Apple of discord, implications in society

How has society been fooled.

I wrote in the past articles a bit about the description of this goddess of Discord.

Also, there are the legends of Newton being hit in the head by an Apple, or the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve never had the right to pursue.

Let’s explain the legend of this Apple of Discord. To quote:

Eris was not invited to a wedding between Thetis and Peleus. Infuriated by this, she tossed a solid gold apple into the wedding. It had inscribed on it “TO THE FAIREST”. All of the gods recoiled and most goddesses, but Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera fought over the title. They asked Zeus who it belonged to, and he responded to ask Paris, a mortal prince. They showed him the Apple, and asked the question, bribing him with gifts. He chose Aphrodite, and would cause war between the gods and mortals.
The apple is an important symbol to Erisians aka Discordians who worship Eris.
Many people think after reading the Illiad that Helen was the cause of the Trojan War. Well, that’s kind of true and kind of not true. The chain of events that started the Trojan War all began with a spiteful goddess and a simple apple.
Zeus was putting together a wedding banquet for Peleus and Thetis. He planned to invite just about everyone. Everyone except Eris. She was known far and wide as a troublemaker so she was left out as she was left out of just about every big reception.
Needless to say, Eris was greatly angered by this. She then thought up a little plot to stir things up at the reception. She created a golden apple and upon it she wrote Kallisti(meaning “To the prettiest one”). On the day of the event, she rolled the apple into the banquet and took off.
This is where the trouble began. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite each claimed the apple for herself and eventually began to battle over the apple. Why did they fight over it? Well, it did say “to the prettiest one” on it and of course, each of them believed it was her. From what I know of this tale, the fight wasn’t a pretty picture.
After watching for a few, Zeus decided to end the quarral and send them to an arbitrator to decide which of them deserves the apple. He sent them to a shephard in Troy named Paris. Each of the three goddesses tried to out do the other by getting to Paris first and offering a bribe. Athena offered Heroic victories, Hera offered vast wealth, and Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in all the world. Paris of course took Aphrodite’s offer, so she took the apple and Paris was given Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta.
This of course started the Trojan War. Menelaus wanted his wife back, Paris would not agree, and boom, the war begins.

What I’m going to write, has huge implications.
It’s going to target both Apple and Holywood.
Who is the Apple of Discord in our society?
It is none other than AAPL itself.
That big corporation, who has a Hedge fund as a side thing, and also, sold all those iPhones to the iSheeple population(not that I have anything against sheep).
That’s right.
This shows, as a proof, the weakness of humanity. But not all of them have been fooled.
I am going to use Apple and it’s products as an example, not to be taken literally about it.
What does this mean? Well, the emphasis of this article is on the ‘attraction’ that it has on humans.

Look at everything too precious, how it created discord. Look at gold, money, expensive cars, jewelry, and how certain people, simply, brag off about it. They simply annoy other people about their showing off. They are nothing but a bunch of discordians.
And guess what. What was the “Apple of Discord” that all the so called ‘Goddesses’ have fought in that time?
It’s name, on it, apparently, is ‘Kallisti’.
Well, aren’t all the ‘Holywood’ or ‘Holyweed’ actors nothing but a bunch of showoffs? Don’t they create discord with their fancy lifestyle? Yes they do.
And what is the most popular TV Show running on TV? “Game of Thrones”.
And how is referenced, one of the favorite actors, who pets ‘Dragons’?
She is named “Khaleesi”. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Who was likely guilty for all the wars, all the time? “Discordians”.
Who are they now? “Holywood”.
Who also?
All kinds of ‘eye-magnet’ jewelry and show-offs.
But isn’t Apple the symbol of the iSheeple foolishness?
Yes it is.
I never bought an iPhone. Maybe I received Apple products as gifts, but never bought one.
For starters, it was never useful. It was always an inflexible like, pay to play platform.
And look how many bought it.
How many people have bought iPhones. No sane man buys iPhones or any kind of Apple product, unless there is no alternative for what they need the product for.
However, those who bought iPhones, will always be known as nothing but useless tools who bought discordian mentality(even in the most subtle levels, if you bought one, because it looks good, you fell for it). The same thing applies to people who buy stuff like this to show how great they are(be it jewelry, cars or any luxury object to show off)
And if it is to show it off, just like ‘(stupid) Goddesses’ have done in the Antiquity, then you have become a tool for creating discord.
That’s the reason True Virtue is not in the Beauty, but in having Temperance and resistance to temptations.
Our society has become corrupted by this discordian type mentality. That’s the reason there is elitism, there is entitleism, or any kind of other useless stuff.
Even the priests or representatives of religions have fallen for this ‘Apple of Discord’, by looking to make tremendous wealth upon the expense of the believers. Those priests don’t serve the virtues they are supposed to preach and protect.
The same thing can be applied to ‘famous Universities or degrees’. They are nothing more than a symbol and recipe for ‘discord’. A high score in specific studies is better than an ‘entitled’ degree. I never applied to any of those, and as a matter of fact, all I went to the university for, was knowledge, and as soon as I got the most of it, and the rest was useless, I quit. Knowledge is True Virtue.
And look at our society, If you don’t buy an iPhone, if you don’t get an ‘entitled’ degree, then you are nothing for those of discordian mentality.
It corrupted the most clear minds, and it made them corrupt. This is what our society has become.
It has become so blinded by it’s own ignorance, that it can’t see the Truth.
It is pathetic, and it is a joke. And it is one of the reasons I wanted to change things for the better, until you realize, the world is filled with a ridiculous mindset of corrupted people you have to deal with. There are simply too many people being corrupted by this discordian type mentality. Because of it the main reasons true happiness and true wisdom cannot be achieved aside of one person.
Reader, you want to know what we are dealing with? We are dealing with an Ideology bubble, an entitlement bubble, a Discord Bubble. And this bubble didn’t pop. It didn’t pop. I don’t know what was the last time it popped. But if it did. It would be mentioned in our history books. Maybe it never will?
This bubble needs to pop. It does personal damage, because people who are living in this ‘discordian’ mentality bubble can’t see people who pursue nothing but wisdom and truth, as boring, dull or crazy.
And there is only one way to deal with bubbles. You need to tell the truth about them. Because there are plenty of people who don’t like Apple. There are plenty of people who don’t like entitled elitist progressive libtards. And it is the reason that because of them(entitled elitist progressive libtards), that we have this bubble. It is a bubble in Education. It is a Bubble in the so called ‘Mainstream Media’. It is a Bubble in “Holywood’. It is a bubble in ‘Corrupted Politicians’. It is a bubble of ‘Corruption’ and ‘Discord’.
And this bubble, this bubble makes ‘great people sad, unhappy’ and only the truly strong survive, live, and learn how to efficiently REFLECT BACK all this CORRUPTION.
This bubble of Discord is in religions too. That’s why there are divisions. You can imagine hearing the religious leaders: “My savior is better than yours’ , (to translate=’My Apple(of Discord) is better than yours’).
This is the society that we live in. It’s a society living in a bubble.
In a Discordian bubble. This is what it is, at it’s core.

