Nibiru discovery, trajectory, arrival dates, Ancient History

Discovery: NASA (1981-1983)(below into description for more details), other source claims it was known since the 1950’s(where astronomers talked about it) and 1961’s(when some reports were published)(see videos at the end)
Arrival set dates:
-nibiru-elenin site: Earth Pole Shift begins in march, 13 may 2017 is the date of confirming trajectory,  21st July 2017 is the date expecting it; the source of it’s information is this website:
-other source(these articles): year 2038
Orbit: 3600 years or 10000 years, depending who you ask. May get close to Earth, may do a pole shift. That pole shift may last 28 minutes. Some of it’s orbiting asteroids or moons could hit Earth.
-The size of Jupiter, Ten Times the Size of Earth or Mass of Earth.
-Other source: Size is 1.04 radius of Jupiter, Weight is 3 times Jupiter’s, one of it’s moon has the mass bigger than 10x Earth’s mass
Color/Appearance: In some videos it is shown as being red, in others to be blue.
-Other source: Apparently it is said to be a Methane Cloud Jovian, appearing Blue with methane clouds and breezes; Also this same source mentions it’s mean temperature is 1 kelvin( -272 degrees Celsius), and it’s temperature from internal heating is 150 kelvin (-123 degrees Celsius) . This Methane Cloud Jovian could cause the next Ice Age. Also this source says it enters the Inner solar system in 2012 and exits it in 2033.
-this Other source that claims that is a Methane Cloud Jovian, fits with the description of nibiru-elenin’s source that gets information from decoded crop circles which says that it is a COLD PLANET, that is BLUE. This fits into the description that is a Dark Star. 

All these informations are put here as facts, as to what we know from other sources, as to know the references, who made the informations, who made the disclosures.

Also, it is called Planet Nine in the mainstream media.(instead of planet Ten or X?).

Here is an article from


It’s Discovery, apparently by NASA, it’s set in the year 1981-1982 and then publishing it in 1983:

To quote from this article:

NASA discovered and excitedly disclosed having found Planet X. It was December 30th, 1983 that announcement was made by the chief scientist of the IRAS satellite to 6 dailies. I’ve got all the headlines in my book. Shortly thereafter, the media controllers got wind of the disclosure and clamped down by having them retract the statements.

The claims above show how much time has passed, since NASA itself made a discovery of a planet the size of Jupiter was discovered in the 1981-1982. I mean it’s been like 36 years since it’s discovery? 36 years? And almost NO ONE said a damn thing about it, on public media. NOTHING. Just rumors, not any kind of scientific data whatsoever of it’s arrival, when it’s set to arrive, nothing. Just scaremongering movies by retarded Holywood actors who are paid a lot of money to do a lot of scaremongering. The reader, please see the movies 2012, but just read the wiki, don’t bother watching the scaremongering crap.
Now let’s continue the argument. Here’s another scaremongering crap movie, Jupiter Ascending:
This movie, you may watch. It’s still scaremongering crap(alien invasion), some ridiculous fight and some other crap.

You wanna know what are mainstream media? You wanna know what is ‘Hollywood’? Here’s what they are. They are, just like you and me, posting stuff and information. They are information posters, just like you and me, nothing more, nothing less. But they, however LIE. They lie about everything they post. They post movies, using so called ‘actors’ who are nothing more that paid serfs, made to play puppets the way the so called ‘puppet masters’ (as he/she/it considers himself)  tells them to. And you know what all these ‘actors’ and their scenarios made? Nothing more than fake scenarios and dissimulation techniques.  Instead of telling the truth, they sold lies to the public, and the public watches and believes whatever spouting crap nonsense they post to the public. The public likes it so much, that it’s mesmerized to it, literally. 

And because all these years that they have been around, they have posted most of it fake news, controlled news, fake scenarios and all kinds of other crap, there may be the need for them to be shut down and replaced with something honest. They are full of shit. Literally. If I continue to go into that angle further, it is easily verifiable that these shit spouters like to put their ‘other heads'(if you know what i mean) into shit holes, literally. The public is still under their crappy spell however, though that won’t last forever.

They post information like any other blogger, but they entitle themselves with lies, ‘fake royalty titles'(true royalty is being virtuous, there is in this  article something that hints to that) or other kind of crap to justify themselves as being better than others. They are nothing more than a bunch of clowns in reality. By showing off, they only increase their clownish aspect in the short term, and as a result of that, they will be known, in the long term timeline, nothing more than a bunch of sore losers. Their whole way of living is a lie. They are a LIE. No one sane in this universe respects them. And no one will.

Now let’s get back go the main topic, and that is Nibiru. Here’s the full article, of which the discovery of the planet is being made:

United States Naval Observatory Calculations

Recent calculations by the United States Naval Observatory has confirmed the orbital perturbation exhibited by Uranus and Neptune, which Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, an astronomer at the observatory, says could only be explained by “a single planet.”

He and a colleague, Dr. Richard Harrington, calculated that the 10th planet to be two to five times larger than Earth, and it has a highly elliptical orbit that takes it some 5 billion miles beyond that of Pluto.

Today NASA is not being forthcoming about X.

New York Times June 19, 1982

Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune.

A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object, the long-sought Planet X.

There are mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets. Astronomers are so certain of this planet’s existence that they have already named it “Planet X – the 10th Planet.”

Headline News – Planet X Has Been Sighted!

Chief IRAS Scientist JPL December 31st, 1983

One year later in 1983, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) quickly found Planet X. This is a summary from the Washington Post from the chief IRAS scientist of JPL in California:

“A heavenly body as large as Jupiter and part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope.”

Now read that again.

The disinformation drain brain crew did their best to try to rewrite history again after this announcement was made. The public at large must be kept in the dumb and dumber category is their thinking. They can’t handle the truth.

The telescope found it right where it was sent to look. These scientists had known of its existence and location for years, but wanted to confirm it with our own technological eyes. This is a fact I strongly urge you to check out for yourself. There have been attempts to cover up this event and rewrite history.

Headlines from a few other dailies read as follows:

  • “Mystery Body Found in Space”
  • “Giant Object Mystifies Astronomers”
  • “At Solar System’s Edge Giant Object is a Mystery”
  • “When IRAS scientists first saw the mystery body, they calculated that it could be as close as 50 billion miles and moving towards earth”

Tombaugh was given credit for discovering Pluto in 1930, although Lowell spotted it earlier. Christie, of the U.S. Naval Observatory, discovered Charon, Pluto’s moon, in 1978. The characteristics of Pluto derivable from the nature of Charon demonstrated that there must still be a large planet undiscovered because Pluto could not be the cause of the residuals, the “wobbles” in the orbital paths of Uranus and Neptune clearly identifiable.

The IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), during ’83-’84, produced observations of a tenth planet so robust that one of the astronomers on the project said that “all that remains is to name it” – from which point the information has become curiously guarded.

In 1992, Harrington and Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory, working with all the information they had at hand, published their findings and opinion that there is indeed, a tenth planet, even calling it an “intruder” planet. Andersen of JPL later publicly expressed his belief that it could possibly be verified any time. The search was narrowed to the southern skies, below the ecliptic.

Harrington invited Sitchin, having read his book and translations of the Enuma Elish, to a meeting at his office. They correlated the current findings with the ancient records. Harrington acknowledged the detail of the ancient records while indicating where the tenth planet is in the solar system.

It is the opinion of this author that, in light of the evidence already obtained through the use of the Pioneer 10, 11, the two Voyager space craft, the Infrared Imaging Satellite (IRAS, `83-84) and the data available to Harrington when consulting with Sitchin, that the search has already been accomplished. In fact, the planet has already been found.

It is interesting that Harrington dispatched an appropriate telescope to Black Birch, New Zealand to get a visual confirmation. The data lead him to expect that it would be below the ecliptic in the southern skies at this point in its orbit. On Harrington’s early death, the scope was immediately called back. Hmmm — as one observer noted, “almost before he was cold.”… Robert Harrington used to be the head of the Naval Observatory, and Tom van Flandern worked closely with Harrington at the US Naval Observatory.

Neil Freer

The Alien Question: An Expanded Perspective

What obvious message do you think was sent to Sitchin, Van Flandern and anyone else in the know, when Harrington suddenly met with an early death at the same time the scope was being pulled back?

Sometimes an early death is meant to accomplish more than just keeping one person quiet.

So they have known the existence of the planet since the 1980’s and they, whomever they are, kept it quiet. Let’s continue into the article.

Nemesis Theory Nemesis Fact

In 1985, numerous astronomers were intrigued with the “Nemesis Theory.”

This was proposed most recently by Walter Alvarez of the University of California and his father, the Nobel prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez.

They noticed regular extinctions of various species (including the dinosaurs), and proposed that a comet, “Death Star,” or planet periodically brings with it a shower of meteors and smaller comet like objects that wreak havoc, death and destruction to the inner Solar System, including Earth.

In August, 1988, a report by Dr. Robert S. Harrington of the U.S. Naval Laboratory calculated that its mass is probably four times that of Earth.

Planet X is 4 to 5 times larger than of earth, 20-25 times its mass and nearly 100 times as dense. X is a professional wrestler of the planetary community compared to other planets of our solar system. It is a slow smoldering brown dwarf star.

When X passes between earth and our sun, earth will align to its strong magnetic or gravitation temporarily, instead of our sun’s.

For a short while X will be earth’s strongest gravitational voice or influence. Earth’s rotation will then pause for a couple days, like it has many times before recorded in several texts from ancient history.

The controllers of NASA and its insiders are fully aware of this. Planet X’s destruction and disruption of Earth should change your view of ancient history. The ancients were not the unsophisticated people common history books have led you to believe. Earth societies have reached a pinnacle of development several times before only to be put back in technological and evolutionary time by the wrecking ball of X.

Every time the ones left to pick up the pieces and start building over were so busy surviving for the first few decades afterwards, that the elevated cultures they originated from disappeared into myth and folklore.

Many of the advances and discoveries of our so-called modern world took centuries to be rediscovered anew. Listen closely to whatever texts and knowledge from our ancient ancestors that still remain. Their truth is our truth.

Thanks to 2 years of research by Andy Lloyd, another piece to this puzzle emerges. Nibiru is one of many names from ancient culture that reference Planet X.

A segment of Andy’s research follows:

“The unstable nature of the dark star’s orbit means that it has precipitated periodic change to the orbital radii and climates of the terrestrial planets over the last 4 billion years. Among my findings is that Nibiru is a brown dwarf, a failed star capable of emitting only the faintest reddish light, but whose gravity and infra-red energy emission is sufficient to warm its habitable moons. These moons number 7, it seems, and the infrequent perihelion passages of Nibiru are associated with the ‘return of the gods’.

When Nibiru is in close proximity to the Sun, both these bodies become excited by each other. The brown dwarf, in particular, becomes ‘re-lit’ from its slumbering embers and ‘flares up’ with reddish light. The coronal discharge emitted is then swept back by the action of the Solar Wind, giving the appearance of fiery wings whose flight is directed towards the Sun.”

32 Names for Planet X

Ancient history, astronomy, folklore and prophecy record many names for Planet X.

