Some information that may be questionable

About this video…


I consider what it is said in those interviews questionable.

I don’t question the existence of AI’s. However I think it is highly questionable that there are AI’s that are independent. Highly questionable. Anyone who actually plants AI’s that are smart enough to think for themselves on drones, that would that kind of inventor, would be called, in the least, someone with lack of intelligence.

It is more likely that AI’s that run financial stuff are run by someone, and not just a simply replicating programming code.

As for the so called ‘alien races’, it looks to me to be more like invented stuff, while the reality is somewhat quite different.

The only thing that I agree on everything she posted is the existence of AI’s and it’s ability. About the author’s description of alien races, it can be considered fake narratives, because if those so called ‘aliens’ were acting as it was described by these narrators, they can easily be considered ‘alien races lacking intelligence’ or simply put, ‘alien retards’. It’s not convincing because they’re portrayed just too ‘lack of intelligence’.  For the authors, if you’re running fake narratives, I’m telling you, you lack intelligence and creativity and actual good information.

A more likely scenario would be an intentional deception to keep people at somewhat levels productive, but dumb enough to listen to anyone, and at the same time expand this ‘dumbness’ or as it’s best to say it, ‘inflate it’ across the galaxy for the next hundreds of years, in order to annoy some very intelligent beings.

Something along the lines posted in this article:

Review of a timeline hinting future scenarios



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