to repeat, those who wanted to use powers that are harnessed, were used up in the end by other people, just as a donkey running for the carrot. Their ambitions and aspirations used against them. The real salvation, is likely making the best decisions. Being aware of all that is out there, and learn and use it in balance with everything. And that is, by learning, gaining knowledge, as in, improve your awareness and making better decisions. Maybe it is, doing miracles, like Jesus is said to do, 2000 years ago. Maybe it is, by having the right way of thinking and applying the methods Buddha has shown, (more or less) 2500 years ago. If these kind of events happened 2000 years ago, and before that, there is a history with a flood, a history of other continents existing.
See this article:

Amongst other things, in that article^^^ it mentions levitation, as a means for church members in the past, to move very hard objects up.

To quote:
“The Catholic Church has a long list of some two hundred saints who were proficient at levitating. That is, flying without wings. Desmond Leslie wrote that Saint Teresa of Avila frequently flew in the air and used to take off at the most inconvenient moments.”

Also another quote:
“… In his book Magie Chaldeenne (Chaldean Magic) Lenormand citing a legend which recalls the Orpheus myth, wrote that: ‘In olden times the priests of On, by means of sounds, caused high winds to blow and thus raised into the air huge stones to build their temples which a thousand men could not have lifted.’

“… In 1939 a Swedish aircraft designer named Henry Kjellson claimed he witnessed Tibetan monks levitating stones with the beating of large drums. Kjellson claimed in a book published in Swedish that 14 large or medium sized drums, suspended from a frame, and accompanied by trumpeters and a crowd of 200 monks, were beaten in a special rhythm until a large granite block was levitated onto a cliff. The heavy block of stone allegedly flew through the air in an arc and landed on the ledge of [the] cliff on a steep mountainside 250 meters above the crowd. Kjellson allegedly filmed the entire episode on 16mm film, but this film has never been released… “

So, if they had that, back then^^^, now we have AI’s that could think like humans, or even better, with the whole internet, AI’s could literally become smarter in arguments than humans, what is going on now?

How has society went from that kind^^^(monks with powers), to now, a society full with chaos and disinformation, DESPITE the fact that we have INTERNET, meaning all the good books, all the good information, available to the general public, how is it possible that it went this corrupt? Did the current ‘establishment’, is it possible that it was targeted and corrupted to the highest levels? By off-worlders? By someone else? And we have so much secrecy. But at the same time, it’s not really secrecy. Kinda all the books were wide in the open. But, people, instead, decided to be manipulated by their own pleasures. Their own illusory desires. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Is it that, people, despite having all the good stuff right now, food easy to get, knowledge easy to get, that, we, are a bit ‘stuck’ in mind prison of our own making? It all sums up to what we have now available, and what people are really doing. Is it our fault? Is it someone else targeting people to keep them on that same level? I’m thinking both ELF type of waves, maybe haarp, I don’t know, something to block specific frequencies to happen, and as a result of that, a centralized-like state in which people are downgraded as value, as low as robots that can be built with current technology? Because robotic technology and AI’s, can be built, with current computers available. It’s all in the specific programming and considering the supercomputers existing in specific labs, is highly unlikely that AI’s with better information than humans don’t exist. Considering past history, is highly unlikely that AI’s in the Universe, don’t exist. The question is, whether they have the right logic…

So it could be literally anyone or anything. Question is, what is the so called ‘ruling class’, ideology and what are their objectives?

Is it armed space exploration? See this article:

Is it a massive scale destruction of the universe?(thinking is likely according to what is going on in this Planet, but highly unlikely, according to how big the Universe is, but who knows?)

The solutions, for every-day human sound good, here:

I personally don’t want to see society in the hands of vulnerable left-wing liberal ‘snowflakes’ as zerohedgers call them, while conservatives being old. Because if a bad scenario with lots of civil unrest happens, and the old, but right generation is too weak, then what they have said, the worst case scenario in that article might happen.
I am 24. I don’t want to see society going into that direction(civil unrest), and after that, ‘rebuilding’ by exactly the same instigators, building an evil, centralized system.

Self sustainability, for starters.
I think, that whatever Jesus and Buddha achieved, starts with Cultivation. It starts with Tai Chi, and all the best stuff associated with it.
Before there was Christianity, there was something else. What was it?
Before there was Buddhism, there was something else. What was it?
Something came to appear, by something BEFORE it. So by tracking the Ancient stuff, you find out the Truths about the Religion.

People need to start to learn and re-learn real history. People need to start to be well documented in every field. No gaps. No weaknesses. An Education that focuses on all diversified aspects, that could make possible the shift, from working in one field to another. Specialists and so called ‘experts’ have become redundant and too ‘focused’ on one thing, and losing the sight of the real big picture. That’s why the so called ‘globalists’ in the first place, became proficient enough to give orders, as if , what to do, to all the so called ‘experts’. A specialized worker, is the first step, in building a specialized system that builds and works slavery. That’s how it starts. We need people to become generalists, very good. That doesn’t mean ignoring the ‘expert/specialist’ mentality, but it’s better to have people to be good in all directions with one-two specializations a bit, rather than have them to be very focused in one field, but unable to communicate with other specialists in other fields, because there are major gaps in knowledge in other people’s fields. That’s why we have people in our society, ‘so good in one field’, ‘myopic’-like society, that can’t possibly understand eachother. Was it that, the legend of the tower of Babel, people being very specialized in one field and because of going that way to the extremes, society fell apart?

To repeat, the solutions, are and will be self-sustainability, for starters.
Then it would be the Cultivation practices.
Then would be learning History, in the far depths of it.
Then it would be to have an all-round adaptability, generalist-focused, while keeping one edge or two(that would be specializations), but never losing sight of the big picture.

This way a civilization will NEVER FAIL. No civilization unrest. Because it will be balanced. It needs to be equally short sighted in it’s close stuff to do, but at the same time, far-sighted. And it needs a better generalist-like education. University in the future needs to be a 4 year, free education program, after highschool, with learning the ‘essentials’ in all fields, be it medical, agriculture, law, physics, electronics, programming. Society will go through a lot of automatization reforms, and a lot of people who are not generalists, will LOSE their jobs.(That’s why the so called ‘elite’ wants to put an ‘universal basic income’ and abolition of ‘cash’.) Those who can’t switch, will be unemployed. After the 4 year education, only after that, a so called ‘Masters degree’, worth 2 years, where they will get a ‘specialization’ to do a specific job. So that means, when one wants to switch fields, with a 2 year Masters degree, can easily switch. Of course in the Medical sector, maybe 3 years. However, if everyone would have practiced Cultivation, people wouldn’t get sick that easily and would be very healthy. The only thing that would change, is the age gap that people would go to hospitals( 80 years and above) instead of (40-50 years, currently). People who live longer and are healthier have more wisdom. Current society, for the past 20 years, at least, killed wisdom and good decisions and as a result of that, could destroy the society. The fault for this are current governments manipulated by greedy stupid rich so called ‘globalists’. There are actually people in that circle, that simply ‘want to see the world burn’. This is very dangerous.

The solutions are, build a self-sustainable society, balanced and knowledgeable in every field.


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