  1. The Sumerians called it the “12th planet” or “Nibiru” (translation; planet of passing).
  2. Between the Babylonians and Mesopotamians there were at least three names:
    1. “Marduk”
    2. “The King of The Heavens”
    3. “The Great Heavenly Body”
  3. The ancient Hebrews referred to it as the “Winged Globe” because of its long orbit high among the stars.
  4. The Egyptians had two names “Apep” or “Seth.”

  1. The Greeks called it “Typhon” after a feared leader and “Nemesis” (one of its most telling names).
  2. Other ancient peoples have given it labels such as:
    1. “The Celestial Lord Shiva”
    2. “God of Destruction”
  3. To the ancient Chinese, it was known as:
    1. “Gung-gung”
    2. “The Great Black”
    3. “Red Dragon”
  4. The Phoenicians said it was “The Great Phoenix.”
  5. The Hebrews called it “Yahweh.”
  6. The Mayans called it “Celestial Quetzalcoatl.”
  7. The celestial body was known to the Latins as “Lucifer.” Revelation (8:10-12).
  8. The name of the star is “Wormwood.”
  9. From works of prophecy, there are other names for X:
    1. The “Red or Blue Star” is of the Hopi Indian and Gordon Michael Scallion designation
    2. The “Fiery Messenger” is in the Ramala prophecy
    3. The “Great Star” is from the Book Revelation
    4. “His Star” is how it is referred to in Edgar Cayce Readings
    5. The “Great Comet” and “The Comet of Doom” is right out of the Grail Message
    6. From an early English prophet named “Mother Shipton,” “The Fiery Dragon” was the name she gave, as seen from her second sight
  10. Our solar system’s “10th Planet” is “X”
  11. There’s also “The Intruder” and “The Perturber” from astronomy.

Apparently 25% of all observed comet orbits are being measurably perturbed by the magnetic or gravitational pull of this planet. The largest of our planets’ orbits are being perturbed toward Orion.

No matter what the name used, it’s the same object that has the same effects before and during its passage of earth. The Sumerians also had a name for its approximate 3600 year orbit, “A Shar.” The ancient Hindu astronomers gave the name “Treta Yuga” for its 3600 year orbit. The destruction X causes even had a label “Kali Yuga.”

Some of the names given by the ancients are akin to names for god. These people viewed the power and destruction that this planet brings with it to be so significant as to believe it could only come from the hand of god.

It’s not that they worshipped the planet, rather they just had great respect for the sweeping changes it brought with each passing.

Discovering Archeology, July / August 1999

Look to “Discovering Archeology,” July/August 1999, page 72.

The date 1628 B.C. is given for a world wide catastrophic event. The planet wide effect shows up in the growth of trees that can be viewed by studying the narrowed rings from that time. This is approximately 3600 years ago and coincides with Nibiru’s return at this time.

Page 70 shows a medieval picture with a large comet-looking object, appearing as big or larger than the sun streaking across the sky horizontally with a giant tail. This is noteworthy because of its comparative size and direction in the sky. It is not headed down toward earth and yet is still causing much destruction below.

The presupposed premise of the article is that a comet impact had to have taken place to cause the global calamities, and yet the very picture chosen from medieval times denotes an object just passing by.

Pictured under this massive object moving overhead is a town that is shaking apart with hysterical and even some suicidal people in the streets.

Destructive Brown Dwarf

Planet X’s orbit takes it back and forth between two suns.

The other sun it orbits around is our sun’s twin. Now, you might think that our solar system is not binary, although most solar systems have been recently discovered to be binary. Our sun does have a twin. It lies in the direction of Orion. It is not composed of the same material as our sun and thus will never ignite. It is a dark or dead sun and does not revolve around our sun like most twin suns do.

Why hasn’t this discovery been announced you might ask?

It has if you know where to look. It’s real simple why the information isn’t more widely known.

There’s a brown dwarf star that orbits between both suns, instead of around just one of them. Its orbit is rather long, being about 3660 years, so we don’t see it go by too often. It is still one of our family of planets in our solar system.

It’s like a half brother that’s been ostracized by it’s two parents, but still comes visiting habitually. X is kind of like the black sheep of our solar system’s family. When it finally comes by for a visit it just screws everything up and then leaves. It happens every time, so I guess the rep is well deserved.

Now stepping back away from humor, if you’re going to try to keep a lid on the “destructive brown dwarf” (nothing kinky here) that’s currently inbound, it’s not a very good idea to notify John Q. Public about the relatively recently discovered second sun that’s one of the foci of its orbit. There’s no reason to promote important clues if you don’t have to.

Besides, only very powerful and expensive scopes or deep space probes can see the other sun. This makes it fairly easy to keep it under wraps from the majority. This is one of many reasons the orbiting Hubble telescope live feed is hidden from our view.

Hubble was paid for with tax dollars, so you’d think they would give us a live peak. Nope, it’s not going to happen.

Diagram Of Our Solar System Includes The Dead Twin Sun and the 10th Planet a.k.a. Planet X

This diagram appeared in the 1987 edition of the “New Science and Invention Encyclopedia” published by H.S. Stuttman, Westport, Connecticut, USA.

The continuing conspiracy to cover up X falls short when matter of fact evidence is found in respected credible publications like this. The article accompanying this diagram was discussing the purpose of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes. Clearly shown on the diagram are  , a.k.a. the 10th or 12th Planet.

The primary point made was to show the paths of the two probes and how they created a triangulated sighting. The probes just happened to be verifying, through this triangulation, the sighting of Planet X. The history of deep space probes is mentioned because Pioneer 10 and 11 were said to be one of the first.

There’s absolutely no mention of any controversy about what was out there or what the probes were looking at. The disinformation to hide X’s approach and long known history of devastation it causes as it passes each time, did not reach this far.

It’s not hard to imagine a conspiracy as large as this one, just can’t weed out all the evidence. It’s a big world with a lot of people, publications, and information sources, present and past.

You know what could be a great thing about this cover-up? The information that it misses may get a bright light of emotion and attention shone on it that wouldn’t normally have been there without the effort of trying to hide it.

There’s a possibility if this information I present gets out quickly and broadly enough, there might be more people paying attention to X than if there was never any conspiracy to cover it up at all.

That thought is just a hope and a prayer at this point.

Encyclopedia Diagram

When a planet’s orbit is between two suns, instead of one, that orbit is a bit peculiar. It spends 99.99% of its time slowly going away from one of the suns, after it passes it initially quickly, to reach the half way point.

Then, as if falling like a rock off a cliff, the gravity of the sun it’s approaching takes over, and in a relative flash it travels the other half of its journey. X reached the halfway point, after a little over 1800 years of traveling away from the Dark Sun toward our lit one, sometime in the year 2000.

It only takes right about 3 years to travel the rest of the distance. In fact, the majority of its journey from halfway to here happens the last 9 months before it arrives. Zoom! It’ll be cooking with its greatest speed by the time it passes. Once it crosses Pluto’s orbit, it will only take about 90 days to pass right between Earth and the Sun.

X’s inbound approach is being closely monitored by our best telescopic equipment on and off earth, but now small private observatories have started spotting it, which are not controlled. The most accurate calculation for X’s next passage is now Springtime, or May, 2003. Ouch! I know. I wish it were not so soon also.

Many people have been lulled into complacency because the Y2K problems and a simple planetary alignment were over hyped; then nothing happened. Let me try to jump off the page here and slap you up side the face. It’s the under hyped, covered up, and intentionally confusing one that is going to get you.

The preprogrammed laugh track given to you by the media controllers many of you have been playing back and forth to each other every time the mention of a tenth planet or planet X comes up, is going to break by the end of this book if it hasn’t already.

Ancient History Revisited

Each time X approaches, it starts a chain of events that culminates with its passing by and causing our earth’s surface to change abruptly.

These changes are the cause of massive death and destruction. History is rich with these stories. Ruins of past great civilizations stand as monuments to these past events.

The legends of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mayans and several others going under the sea or abandoned can be completely explained by the regular passing of Planet X. Just off the coastlines of many lands exist remnants of great sophisticated societies, such as found off Florida, Japan, the Mediterranean and more.

Many from the past didn’t draw the connection between what looked to be a large comet overhead and what they were experiencing at the time (volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, land masses sinking and rising, tidal waves, severe weather, fires, floods, droughts and the accompanying food shortages).

Some ancient writers simply noted what they thought was a foreboding sign or messenger of the prophets when they viewed X in the sky instead of the cause for their woes.

Non-Religious 7 years of Tribulation

In 1995, Planet X got close enough that its far reaching magnetic and gravitational arms of influence started to affect Earth again significantly, which increases now daily.

The closer it gets to us, the faster it moves toward earth, and the stronger its magnetic and gravitational effects become. There is an ebb and flow to these events that are akin to the calm waves before the next big set.

Surfers would be most familiar with this analogy. Expect things to get worse as it approaches nearer but not in a straight line. Our own sun’s gravity is what is pulling it closer and faster along with X’s own gravitational pull to the sun. Planet X never collides with earth or the sun because of the newly uncovered repulsion force which comes into play as they near each other. There is still great reason to be forewarned and concerned.

Earth now has two strong magnetic/gravitational influences in its vicinity (our sun being the main one), and its largely iron magnetic core is heating up because of it. It’s like a car with the accelerator and brake on at the same time. Our sun is pushing and pulling on earth one way and Planet X is now upsetting this with its own set of influences.

A delicate ecological, environmental and planetary balance between our sun and earth is increasingly being disrupted by the approach of X as it draws closer with each passing day. All the worldwide unusual weather that has broken all previous records and the seismic activity as of late is perfectly clear. There’s no need to waste time or millions of more dollars on equipment. Inquiring into the why or when things will happen by setting up and programming supercomputers are useless and futile.

Today’s melting and breaking up of massive glaciers and ice shelves, storms, floods, tsunamis, volcanic and seismic activity, fires, meteor showers, droughts and related energy shortages, etc., with all the loss of life, are only a preview of what is to come.

Surviving massive death and destruction will make you feel more alive! You’ve been forewarned. You can do it.

The records of this approximately 7 years of turmoil before each regular passing are part of biblical record from at least the last three times it sailed by Earth. The Jewish exodus and Noah’s great flood would be the last and third to last passing of X. With ancient historical, archeological science, weather, seismic data, and a small observatory, you don’t need prophecy to predict the same cycle of events are happening again now during X’s current approach.

You’d be clueless to ignore it! This is but a minor taste of what the passage will be like. And yet even these relatively small events are the cause of many fatalities and much destruction. Several areas of the world will begin to be severely affected as the date of passing inches nearer, so don’t think you can wait to the last minute and then jet away safely. Time is short. Now, in May, 2001, X is 2 years away and approaching from Orion.

Go and do a careful analysis of the world’s weather and seismic activity over the last 5 years and see for yourself how dramatically things have changed from before that time. Then think about the media’s explanation of global heating and cooling or sun cycles. Understand that one volcano can put up more hydrocarbons with one eruption than our world-wide dirty civilization can in a year.

So we are the cause of only a minor part of the changes Earth is experiencing, and certainly have nothing to do with the up-tick in the seismic and volcanic activity over the last few years.

Government Posts Picture of Planet X on the Internet July 2001!

Well, this is the latest addition to this book.