Idols are recipes for discord. Actors can easily become recipes for discord. The so called ‘kings and queens’ out of which, most(if not all) totally lack virtue(which is in reality, proof of royalty), also can become recipes of discord, if they don’t prove their virtue. And, as history shows, they didn’t have any virtue to prove at all, because all their lives, have done nothing but create and entertain Death Cults, which is nothing more than a recipe to propagate Death and Fear.
Ah, I won’t leave out anyone. What about ‘Pharaos’ who were treating people under harsh conditions? Who practiced slavery for a long time? Well, that’s what they are, Evil Pharaos or Ponzi Schemers.
What about those who implement laws that don’t serve life? What about dictators? I know there are many. They too, are a recipe for discord. What about so called ‘rich people’ who don’t do absolutely any thing? They too are a recipe for discord. And there are many in that category who are feeding and creating more discord. With their questionable wealth creation mechanisms. With their ‘chasing the Apple of Discord’ mentality called obtaining money or power.
Real power doesn’t create discord, and it will never be used to create discord, but to eliminate it, in a long term scenario.
Lies create discord. Suppresing Truth creates discord. Showing Truth with bad timing creates discord, but can fight it in time. Showing Truth with the intent to eliminate discord is the right way to do things.
Tao follows the Way and doesn’t create discord.
That’s why those who follow the Way, are careful not to create discord.

The above material simply just proves how discordians can be identified.
The solution? Building a mindset of a society that simply does things as a motivation to eliminate the corruption.
Essentially a society that stops doing things out of ‘pleasure’. The deadly sins are the recipe for discord.
And a lot of people practice them. Well, most people are filled with vanity, and that is their weakness that makes them blind.
The real solution is when you see this kind of ‘temptation’ is, ask yourself, or perceive, what is the source of it? What is the outcome if you get into the temptation itself. Essentially it is the unraveling the complications of things.
To best describe the solutions, I’ll quote Tao Te Ching, chapters 1 and 4:

We should rid ourselves of desires if we wish to observe its subtlety; we should allow our desires if we wish to see something of its manifestations.
We should blunt our sharp points and unravel the complications of things; we should moderate our brightness and bring ourselves into agreement with the obscurity of others.



About AAPL, since I criticized it’s success in marketing it’s products as a luxurious object that mesmerized a lot of people and that is not highly useful. Apple as a company and it’s products should do just fine, however, if it would fall, it has to be the consumers not buying it’s products anymore, and not any kind of ‘internal’ stuff. Buying luxury stuff is both a waste of useful time(for actually spending it that way) and useful resources. It all starts from the mindset of the consumer, and this mindset needs to be changed. Yes, it’s a mindset that will focus on work and getting stuff done, including in the knowledge part. There isn’t much to add in the smartphone sector, since the apps have reached overpopulation and saturation, and also the hardware, no matter how much you upgrade it, will offer more or less the same resources. For the computers the thing remains the same. Gaming industry had plenty of stuff. Not really needed. Cars as a market are also oversaturated. The only thing society doesn’t have is self sustainability. Both as a concept and as a reality. The industrial cycle has been a bubble, in which the directions were done in a top-bottom pyramid style. Not anymore. Too much reliance on it achieved almost nothing. It didn’t increase lifespans indefinitely. It didn’t help people learn too much knowledge, because it was scattered and with lack of structure and organisation, if one individual attempts to learn the whole system. It has become, more of a recipe for confusion. As for objectives, the objectives most of humanity has, are set low and very low, and this is bad too. The morals are also a big issue, and we have a lot of people lacking that aspect too. The real solutions are ignored by the establishment leaders in the past(they have always been there, one only had to look(see taoism and buddhism, and how parts of it’s morals are connected to greece, early christianity)) because of their own ‘searching the apple of discord’ mentality. Every time so called ‘leaders’ have searched for this ‘apple’, the results have led in wars and strife. These ‘leaders’ have been severely fooled by this goddess of Discord, ‘Eris’, as it is called. And this desiring of apple always started from the inherent behavioral corruption of the individual, manifested as the 7 deadly sins. They, the ‘leaders’, were fooled by the discordian apple, blinded by it, while failing to see, that the real Apple, was all along, within their own power of self control and wisdom. If you think humanity has been fooled now, what if humanity has been fooled for thousands, if not, tens of thousands of years? A good article, is the ‘what if?’, because this is all it amounts to.

Also a similar article:


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