Apparently a relatively quiet stir was beginning to brew because of the number of sightings of Planet X from uncontrolled observatories early in 2001. Now guess what the powers that be went and did?

In order to quiet the rumblings and concerns, a picture of X was posted on the net to save face. Aren’t you thankful that they’d be so kind and considerate? Now, do you think they mislabeled X or told the truth straight out as they know it? Think hard now. This is multiple choice and you have two choices.

I’m sorry, I’m laughing out loud as I write this. Here’s what they called it “2001 KX76, large reddish chunk of something, Kuiper Belt Object.” I think the disinformation crew stayed up all night, smoking funny cigarettes and worrying about what they were going to call it, then they finally agreed to label it everything they could think of and nothing at all. “Large reddish chunk of something” is my favorite part of the label they came up with for X. This is the part of the bull that is trying to say “we really truly don’t know what it is, believe us please.”

Because X is still far away, it of course appears small. So, these slick Willie’s are trying to say, it is instead relatively small and close now.

Well if this object is close and in Pluto’s neighborhood,

  • Why haven’t we seen it before?
  • Why is it red?
  • Why did it conveniently show up in the exact same part of the heavens as Planet X was spotted at a few weeks earlier coming in from the Orion Galaxy?
  • If it is so easy to see now, why wasn’t it shown to us earlier?
  • Are you thinking about these questions at all!?

Disinformation equals lie. Lie equals cover-up. Cover-up equals conspiracy. Conspiracy is that dirty word we’ve all been preprogrammed to turn our heads away from and snicker at in disbelief. It’s time to embrace and romance one conspiracy in your life if you have any desire to keep yours!

Alas, large approaching objects that seem small at first, appear larger over time as they get closer. A year from now, when X appears larger in size because it’s much closer, they are going to have to change their story. Hmmm, what new nonsense will they dish out next? How will they account for their changing story? Their Bs is going to smell worse and get funnier as they pile it higher and higher. At a certain point when X is just a few weeks away, the Bs will stink so bad you’ll just get stone cold silence if you question it.

Ask yourself this question. If this “large reddish chunk of something” was close, small, and back lit from our sun, why doesn’t it appear brighter? Why does it look dull red? Here’s an explanation you won’t hear from NASA. Maybe it’s a slow smoldering brown dwarf star, that generates it’s own dull red light deep in space from the molten fissures on the surface of its crust?

Anyway, here is their picture of X. Take a good look and read what they have to say, if you like fairy tales. I’ll give them credit for their sincere title above the picture. Lies are more believable when labeled with the truth.


Giant Asteroid Found Far Out In Solar System
by Frank D. Roylance
Baltimore Sun Staff

European scientists say object near Pluto’s orbit is biggest of its kind.

For 200 years the giant asteroid Ceres has held the title as the largest known “minor planet” in the solar system. Ceres is a spherical space rock orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is nearly 600 miles in diameter, roughly the distance from Baltimore to Chicago. Now a team of European astronomers is claiming that Ceres has been eclipsed in size by a newly discovered object, found near the orbit of Pluto.

The new asteroid could be as big as 870 miles across, according to calculations by a team led by Gerhard Hahn of the German Aerospace Center in Berlin. The team’s news release called the data “decisive …relegating [Ceres] to second place after holding the asteroid size record for two hundred years.”

Not so fast, said Brian Marsden, director of the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center. He said an asteroid’s size can’t be precisely determined without first knowing both its distance and its brightness, or reflectivity – also called its “albedo.”

The Europeans have securely fixed the object’s orbit and distance, he said.

Too soon to tell
But “it’s a little premature for them to boldly come along and give a size, when they’re still assuming an albedo.” More precise observations are needed, he said. The new asteroid was discovered in May by a team led by Robert L. Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz. It was temporarily dubbed 2001 KX76.

It was found in an orbit beyond Neptune, about 4 billion miles from the sun, in the inner regions of a vast, icy realm of the outer solar system called the Kuiper Belt.

The discovery team made a preliminary estimate of KX76’s diameter of between 595 and 788 miles, or about half the size of the planet Pluto.

More precise calculation
Thursday, however, the European Space Agency Information Center announced a more precise orbital calculation for KX76 using a “virtual telescope” to digitally search for the asteroid on star photos taken years ago. Coupled to the same assumptions about KX76’s brightness, the new orbital data boosted the asteroid’s presumed diameter to between 744 and 868 miles.

Both KX76’s discoverers and the Europeans assumed that the asteroid’s albedo lay somewhere between those of another Kuiper Belt asteroid, called 20,000 Varuna, and a typical comet nucleus from that region of the solar system.

David C. Jewitt, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii and co-discoverer last year of the Ceres-sized Varuna, said it makes no difference to science whether KX76 is bigger than Ceres. “It’s just a record-keeping thing,” he said. The real importance of KX76’s size, he said, is that it “fits in with a pattern.”

More than 400 Kuiper Belt objects of various sizes have been found since 1992.

“And that size distribution probably extends all the way up to Pluto [1,426 miles in diameter] and probably includes Pluto as one of those bodies,” he said. And, he said, “it’s quite possible there are a few objects bigger than Pluto waiting to be found.”

Now here is how the BBC in Europe carried it
by Helen Briggs

BBC News Online’s

A giant space rock has entered the record books as the largest known asteroid.

European astronomers confirmed on Friday that a distant object seen circling our star near Pluto had broken a 200-year-old record. The previous incumbent was the asteroid Ceres which was discovered in 1801.

People who believe that Pluto is just a minor planet will have more proof now. Lars Lindberg Christensen of the Hubble European Space Agency. The new object is much bigger, about half the size of Pluto, and is very distant from the Earth. The asteroid was first spotted in May by astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Observatory, Chile.

Follow-up studies put its size at 1200 kilometers or more across.

Major and minor
The asteroid is of great interest to astronomers not just because of its massive size but because it could shed light on the debate over Pluto’s classification as a major planet.

Some astronomers believe that Pluto, the smallest planet in the Solar System, is not big enough to be considered a true planet and should instead be called a minor planet.

Lars Lindberg Christensen of the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre Garching, Germany, said the discovery added weight to this argument. “People who believe that Pluto is just a minor planet will have more proof now,” he told BBC News Online.

‘No danger’
The icy rock is very distant from the Earth. Mr. Christensen said there was no “apparent danger” that it could ever collide with our planet.

“This asteroid is one of the ones we should be least afraid of,” he said.

Kuiper Belt Objects
Icy planetary bodies that orbit beyond Neptune in the distant region of the Solar System. More than 400 such objects are currently known. They are believed to be remnants of the formation of the Solar System and among the most primitive objects available for study.

The observations were carried out at the European Southern Observatory with the world’s first operational “virtual telescope”, Astrovirtel.

“The concept of a virtual telescope is a highly sophisticated science tool that mines all of the databases to find answers to questions,” said Mr. Christensen.

The technology allows astronomers to combine data from conventional telescopes with a powerful search tool. The asteroid has been designated 2001 KX76 for the time being but will eventually get a real name.

As a Kuiper Belt Object, it must be given a mythological name associated with creation.


To summarize from the past article, the Nibiru planet existence is known since the 1980’s.  

Now let’s continue with some other articles. This one tells the date of it’s arrival and some interesting ancient History.

by L.C. Geerts 

Spanish version from EarthHistory Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website

Additional Information


Nibiru is often mentioned as Planet X in modern times. As far as we know now it really exist and is often discussed by Astronomers all over the world, including NASA.

Even some, so called modern Prophets like Nancy, have the pretension to know who the inhabitants (The Zetas) of Planet X are but her knowledge is only based on a spiritual beliefsprout from her mind (see

We will see soon that she was wrong because she believed that Planet X should come close to Earth in May 2003. We know better now.

Zecharia Sitchin, Immanuel Velikovsky and other scientists have a more realistic theory about the catastrophic events that took place in ancient times due to Nibiru (Planet X) as the bringer of catastrophes and their theories are based on an in depth study of ancient texts.

Most of their conclusions are in my opinion very near the truth and, as we will see in this chapter, the re-coming of Planet X to our solar system will take place in this century. In accordance to the calculations of Zacharia Sitchin Planet X will return in about 2012 after an absence of 3,600 years.

Under mentioned some Quotes from several ancient and modern Scientists and the Bible itself regarding Planet X and the catastrophes it brought to Earth:

Quote from Pomponius Mela, a Latin author of the first century:

“The Egyptians pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annals … one may read that since they have been in existence, the course of the stars has changed direction four times, and that the sun has set twice in that part of the sky where it rises today.”

“In the second book of his history, Herodotus relates his conversations with Egyptian priests on his visit to Egypt some time during the second half of the fifth century before the present era. Concluding that history of their people, the priests told him that the period following their first king covered three hundred and forty-one generations, and Herodotus calculated that, three generations being equal to a century, the whole period was over eleven thousand years. The priests asserted that within historical ages and since Egypt became a kingdom, ’four times in this period (so they told me) the sun rose contrary to his wont; twice he rose where he now sets, and twice he set where he now rises.”.

Can you imagine that the sun rise in the West an set in the East?. It’s true because not only the Egyptian annals tell this story but also the ancients of America where aware of the changing of the Earth axe in ancient times.

Quotes from the Bible:

“From a far away land they came, from the end-point of Heaven do the Lord and his weapons of wrath come to destroy the whole Earth. Therefore will I agitate the Heaven and Earth shall be shaken out of its place. When the Lord of Hosts shall be crossing, the day of his burning wrath.”

Isaiah 13:1.

A far away land from the end point of Heaven?, I hope the reader now know what the meaning of this verse is, a cosmic catastrophe in ancient times.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Revelation 21.

Apostle John was not speaking about the future as many Christians think but about Ancient times. The first Heaven and the first Earth has passed away?, so there is a second, yes indeed there is and we will see the story in this chapter.

Quote by Zecharia Sitchin:

“That Mankind’s progression from Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) to Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) to Neolithic (New Stone Age) and then the great Sumerian civilization, had occurred in intervals of about 3,600 years, is a fact.

That Anu visited Earth, approved the grant of civilization (knowledge, science, technology) to Mankind, marked by the start of the calendar in Nippur in 3760 BC (which is still the Hebrew/Jewish calendar), is certain (as far as I am concerned).

But as I have tried to explain in my recent Seminars (though not yet in a full length book), the visits to Earth and the nearing (at what is called perihelion) of Nibiru do NOT coincide. This is a point of immense significance, which those who have only read my first book somehow ignore.”

Many critics, most of them due to religious dogmas, disagree with Sitchin that the Sumerians were granted civilization by the Gods. This is of course in contradiction with their own belief that God created heaven and Earth and helped people to live on Earth, clothes themselves, harvest food etc.

Quote by Immanuel Velikovsky:

in “Worlds in Collision”

The memory of the cataclysms was erased, not because of lack of written traditions, but because of some characteristic process that later caused entire nations, together with their literate men, to read into these traditions allegories or metaphors where actually cosmic disturbances were clearly described.”

Traumatic events are often washed away from the Human mind, only to protect himself and to live on without being frightened all the time. But in the depth of his mind he never forget. Even modern men is still afraid for unknown events they can’t explain and often fled in religion when this happen. During World War 2 the churches were full again.

Psychologists can tell you better then me why this phenomenon takes place in difficult times.

In this chapter I will try to explain what Planet X (Nibiru) is but we will first go back to the written ancient history to reconstruct the real orbit of this unknown planet. Together we will try to find the date when Planet X (Nibiru) will come back to our solar system and we will see that Sitchin is right (with a difference of 26 years with my theory) and that the “Semi Prophets” like Nancy and her Zetas are wrong.

Regarding Nancy, the reader can keep in mind that for thousands of years there were often “Prophets” who predicted the end of the World but until now nothing has happened and these prophets were soon forgotten, so Nancy will too.

The real story of Nibiru (Planet X)

First we go once again back to the creation story of Mesopotamia

The SUMERIANS always described their Gods as planets starting with Pluto, then Neptune, Uranus, etc., as if they were seeing the planets from a heavenly body (or spacecraft ?) that was entering our solar system from the outside.

The Sumerian seal (below), with the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Unknown ( about size of Uranus/Neptune), Jupiter, Saturn, Indeterminate (about size of Mercury), Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Figure 6

The SUMERIANS also mentioned a “twelfth” planet called “NIBIRU”, one whose elliptical orbit brought it close to Earth for a brief period about every 3,600 years.

The Sumerians and later also the Babylonians mention about a long time ago in Ancient times in which Nibiru (Marduk), until that time a stranger in our solar system, had a fight in heaven with Tiamat and Kingu. At that time, millions of years ago, the satellites of Nibiru (Marduk) collapsed with Tiamat (a planet at least two times the mass of Earth) and broke it in 2 parts.

In accordance to the theory of Zecharia Sitchin and others, the 2 parts of Tiamat were forced to another orbit around the Sun, One part was broken in small parts and are now called The Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter) and Asteroids Meteorites and Comets. The other part was forced into his new orbit between Venus and Mars and became the Earth. Kingu became the Moon of the “new planet” Earth. Nibiru was forced into an elliptical orbit around the Sun and its new orbit was from that time on a cycle of 3,600 years around the Sun.

Before I unfold my theory about the timeline of the above events and what happened afterwards I like to honor first the writer of “The Earth Chronicles” Zecharia Sitchin for his great in depth study of the Sumerian and Babylonian history and his theory of which most I agree.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin was born in Russia and raised in Palestine, where he acquired a profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archaeology of the Near East. He attended the London School of Economics and Political Science and graduated from the University of London, majoring in economic history.

A leading journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York. One of the few scholars able to read and understand Sumerian, Sitchin has based The Earth Chronicles, his recent series of books dealing with Earth’s and man’s histories and prehistories, on the information and texts written down on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East. His books have been widely translated.

Mr. Sitchin believes that we are not alone in the universe.

Going back over half a million years the planet has been visited by Aliens who come here every 3,600 hundred years, from a place called Nibiru.

These entities were not reptilian in nature, but were humanoid, genetically altering the hominid race that existed on the planet at that time, to look like them, think like them, and to learn from them.

The Earth Chronicles: Time Chart

I. Events Before the Deluge

years ago : On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes. Deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and finds refuge on Earth. He discovers that Earth has gold that can be used to protect Nibiru’s atmosphere.

445,000 years ago : Led by Enki, a son of Anu, the Anunnaki land on Earth, establish Eridu – Earth Station I – for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.

In chapter 8 and 9 I mentioned already that Enki/Ea was not a son of Anu but a son of An. Alalu is the same as Alorus in the Sumerian King list.

430,000 years ago : Earth’s climate mellows. More Anunnaki arrive on Earth, among them Enki’s half-sister Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer.

Here I differ with Sitchin: Ninhursag was the spouse of Enki and was not the same as Ki/Ninmah.

416,000 years ago : As gold production falters, Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, the heir apparent. It is decided to obtain the vital gold by mining it in southern Africa. Drawing lots, Enlil wins command of Earth Mission; Enki is relegated to Africa. On departing Earth, Anu is challenged by Alalu’s grandson.

400,000 years ago : Seven functional settlements in southern Mesopotamia include a Spaceport (Sippar), Mission Control Center (Nippur), a metallurgical center (Shuruppak). The ores arrive by ships from Africa; the refined metal is sent aloft to orbiters manned by Igigi, then transferred to spaceships arriving periodically from Nibiru.

380,000 years ago : Gaining the support of the Igigi, Alalu’s grandson attempts to seize mastery over Earth. The Enlilites win the War of the Olden Gods.

300,000 years ago : The Anunnaki toiling in the gold mines mutiny. Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation of Ape woman; they take over the manual chores of the Anunnaki. Enlil raids the mines, brings the Primitive Workers to the Edin in Mesopotamia. Given the ability to procreate, Homo Sapiens begins to multiply.

The first primitive workers were called LU.LU slaves and are in my opinion not the same as the latter Homo Sapiens, they were the final creation of Enki and Ninhursag.

200,000 years ago : Life on Earth regresses during a new glacial period.

100,000 years ago : Climate warms again. The Anunnaki (the biblical Nefilim), to Enlil’s growing annoyance marry the daughters of Man.

Man are the second creation, so still not our real ancestors.

75,000 years ago : The “accursation of Earth” – a new Ice Age-begins. Regressive types of Man roam the Earth . Cro-Magnon man survives.

49,000 years ago : Enki and Ninhursag elevate humans of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak. Enlil, enraged. plots Mankind’s demise.

13,000 years ago : Realizing that the passage of Nibiru in Earth’s proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, Enlil makes the Anunnaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.

I disagree with Sitchin about this time, it was in my opinion c. 30,400 BCE.

II. Events After the Deluge

BCE : Enki breaks the oath, instructs Ziusudra/Noah to build a submersible ship. The Deluge sweeps over the Earth; the Anunnaki witness the total destruction from their orbiting spacecraft. Enlil agrees to grant the remnants of Mankind implements and seeds; agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki domesticates animals. See note above.

10,500 BCE : The descendants of Noah are allotted three regions. Ninurta, Enlil’s foremost son, dams the mountains and drains the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable; Enki reclaims the Nile valley. The Sinai peninsula is retained by the Anunnaki for a Post-Diluvial spaceport; a control center is established on Mount Moriah (the future Jerusalem).

9780 BCE : Ra/Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son, divides dominion over Egypt between Osiris and Seth.

9330 BCE : Seth seizes and dismembers Osiris, assumes sole rule over the Nile Valley.

8970 BCE : Horus avenges his father Osiris by launching the First Pyramid War. Seth escapes to Asia, seizes the Sinai peninsula and Canaan.

8670 BCE : Opposed to the resulting control of all the space facilities by Enki’s descendants, the Enlilites launch the Second Pyramid War. The victorious Ninurta empties the Great Pyramid of its equipment. Ninhursag, half-sister of Enki and Enlil, convenes peace conference. The division of Earth is reaffirmed. Rule over Egypt transferred from the Ra/Marduk dynasty to that of Thoth. Heliopolis built as a substitute Beacon City.

8500 BCE : The Anunnaki establish outposts at the gateway to the space facilities; Jericho is one of them.

7400 BCE : As the era of peace continues, the Anunnaki grant Mankind new advances; the Neolithic period begins. Demi-gods rule over Egypt.

I mentioned that Demi-Gods (called The Sons of Gods) also rule as Kings in Mesopotamia.

3800 BCE : Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur. Anu comes to Earth for a pageantful visit. A new city, Uruk (Erech), is built in his honor; he makes its temple the abode of his beloved granddaughter Inanna/lshtar.

III. Kingship on Earth

BCE : Mankind granted kingship. Kish is first capital under the aegis of Ninurta. The calendar begun at Nippur. Civilization blossoms out in Sumer (the First Region).

3450 BCE : Primacy in Sumer transferred to Nannar/Sin. Marduk proclaims Babylon “Gateway of the Gods.” The “Tower of Babel” incident. The Anunnaki confuse Mankind’s languages. His coup frustrated, Marduk/Ra returns to Egypt, deposes Thoth, seizes his younger brother Dumuzi who had betrothed Inanna. Dumuzi accidentally killed; Marduk imprisoned alive in the Great Pyramid. Freed through an emergency shaft, he goes into exile.

3100 BCE : 350 years of chaos end with installation of first Egyptian Pharaoh in Memphis. Civilization comes to the Second Region.

2900 BCE : Kingship in Sumer transferred to Erech. Inanna given dominion over the Third Region; the Indus Valley Civilization begins.

2650 BCE : Sumer’s royal capital shifts about. Kingship deteriorates. Enlil loses patience with the unruly human multitudes.

2371 Inanna falls in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He establishes new capital city. Agade (Akkad). Akkadian empire launched.

2316 BCE : Aiming to rule the four regions, Sargon removes sacred soil from Babylon. The Marduk-Inanna conflict flares up again. It ends when Nergal, Marduk’s brother, journeys from south Africa to Babylon and persuades Marduk to leave Mesopotamia.

2291 BCE : Naram-Sin ascends the throne of Akkad. Directed by the warlike Inanna, he penetrates the Sinai peninsula, invades Egypt.

2255 BCE : Inanna usurps the power in Mesopotamia; Naram-Sin defies Nippur. The Great Anunnaki obliterate Agade. Inanna escapes. Sumer and Akkad occupied by foreign troops loyal to Enlil and Ninurta.

2220 BCE : Sumerian civilization rises to new heights under enlightened rulers of Lagash. Thoth helps its king Gudea build a ziggurat-temple for Ninurta.

2193 BCE : Terah, Abraham’s father, born in Nippur into a priestly-royal family.

2180 BCE : Egypt divided; followers of Ra/Marduk retain the south; Pharaohs opposed to him gain the throne of lower Egypt.

2130 BCE : As Enlil and Ninurta are increasingly away, central authority also deteriorates in Mesopotamia. Inanna’s attempts to regain the kingship for Erech does not last.

2123 BCE : Abraham born in Nippur.

2113 BCE : Enlil entrusts the Lands of Shem to Nannar; Ur declared capital of new empire. Ur-Nammmu ascends throne, is named Protector of Nippur. A Nippurian priest-Terah, Abraham’s father – comes to Ur to liaison with its royal court.

2096 BCE : Ur-Nammu dies in battle. The people consider his untimely death a betrayal by Anu and Enlil. Terah departs with his family for Harran.

2095 BCE : Shulgi ascends the throne of Ur, strengthens imperial ties. As empire thrives, Shulgi falls under charms of Inanna, becomes her lover. Grants Larsa to Elamites in exchange for serving as his Foreign Legion.

2080 BCE : Theban princes loyal to Ra/Marduk press northward under Mentuhotep I. Nabu, Marduk’s son, gains adherents for his father in Western Asia.

2055 BCE : On Nannar’s orders, Shulgi sends Elamite troops to suppress unrest in Canaanite cities. Elamites reach the gateway to the Sinai peninsula and its Spaceport.

2048 BCE : Shulgi dies. Marduk moves to the Land of the Hittites. Abraham ordered to southern Canaan with an elite corps of cavalrymen.

2047 BCE : Amar-Sin (the biblical Amraphel) becomes king of Ur. Abraham goes to Egypt, stays five years, then returns with more troops.

2041 BCE : Guided by Inanna, Amar-Sin forms a coalition of Kings of the East, launches military expedition to Canaan and the Sinai. Its leader is the Elamite Khedor-la’omer. Abraham blocks the advance at the gateway to the Spaceport.

2038 BCE : Shu-Sin replaces Amar-Sin on throne of Ur as the empire disintegrates.

2029 BCE : Ibbi-Sin replaces Shu-Sin. The western provinces increasingly to Marduk.

2024 BCE : Leading his followers, Marduk marches on Sumer, enthrones himself in Babylon. Fighting spreads to central Mesopotamia. Nippur’s Holy of Holies is defiled. Enlil demands punishment for Marduk and Nabu; Enki opposes, but his son Nergal sides with Enlil. As Nabu marshals his Canaanite followers to capture the Spaceport, the Great Anunnaki approve of the use of nuclear weapons. Nergal and Ninurta destroy the Spaceport and the errant Canaanite cities.

2023 BCE : The winds carry the radioactive cloud to Sumer. People die a terrible death, animals perish, the water is poisoned, the soil becomes barren. Sumer and its great civilization lie prostrate. Its legacy passes to Abraham’s seed as he begets -at age 100- a legitimate heir: Isaac.

(All of the above was taken from Zecharia Sitchin’s EARTH CHRONICLES.)

I differs with the theory of Sitchin regarding the timeline from 30,000 BCE until 2,100 BCE. but not with the events that took place.

Short description of the timeline by Zecharia Sitchin

Reference: Phoenix Journal number 50, entitled Through Darkness into Light

The first members of our solar system were our Sun and planets Mercury and Tiamat (Ti. Amat). Tiamat “the water monster” , also called Gaia, meaning the cleaved one or Tiamat/Gaia.

Our solar system gradually expanded by the “birth” of three planetary pairs:

a) Venus and Mars — placed between Mercury and Tiamat
b) Jupiter and Saturn — placed beyond Tiamat
c) Uranus and Neptune — placed farther out

Venus is a stranger in our solar system and would appear much later as we will se later in this chapter.

An invading planet from outer space, Nibiru (Sumerian) or Marduk (Babylonian), was drawn to our solar system and attracted to the outer planet, Neptune.

Nibiru/Marduk moved in a retrograde (clockwise) orbit which was counter to the other planets and had four satellites or moons. Nibiru/Marduk passed in its orbit between Neptune and the next inner planet, Uranus. As Nibiru/Marduk passed near Neptune, gravitational and magnetic forces caused “Marduk’s side to bulge out. This side was pulled away and became Neptune’s new moon, Triton, which now has also a retrograde (clockwise) orbit.

Consequently, Nibiru collided with Uranus, tilting Uranus on its axis and creating Uranus’ four moons. In the process Marduk gained three more moons for a total of seven. Nibiru was pulled toward the extremely large planets of Saturn and Jupiter and changed her orbital pathway forever.

As Nibiru passed Saturn, Saturn’s moon, Gaga, was pulled away in the direction of Mars and Venus and caused Gaga to have a “strange” elliptical orbit. Gaga eventually became the planet, Pluto. Nibiru’s orbit was further altered by the pull of Jupiter, placing Nibiru on a collision course with Tiamat. Tiamat was a very unstable planet encircled by eleven satellites (moons), the largest of these was Kingu, a very large satellite.

Nibiru did not collide with Tiamat, but Nibiru’s seven satellites smashed into Tiamat and her eleven satellites headed by Tiamat’s largest satellite, Kingu. Tiamat was split into two halves. The half toward the sun split off and became Gaia or Planet Earth, and Kingu, Tiamat’s principal satellite became Earth’s moon.

Kingu or Qingu was at first not a moon of Tiamat but of Nibiru

The other half of Tiamat was smashed into bits and pieces.

Through magnetic and gravitational forces these pieces were formed into the Asteroid Belt. The Asteroid Belt with its comets continued moving in a retrograde orbit, as did Nibiru. The Asteroid Belt has remained in the approximate place in the solar system as the former planet, Tiamat.

The Asteroid Belt is also known as the “firmament” or belt of frozen waters. Below the “Firmament” or toward the Sun are located four planets–Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Above the “Firmament” are located six planets–Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the twelfth planet, Nibiru.

Nibiru/Marduk was forced into an extreme elliptical orbit of some 3,600 years, and is known today as the twelfth planet (Planet X) in our solar system. This twelfth planet in its solar orbit is again approaching our Earth at this present time.

Note: During a period of billions of years Nibiru evaluated and even as on Earth live came to existence. It it even possible that Nibiru was used as a kind of Spaceship by Intelligent beings from outside our Solar System to travel in space.

These beings, developed on Nibiru or from outside became the Gods of the Ancients as we will see later.

First Conclusion

There is enough evidence that the theory of Zecharia Sitchin fits because Scientist are aware that the sudden extinguish of the Dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals can only be explained when a gigantic catastrophe took place in ancient times.

Another strange phenomenon is that:

  • The Earth crust differs enormous in thickness, for instance the Earth crust in the Oceans is only 8 kilometers thick but on the landmasses 32 kilometers.
  • The Earth crust in the Oceans is not older then about 200 million years but the Earth crust on the landmasses is much older, about 4 billion years.
  • This difference in age can only be explained when the Earth crust beneath the Oceans was formed (again) later due to enormous collapses about 200 million years ago by a cosmic collapse between planets.

Another strange phenomenon who cannot be explained is that our Moon is far the greatest satellite of a planet in our solar system, when we make a calculation of the “normal” sizes of other moons around the other planets in our solar system we can only come to the conclusion that the mass of our Moon is much too great for a small planet like the Earth.

The tidally waves cycle on Earth are prove that the Moon has an enormous impact on Earth and all what lives on Earth, even the lifetime of all creatures on Earth are bonded to the force of gravity of our Moon.

Sumerian Religion

Looking from the above perspectives, the Sumerian religious epics contain a dazzling story and point in the direction as written above:

In accordance to the creation story of Mesopotamia these “twelfth” planet, known as NIBIRU (Babylonian Marduk) was inhabited by humanoid beings very much like ourselves, because of a problem with their atmosphere sent them on a mission throughout the solar system in search for gold, a metal which could be used to “heal” their planet.

Note: There are several names for the 12th planet, MARDOK or NEBIRU or NIBIRU, (even the name of the God’s) are in some matters the same. I will use the name NIBIRU for the 12th planet.

Using rocket ships to shuttle people and supplies between their planet and Earth, during those periods when NIBIRU’s elliptical orbit brought it close to Earth, the Nibiruans established colonies in Mesopotamia, hundreds of thousands of years ago (about 432,000 BCE). They found rich veins of gold in southern Africa, and established mines exploited by the worker element of their society, called the Anunnaki.

Later these Anunnaki revolted against their leaders and pledged them for a, so called, slave beings to do the dirty work for them. Their leaders held a council in which was agreed to produce a slave race and Enki and Ninmah, two of the leaders, were asked to produce a new race by mixing the blood of their own (GENES) with blood of the most advanced primates who lived on Earth at that time (probably Australopithecus).

Their first creations however were beings with great strength and most of them were of great size and they did the work for the Anunnaki on Earth. There was even one big problem with these beings, they were unable to reproduce themselves so the “Gods” were forced to reproduce them to keep the slave population as high as needed.

During a long period of time Enki and Ninmah “produced” several creations before they finally found the right method to produce a “race” that was able to speak and to produce children themselves. Thus was born the first humanity race (Homo Erectus).

Every time, when the orbit of the planet Nibiru got too far away some “Gods” left Earth and returned to their home planet for the period until their planet should return to Earth again. This period was by the Sumerians called a Sar and lasted for about 3,600 years.

In the meanwhile the Anunnaki stayed on Earth and before the Gods left they were ordered to Watch over the Slaves. The Anunnaki did what their leaders had asked for but after a while they had struggles with each other and started to fight. Because of these Wars the Slaves became more and more independent and united themselves against their Masters and escaped to other parts of the Earth and they lived their, as mentioned in a lot of ancient texts “like the wild Beasts“.

When the Leaders came back to Earth after another 3,600 years they were very angry to the Anunnaki, seeing what has happened during their absence and they punished the Anunnaki and forced them to do the dirty work themselves again. The earthly leader, called King, was often replaced due to these struggles between the Gods (see the Sumerian king list).

During these periods in which their planet was nearby the Earth they stayed on Earth and they developed and researched several Creations (Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus), before they finally found the way to produce a race that could think, speak and reproduce themselves, Neanderthaler and Cro-Magnon. They called this creation MEN. (Homo Sapiens)

When these researches were finally finished the Gods had still one big problem, what to do with the first creations of which most were escaped and spread over a large area of the Earth. On a council at the house of Enlil, one of the leader Gods, was decided that these beings should not be warned for the Flood of which the Gods saw it was nearing due to the events in our solar system, so they would all die. Enki, also one of the leaders, agreed with this decision but only when his last creation (Homo Sapiens) should survive and so was finally agreed.

The last part of the story should be clear for the reader: the Flood came and Men (Homo Sapiens) survived.

Recently scientific discoveries (the uncovering of Neolithic goldmines in southern Africa, the tracing of all human DNA back to a single source, called “Eve” by the genesis), have tended to confirm the interpretation of the Sumerian records.

History of our solar system

When we read the stories of Mesopotamia we can see that what I wrote down in this part can be checked with several creation stories and other ancient tablets.

From these tablets I reconstructed the history of our solar system and the history of Mankind as follows:

About 200 Million years ago our solar system consisted of the Sun with its planets Mercury, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Unknown, Neptune and Pluto, a total of nine planets with their moons. Then something happened somewhere in the direction of the Star Osiris which should change our solar system forever. Tiamat (a planet two to three times the size of Earth) was one of the greatest planets in our former solar system and had several moons.

Tiamat was a giant planet who’s orbit laid between Mars and Jupiter. Tiamat had an atmosphere with more oxygen and less nitrogen and a life forms of giant proportions who ruled the whole planet (Dinosaurs). Tiamat consisted of two great landmasses surrounded by water. The neighboring planet of Tiamat, Mars, was also a planet filled with life forms. Because of its atmosphere Tiamat had already a evaluated life form with several forms of Mammals and a rich vegetation.

Then far away a planet called Nibiru was smitten out of its former orbit around the Star Osiris by a cosmic collapse between several heavenly bodies. Due to this cosmic catastrophe Nibiru was forced in a new orbit and came in the direction of our solar-system and would later permanently be captured by the gravity of the Sun.

Nibiru had several moons and some of them collapsed with Mars, and finally Tiamat. Due to these collapses Mars lost most of its atmosphere and all its life forms. Tiamat was cut in 2 pieces and also lost most of its life forms, including the Dinosaurs, the most advanced life form on Tiamat. One part of Tiamat formed the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter and the other part formed the Earth as we know it today. Nibiru was captured by the Sun and began an orbit around the Sun of 3,600 years.

After this event our solar system consisted of the Sun and 10 planets: Mercury, Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Nibiru, Neptune and Pluto.

During the following time Nibiru makes an elliptical orbit around our Sun which bring it close to its former orbit every 3,600 years in its perambulation around a nearby star in the direction of Sirius (probably Alpha Centauri A).

The Sun And Its
Nearest Neighbors
Sun Alpha
Centauri A
Centauri B
Color Yellow Yellow Orange Red
Spectral type G2 G2 K1 M5
Temperature 5800 K 5800 K 5300 K 2700 K
Mass 1.00 1.09 0.90 0.1
Radius 1.00 1.2 0.8 0.2
Brightness 1.00 1.54 0.44 0.00006
0.00 4.35 4.35 4.22
(billion years)
4.6 5 – 6 5 – 6 ~1?

Alpha Centauri is a special place, because it may offer life conditions similar to our solar system

Chronology of Gods and Man

Than, about 450,000 years ago Nibiru brought with her a large group of Aliens who used the planet as a kind of Spaceship to travel in space.

These beings from another planet, in the neighborhood of the star Sirius, were an extreme evaluated and intelligent race who had an enormous life span of hundreds thousands of years. These beings were looking for a precious material which cold be used to make Nibiru more suitable for their needs during the long orbits around the Sun.

They landed on Earth and found were they were looking for and they decided to stay on Earth to mine the material they needed, Gold.

During the period from 450,000 years ago until 435,000 years ago they first explored the Earth and made it suitable for their way of living. After the Earth proved suitable a group of them were chosen to stay on Earth. (200 Annunaki and 600 Igigi) Three Anunnaki were chosen as the leaders of all (Anu, Enlil and Enki) and they were called the triad of Gods.

A total of twelve of the Gods were chosen to lead the Anunnaki and Igigi, they were :

  • Ki (Ninmah)
  • Anu and Antu
  • Enlil and Ninlil
  • Enki (Ea) and Ninhursag
  • Inanna (Ishtar)
  • Utu (Shamash)
  • Nergal
  • Nanna (Sin) and Ningirsu (Ninurta)

About 433,600 – 271,600 BCE
During the first 162,000 years one King ruled over all the Gods from heaven, this king was named Alorus in the Sumerian king list, probably another name for An the father of the triad of Aliens (later called Gods).

King in Heaven. Alorus became king; he ruled for 162,000 years. Nibiru came back to Earth on 271,600 BCE (45 orbits).

Shortly after their arrival on Earth the Anunnaki leaders directed the other Anunnaki and Igigi to dig for Gold they needed for their home planet Nibiru.

About 350,000 BCE

Revolt of the lesser Anunnaki and Igigi

The Anunnaki and Igigi revolted against their leaders and asked for a slave to do the dirty work for them.

The Anunnaki leaders asked Enki (one of the leaders and scientist) to create a slave race to do the work for the Igigi. With the help of Ki (also one of the leaders and a scientist) they created a LU.LU slave by taking some of their Genes and Genes from the most advanced primates who lived on Earth at that time, probably Homo-Habilis.

About 340,000 BCE

By genetic manipulations the LU.LU slave created by Enki and Ki (Ninmah). After the creation of the LU.LU slave Enki moves to Africa to lead the mining of Gold by the LU.LU slaves. There was one problem with these LU.LU slaves, they couldn’t reproduce themselves.

Because of that Enki and Ki (Ninmah) decided to create a new race, with the help of Ninhursag (the spouse of Enki), who were able to bear children.

About 275,000 BCE

After a period in which several Anunnaki created several beings (called Demons and Monsters) Enki and Ninhursag finally were able to produce a “new” race who had intelligence and were also able to bear children They were called Humans.

About 272,000 BCE

Adam and Eve expelled from Edin by Enlil and genetic manipulated by Enki to bear children. The first two creations of Enki were of great strength and size and achieved a lifetime of about 100,000 years. They were later called Giants.

The First Godly Dynasty on Earth

271,600 – 30,378 BCE
From the time Humanity was created they grew to a large population and the Anunnaki leaders decided to introduce Kingship on Earth to operate between the Anunnaki and Humanity. The King was directed to build cities in which Humanity could live and work for the Gods, the King was further responsible for the introduction of law and order and the instruction of Humanity to use tools and till the ground for food.

271,600 – 206,600 BCE.
These ancient Kings rules successively from the five original pre-flood cities :

Eridug, Bad-Tibira, Larag, Zimbir and Curuppag.

The first city of the Gods Eridu/Eridug build

After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36000 years. Nibiru came back to Earth on 206,800 BCE (18 orbits)

The second city of the Gods Bad-Tibira

206,600 – 98,800 BCE
En-men-lu-ana ruled for 43200 years. En-men-gal-ana ruled for 28800 years. Dumuzid, the shepherd, ruled for 36000 years.

200,000 BCE

The Days of Enoch, Humans spread all over Africa and Asia.

About 160,000 BCE

Enoch walk with the Gods and testify against the Sons of God who have sexual intercourse with the Daughters of Humans. Nibiru came back to Earth on 98,800 BCE (30 orbits).

The third city of the Gods Larag (Larak)

98,800 – 70,000 BCE.
En-sipad-zid-ana ruled for 28800 years. Nibiru came back to Earth on 70,000 BCE (8 orbits).

About 70,000 BCE

Noah born with a white skin as a result of a genetic manipulation by Enki. Enlil is angry to the Nephilim (Igigi) because they mingle with the Daughters of Humans and they bear Demons and Half-Gods. Enlil punish the Sons of God but a lot of them escapes to other continents.

Time changing of the periodical orbit of Nibiru

Then something happened that would change the life’s on Earth forever.

The fourth city of the Gods Zimbir (Sippar)

70,000 – 49,000 BCE.
In Zimbir, En-men-dur-ana became king; he ruled for 21000 years.

About 50,000 BCE.

Shem, Cham and Japheth beget by Enki with the seed of Noah by three different “ethnic” women. Modern Men (Homo Sapiens) created.

About 49,000 BCE.

Resettlement of Humans to the North, Europe invaded with Humans, Neanderthaler repulsed from their settlements.

In the period between 70,000 BCE and 49,000 BCE something happened which the periodical intervals of 3,600 years of Nibiru is decreased to an average period of 3,500 years during his reign because we can see that King En-men-dur-ana ruled for 21,000 years instead of 21,600 years (6 orbits). Nibiru had to come back to our solar system on 48,400 BCE but it came back 600 years earlier then expected (49,000 BCE).

In this period something catastrophic took place again. Nibiru was beaten out of his orbit again by a cosmic collapse or nearly collapse with comets or planets, most likely outside our solar system, and Nibiru appeared in our solar system but in another orbit then expected by the Gods (Anunnaki and Igigi).

Due to this collapses, Nibiru was forced out of its former orbit and appeared in another orbit much closer to the Earth. This was the introduction to the disaster that should finally result in the Great Flood on Earth.

Nibiru entered our solar system in another angle, closer to Earth and crossed the Asteroid Belt and was beaten by several asteroids and rocks. Due to this event Nibiru lost one of its moons, this moon was beaten to a new orbit between Earth and Mercury and became the planet Venus. (Venus is still the only planet with a retrograde orbit around the Sun)

When we read the history of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, Greece and many others from all over the world we can find evidence that the ancients all describes this eventand they explained that event as the war of the Gods in heaven.

Is it a coincidence that a Mayan calendar starts at 49,611 BCE. and that an Egyptian calendar starts at 49,214 BCE.?. Both at the same time Nibiru came back into our solar system 600 years before it was expected.

In my opinion it’s not a coincidence but prove that the used timeline was broken, so was decided to change the “old” calendar to the new orbital cycle of Nibiru.

About 49,000 BCE

The motherland of Mu sunk into the Great Ocean.

The Fifth city of the Gods Curuppag (Shuruppak)

49,000 – 30,400 BCE
Ubara-Tutu became king; he ruled for 18600 years.

In the period between 49,000 BCE and 30,400 BCE (the rule of King Ubara-Tutu, who ruled for 18,600 years until the Flood) the intervals stayed constant to 3,000 years except for the last orbit who lasted again as in the past for 3,600 years.

In this period the orbit of Nibiru was not constant and the Anunnaki new that this would result in the next catastrophe, about 30,400 BCE Nibiru appeared again in our solar system but again in another orbit. Due to the gravitation between the planets Nibiru lost another Moon (called Qingu) and this moon was captured by the Earth.

The combination of the close appearance of Nibiru and the force of gravity of Qingu resulted in an immense tidal wave on Earth, THE FLOOD.

Due to these events the Earth was beaten by a global Flood that was responsible for the death of nearly all life on Earth. As a result of this Flood the Gods had to make a decision what to do now with their creations on Earth because their home planet was heavy damaged and they needed more time to “heal” Nibiru and to recalculate the new orbit again. Some of the Gods decided to stay on Earth permanently until their planet was fully restored.

Because of the new force of gravity between the Earth and its new Moon the atmosphere and stratosphere changed dramatically and all life form on Earth had to habituate to the new conditions, including a tidal of the Oceans which was unknown until that time. Another problem was the fact that the Gods new that the gravity change on Earth would result in a shorter lifetime of Humanity and Mammals.

During the period between 30,378 BCE and 1,578 BCE the Gods stayed on Earth and instructed their creations (Men) to be aware of the “older” creations of the Gods of which a lot had survived the Flood. During the same period Men, with the help of the Gods, destroyed most of the pre-diluvium creatures until finally about 1,000 BCE the last died out. (See all stories of Giants in the Bible and everywhere around the World).

The last creations, called Humanity were afraid for their creators because they had powers they could not understand, this was the beginning of religion by Humanity.

The Aliens were honored as GODS.

Table of Events 433,600 BCE – 30,400 BCE

Let’s see if we can find a link between the orbital return of Nibiru and the occurrences in heaven and on Earth.

When we take a look at the above story and the periods I mentioned before we can see if these periods fit in my theory about the Chronology of the Gods and their creations.

I calculated that the time in which the “Gods” came to Earth took place about 433,600 BCE.

The orbits during this time of NIBIRU were :

  • 433,600 BCE
  • 430,000 BCE and with an interval of 10 orbits:
    • 419,200 BCE
    • 383,200 BCE
    • 347,200 BCE
    • 311,200 BCE
    • 275,200 BCE
    • 239,000 BCE
    • 203,200 BCE
    • 167,200 BCE
    • 131,200 BCE
    • 95,200 BCE
  • With an interval of 1 orbit:
    • 91,600 BCE
    • 88,000 BCE
    • 84,400 BCE
    • 80,800 BCE
    • 77,200 BCE
    • 73,600 BCE
    • 70,000 BCE
    • 66,400 BCE
    • 62,800 BCE
    • 59,200 BCE
    • 55,600 BCE
    • 52,000 BCE
    • 48,400 BCE
    • 44,800 BCE
    • 41,200 BCE
    • 37,600 BCE
    • 34,000 BCE
    • 30,400 BCE

Ante Diluvium period
text in RED = Sumerian kinglist
text in BLUE = The Book of Jasher

Return of Nibiru

My Theory

Sitchin’s Theory

200 Million years ago Nibiru’s Moons collapses with Tiamat, a planet 2-3 times the size of Earth and is cut in 2 pieces. This causes the mass extinction of most life on (Tiamt). Earth formed from one half of former Tiamat and the other half forms the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Nibiru is captured by the Sun and begins an orbit around the Sun of 3,600 years.
150 Million years ago Earth cools down again, its crust and the formation of convection cells which push halves of the crust away from each other. The halves meet on the other side of the Earth, building up the continents.
50 Million years ago Huge marine mammals and small land mammals dominates life on Earth.
5 Million years ago Most of the animal types known today now exist on Earth including Homo Habilis.
433,578 BC 433,600 BC 445,000 BC The Gods (Anu and Enki) arrives on Earth to explore the Earth.
45 Sars 433,578 – 271,578 BC Alorus King in Heaven for 162,000 years.
410,000 BC 400,000 BC Spaceport (Sippar), Mission Control Center (Nippur), and metallurgical center (Shuruppak) build.
398,000 BC 416,000 BC More Anunnaki, Ninmah and Enlil arrives on Earth.
350,000 BC 300,000 BC The Annunaki revolts against the Older Gods, War between the Gods.
340,000 BC 300,000 BC First Creation (LU.LU slave) by Enki and his aunt Ninmah (Ki). A genetic manipulation between Homo Habilis and the Gods.
275,000 BC

Second Creation (Man, Giant slaves) by Enki and Ninhursag (Enlil raids Adam and Eve to Edin). A genetic manipulation between the LU.LU and the Gods.
272,000 BC Man (Adam and Eve) expelled from Edin by Enlil, most of the LU.LU slaves stays in Edin.
18 Sars 271,578 – 206,778 BC Alulim and Alaljar Kings in Eridug for 64,800 years.
271,000 BC

Adam and Eve “recreated” by Enki to produce children, Enki learns Adam the life forms outside Edin. Cain and Abel born.
270,000 -100,000 BC

Cain protected by Enlil after the murder of Abel. Cain sent to another land.The time of the children of God, from Seth to Noah. Enlil called The Lord God.
260,000 BC

Third Creation (Homo Erectus (Lucy?)) by Enki and his wife Ninhursag. A genetic mixing of the genes of Homo Erectus and the Gods (second version).
30 Sars 206,778 – 98,778 BC En-men-lu-ana, En-men-gal-ana and Dumuzid Kings in Bad-Tibira for 108,000 years.
150,000 – 30,000 BC 100,000 BC The Anunnaki and Igigi (the biblical Nephilim), to Enlil’s growing annoyance, marry the daughters of Man. They bear Demons and Half-Gods. Enlil punish the Sons of God but a lot of them escapes to other continents.The time of the Giants and Demons, regressive types of the union between the Gods and Man.

Homo Erectus (third creation) roam the Earth and “updated” by Enki and Ninhursag to Neanderthaler and Cro-Magnon humanoids who are capable to produce children.

Enlil is furious to Enki and plots Mankind’s demise.

8 Sars 98,778 – 69,978 BC En-sipad-zid-ana King in Larag for 28,800 years.
70,000 BC Noah born with a white skin as a result of a genetic manipulation by Enki.
5 Sars and 5 Ners 69,978 – 48,978 BC En-men-dur-ana King in Zimbir for 21,000 years.
50,000 BC Shem, Cham and Japheth beget by Enki (Ea) with the seed of Noah by three different “ethnic” women (most probably Cro-Magnon and Neanderthaler). Modern Men (Homo Sapiens) created.
5 Sars and 1 Ner 48,978 – 30,378 BC 49,000 – 11,000 BC? Enki and Ninhursag elevate Man of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak.Ubara-Tutu King in Currupag (Shuruppak) for 18,600 years.
49,6111 BC Mayan calendar starts.
49,214 BC Egyptian calendar starts.
30,500 BC

The passage of Nibiru in Earth’s proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, Enlil makes the Anunnaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.Enki breaks the oath between the Gods and instructs Ziusudra/Noah to build an Ark.
30,378 BC 11,000 BC Return of Nibiru. One of the Moons of Nibiru (Kingu) permanently captured by Earth’s gravity as her Moon.The Flood.

Scholars are aware that the gravitation of the moon have an important impact to the life on Earth. Due to the gravitation of the Earth’s “new” moon the lifetime of the Children of Noahshortened in a high tempo to about 147 years for Jacob.

Post Diluvium period

Note: From the time about 4,200 BC there are more sources of the events that took place in the Middle East. Many of the events mentioned in the next table can be found in The Book of Jasher, The Bible, The book of Jubilees and other ancient writings from Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, Hittite and Elam origin.

The difference in time between my timeline and the accepted timeline by Christian Scholars is based on the stories in the Bible, Scholars made an enormous error because they accepted unconditional the follow-up of the events as written down in Genesis and Exodus and calculated the years from creation to the exodus of the Hebrews out of Egypt as one unbroken timeline. Even the follow-up of the Dynasties in Egypt are based on the chronological timeline in the Bible.

There is much evidence that the accepted timeline is wrong because many of the Biblical events are different from other books as above mentioned. A new generation of Scholars like David Rohl, Velikovsky and many others have rewritten the timeline of the Dynasties of Egypt called the “New Chronology”.

When studying these tables and books I found more and more evidence that the real timeline of events differs enormous from the accepted timeline.

The lifetime of the Earth-fathers (Adam-Noah) is accepted by Christians.

Why they don’t believe in the lifetime as mentioned in the Sumerian and other lecture, is for me a question that has not been answered yet.

The reader can keep in mind that a, so called, Godly and Demi Godly lifetime was a more or less normal phenomenon until 2,000 BC. The shortened lifetime from Shem on is still accepted and obvious. Believe it or not that the Gods lived for hundred thousands of years and their direct offspring (Adam-Noah) ten thousands of years.

ALL the, so called, Earth-fathers were, by the Gods, from the beginning separated from men and lived until their dead in a Godly place situated in Sumer. (Kish and Nippur). See the stories of Abram who stayed for 39 years by Noah and Shem before he was ordered by the Gods to go to Canaan and Isaac and Jacob who also visited Noah and Shem in their “holy” city.

In the next table I made a calculation of the most important events based on my theory who are in their turn based on the above mentioned literature.

text in RED = Sumerian kinglist
text in BLUE = The Book of Jasher

Return of Nibiru My Theory Sitchin’s Theory Event
30,378 BC 30,378 BC 3,760 BC First Godly dynasty of Kic (Kish). (23 kings they ruled for 24,510 years, 3 months, and 3 1/2 days). (30378-5868 BCE) Jucur first king of Kic for 1,200 years
30,377 BC 11,000 BC Enlil agrees to grant the remnants of Mankind implements and seeds; agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki domesticates animals. Regression of the lifespan of the descendents of Noah. (predicted by Enlil). Mankind granted kingship. Kish is first capital under the aegis of Ninurta.
29,178 BC Kullassina-bel, king of Kic for 960 years
28,218 BC Nanjiclicma, king of Kic, ruled for 6700 years.
26,778 BC 27,000 BC 10,500 BC Because of the gravitation of Earth’s new Moon the lifespan of Noah’s descendents declines. The descendants of Noah are allotted three regions.

Enki reclaims the Nile valley. The Sinai peninsula is retained by the Anunnaki for a Post-Diluvial spaceport. Ninurta, Enlil’s foremost son, dams the mountains and drains the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable.

23,178 BC 21,518 BC En-tarah-ana, king of Kic, ruled for 420 years …, 3 months, and 3 1/2 days.
21,098 BC Babum …… , king of Kic, ruled for 300 years.
20,798 BC Puannum, king of Kic, ruled for 840 years.
20,000 BC The Vela supernova erupts, its radiation permanently damages Earth’s ozone layer, resulting in a gradual decline in the human lifespan until it levels out at 80-120 years. Begin of a glacial period, Mammoth died out.

Lemuria (Mu), in the Pacific Ocean destroyed.

19,578 BC 19,958 BC Kalibum, king of Kic, ruled for 960 years.
18,998 BC Kalumum, king of Kic, ruled for 840 years.
18,158 BC
Zuqaqip, king of Kic, ruled for 900 years.
17,258 BC Atab, king of Kic, ruled for 600 years.
16,658 BC Macda, the son of Atab, king of Kic, ruled for 840 years.
16,000 BC 9,780 BC Ra/Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son, divides dominion over Egypt between Osiris and Seth. War between the Gods.
15,978 BC 15,818 BC Arwium, the son of Macda, king of Kic, ruled for 720 years.
15,098 BC Etana, the shepherd, who ascended to heaven and consolidated all the foreign countries, became king of Kic, he ruled for 1500 years.
13,598 BC Balih, the son of Etana, king of Kic, ruled for 400 years.
13,198 BC En-me-nuna, king of Kic, ruled for 660 years.
12,378 BC 12,538 BC Melem-Kic, the son of En-me-nuna, king of Kic, ruled for 900 years.
12,000 BC

Osiris and Isis in Egypt
11,638 BC Barsal-nuna, the son of En-me-nuna, king of Kic, ruled for 1200 years.
10,938 BC

Egyptian Sun and Sumerian Moon calendar starts, The time of the Half-Gods, Pyramids at Gizeh in Egypt build.
10,438 BC Zamug, the son of Barsal-nuna, king of Kic, ruled for 640 years.
10,000 BC 8,970 BC Horus avenges his father Osiris by launching the First Pyramid War. Seth escapes to Asia, seizes the Sinai peninsula and Canaan.
9,798 BC Tizqar, the son of Zamug, king of Kic, ruled for 305 years.
9,493 BC Ilcu, king of Kic, ruled for 900 years.
8,778 BC 8,778 BC 8,800 BC Wars of the Gods, Spaceports build in the Sinai dessert and Jerusalem, Stonehenge build.

Atlantislost by a nuclear War.

8,700 BC 8,670 BC Opposed to the resulting control of all the space facilities by Enki’s descendants, the Enlilites launch the Second Pyramid War. The victorious Ninurta empties the Great Pyramid of its equipment.
8,600 BC 8,500 BC The Anunnaki establish outposts at the gateway to the space facilities; Jericho is one of them. Tiwanaku in the Andes (South America) founded.
8,593 BC Iltasadum, king of Kic, ruled for 1200 years.
8,017 BC Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur.
8,000 BC 7,400 BC Demi-gods rule over Egypt, the first Godly Pharaoh’s.
7,693 BC Lugalbanda, the shepherd, ruled for 1200 years.
7,393 BC En-men-barage-si, who made the land of Elam submit, became king of Kic, he ruled 900 years.
6,850 BC 2,900 BC Kingship in Sumer transferred to Unug (Uruk, Erech). Inanna given dominion over the Third Region, the Indus Valley Civilization begins with the cities Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.

Anu comes to Earth for a pageant full visit. A new city, Unug (Uruk, Erech), built in his honor; he makes its temple (E-ana) the abode of his beloved granddaughter Inanna/lshtar.

The First dynasty of Unug (12 kings they ruled for 2310 years).

In E-ana, the son of Utu, Mec-ki-aj-gacer became lord and king; he ruled for 324 years and build the city of Unug. Mec-ki-aj-gacer entered the sea and disappeared.

6,493 BC Aga, the son of En-men-barage-si the last king of Kic, he ruled 625 years.

Dumuzid, the fisherman, whose city was Kuara, ruled for 100 years, He captured En-men-barage-si single-handed.

6,525 BC Enmerkar, the son of Mec-ki-aj-gacer, the king of Unug, who built Unug, became king; he ruled for 420 years.
6,105 BC Gilgamec, whose father was a phantom ? (Lugalbanda), the Lord of Kulaba, ruled for 126 years.
5,868 BC Fall of the First Godly Dynasty of Kic (Kish). Second dynasty of Kic starts.
5,178 BC Return of Nibiru, An and other Older Gods leave Earth.
4,561 BC Fall of the First Dynasty of Unug (Uruk, Erech)
4,458 BC 3,800 BC Sumerian period starts with the first dynasty of Urim (Ur)
4,384 BC Fall of the First Dynasty of Urim. Begin of the first Elamite dynasty of Awan.
4,028 BC Fall of the First Dynasty of Awan. Begin of the Second Elamite dynasty of Hamazi.
3,760 BC

Start of the Nippur calendar, still used by the Jews.
3,668 BC Begin of the Second dynasty of Unug.
3,482 BC Fall of the second dynasty of Unug. Start of the second dynasty of Urim
3,100 BC 350 years of chaos ends with installation of first Egyptian Human Pharaoh in Memphis.
2,899 BC Fall of the second dynasty of Urim. Start of the dynasty of Adab.
2,809 BC Fall of the dynasty of Adab. Begin of the dynasty of Mari.
2,673 BC Fall of the second dynasty of Kic. Begin of the third and fourth dynasty of Kic.
c.2,660 BC Begin of the rebel dynasty of Akcak
2,486 BC Begin of the third dynasty of Unug.
2,461 BC 2,271 BC Fall of the Sumerian Empire. Begin of the Acadian empire. Sargon the Great (Sharru-Kin) the first King of Akkad.

Inanna falls in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He establishes a new capital city. Agade (Akkad). Akkadian empire launched.

2,390 BC 2,255 BC Naram-Sin ascends the throne of Akkad. Directed by the warlike Inanna, he penetrates the Sinai peninsula, invades Egypt. Naram-Sin defies Nippur. Enlil and Ninurta furious.
2,305 BC 4 years civil War in Akkad.
2,264 BC 2,239 BC Fall of the dynasty of Agade. Start of the Hittite dynasty of Unug. Acadian empire collapsed due to Enlil and his foreign troops.

Start of the Pre-Babylonian period. Begin of the dynasty of Isin and Larsa. (the last kings of these dynasties were Vassals to the Babylonian kings.

2,235 BC Fall of the Hittite dynasty of Unug. Start of the Hittite Gutium period.
2,139 BC Fall of the Hittite Gutium period. Begin of the fifth dynasty of Unug
2,124 BC 2,193 BC Terah, Abraham’s father, born in Nippur into a priestly-royal family.
2,112 BC 2,113 BC Fall of the fifth dynasty of Unug. Begin of the third dynasty of Urim (Ur). Ur-Nammu first King.

Ur declared capital of new empire. Ur- Nammmu is named Protector of Nippur. A Nippurian priest-Terah, Abraham’s father – comes to Ur to liaison with its royal court.

2,095 BC Marduk (Nimrod), son of Cush born in Nippur
2,094 BC 2.096 BC Ur-Nammu dies in battle. The people consider his untimely death a betrayal by Anu and Enlil.
2,065 BC Marduk (Nimrod) king of Old-Babylonia (Sumer,Akkad, Canaan and Assyria)
2,054 BC 2,123 BC Abraham born in Nippur. Terah hide him from Marduk (Nimrod)
2,055 BC 2,055 BC On Nannar’s orders, Shulgi sends Elamite troops to suppress unrest in Canaanite cities. Elamites reach the gateway to the Sinai peninsula and its Spaceport.
2,048 BC 2,048 BC Shulgi dies. Marduk (Nimrod) moves to the Land of the Hittites.
2,044 BC 2,047 BC Amar-Sin (the biblical Amraphel) becomes king of Ur. Sarah born. Abraham’s stay with Noah and Shem in Nippur until 2007 BC
2,024 BC 2,024 BC Leading his followers, Marduk (Nimrod) marches on Sumer, enthrones himself in Babylon. Fighting spreads to central Mesopotamia. Nippur’s Holy of Holies is defiled. Enlil demands punishment for Marduk and Nabu; Enki opposes, but Nergal sides with Enlil. As Nabu marshals his Canaanite followers to capture the Spaceport, the Great Anunnaki approve of the use of nuclear weapons. Nergal and Ninurta destroy the Spaceport and the errant Canaanite cities.
2,007 BC Tower of Babel destroyed
2,006 BC Fall of the third dynasty of Urim and the dynasty of Larsa. Definite end of the Sumerian/Acadian period due to the Nuclear War of the Gods.  Terah departs with his family to Haran (Syria) (including Abram Sarah and Lot).
2,004 BC Icbi-erra king of the Amorite dynasty of Isin (Southwest Iran) which lasted from 2,004 BC until 1,779 BC.
1,999 BC Abram’s first journey to Canaan
1,994 BC Noah (Ziusudra) dies in Nippur
1,991 BC War in the Middle East between the king of Old-Babylonia Marduk (Nimrod) and the king of Elam Chedorlaomer and his hosts. Chedorlaomer is victorious and Marduk (Nimrod) became under subjection to Chedorlaomer for a long time  Abram returns to his father Terah in Haran.
1,979 BC Abram’s second journey to Canaan together with Lot and his house from Haran. Lot settles in the valley of Sodom.
1,976 BC 2,023 BC Nuclear War of the Gods between the descendents of Enki and Enlil. Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed. The Death Sea is still witness to this event, until this day.

The winds carry the radioactive cloud to Sumer. People die a terrible death, animals perish, the water is poisoned, the soil becomes barren. Sumer and its great civilization lie prostrate.

As written in the Sumerian history “A storm, the Evil Wind, went around in the skies”.

Abram leave to Egypt.

1,954 BC 2,023 BC Isaac born
1,919 BC Terah (Abram father) dies in Haran
1,917 BC Sarah dies, at her bier was Shem, his sons Eber and Abimelech, together with Anar, Ashcol and Mamre.
1,914 BC Isaac marries Rebecca from Haran
1,894 BC Esau and Jacob born
1,879 BC Abram dies at the age of 175 years
1,880 BC Esau lurk for Nimrod and kills him to revenge his grandfather Abram. The Old-Babylonian kingdom divided into many small kingdoms. Begin of the Babylonian period. First king of Babylonia Summabum.
1,844 BC Shem (son of Noah) dies in Nippur.
1,792 BC Hammurabi king of Babylonia (ruled 1792-1750 BC)
1,787 BC Joseph (son of Jacob) sold to Egypt
1,774 BC Isaac dies at the age of 180 years. Joseph Pharaoh’s second in Egypt.
1,764 BC Jacob and all his house in Egypt
1,747 BC Jacob dies in Egypt at the age of 147 years.
1,627 BC

Volcano Santorin explodes on Thera (due to a nuclear war of the Gods). The Sinai peninsula divided from the vast land of Arabia, the Red Sea formed.
1,578 BCE 1,578 BC

Most Gods leaves Earth and return to their home planet Nibiru. (including Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag). Some of the Gods of the Younger Generation stays on Earth for another period of about 900 years, including Ninurta, Inanna/Ishtar, Marduk, Nabu, Ishkur/Adad, Sin ea.
1,569 BC Moses born in Egypt
1,489 BC The Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. 430 years after the dead of Terah, Abrams father)
1,450 BC Minoic culture on Crete destroyed, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus valley destroyed by a nuclear war between the Gods.
1,003 BC King David conquers Jerusalem.
925 BC The Temple of Solomon in Jeruzalem destroyed by Ramses II the Great.
668 BC Ashurbanipal king of Babylonia.
639 BC Fall of the Assyrian empire under strange circumstances. The last of the Younger Gods leave Earth.
625 BC Nabopalasar begun the Chaldean dynasty during his rule.
605 BC Nebuchadrezzar II the Great king of Babylonia. He takes Jerusalem in 586 BCE.
550 BC Cyrus King of Persia.
2,038 AD Return of Nibiru (Planet X) and the Gods.


So, it ends with 2038. As arrival date of this planet, from this author.

For more timeline stuff, see this article:

Now let’s look at another article, indicating the pole shift and it’s consequences:

Spanish version

from PlanetX2003 Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website

Insiders from NASA, DoD national military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA speculate 2/3 of the population of the planet could perish during the coming pole-shift caused by the passage of Planet X.

Another 2/3 of those that survive initially could pass away to starvation and exposure to the elements within 6 months. Most every secretive government agency in the USA is fully aware of what is expected and are readying themselves. The Vatican is fully abreast of what is expected. The public is not being warned and given their chance to prepare.

The volume of leaks from insiders, observatories, and the Vatican is bursting the dam of this disclosure wide open. The most important story on earth in over 3000 years is fast breaking loose from being held back by the controllers of the financial markets and major media for fear of panic and financial collapse.

These controllers put money in higher regard than people.

The public can be given a chance to prepare by being informed. Our planet could very well be about to go through massive regular earth changes once again as soon as 2003 as a result of the passage of our 10th planet through our immediate solar system.

Many areas are now getting a minor preview of these events now because of the plasmatic electromagnetic connection between the planets. They are experiencing unusual weather, storms, volcanism, and seismic activity.

Planet X orbits between our sun and its dark twin. A diagram from the 1987-1989 NEW ILLUSTRATED SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPEDIA in volume 18 under Space Probes shows our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

Zecharia Sitchin, the world renowned scholar, author of “The 12th Planet” and archaeologist, does indicate on occasion his knowledge of the return of Nibiru “AT THIS TIME”! To be too public about it, would perhaps prove dangerous because of his weight in the scientific community.

Sitchin also states absolutely & openly,

“When Planet X returns, it would remove 90% of currently unsatisfactory human beings from the planet!”

Video: Zecharia Sitchin and his theory of…

The 12th Planet
(for video “click” image right)

A group of scientists in Russia, held several meetings in the year 2000 to discuss the inbound planet, discovered from one of their largest observatories.

A 66 year old professor and physicist let it be known that he attended this meeting. This led to the infamous “2003 Problem” from a Reuters news service wire on Sept.13th, 2000.

Top Russian government officials called for a commission to study the problem which was said to expect to cause,

“a string of calamities and a massive population shrinkage.”

They openly wondered whether Russia would still even exist as a country afterwards.

Andrei Shukshin, who wrote this story, has admitted privately that he did not know why the Russian leaders were saying this and added his own speculation to the new story. All follow-up stories written to quash the disclosure elaborated on Andrei’s speculation and left out key points in the original story such as “massive population shrinkage.”

What we do know is that Planet X is inbound now, whether it passes in 2003 is still to be seen. Because of the comets tail drag, this factor keeps varying the speed and thus the time of passage can’t be calculated accurately”.

Private contact made by a wealthy business man in Germany to a large observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia, yielded significant information. The man in charge of finding new planets at the observatory, admitted they’ve been watching Planet X for 3 years and are worried about the substantial damage it may cause to Earth during its passage. The name they gave for Planet X was “Raja Sun” or “Great Star.”

I recently received a call from Canada from a man named Roy who was thanking me after receiving my book. He told me of a call he made to a local observatory on Victoria Island, Canada, where he had a lengthily conversation with an intern to the astronomers.

Roy asked if she had heard of Planet X. She said “yes,” but told him,

“she wasn’t supposed to talk about it and the astronomers there were in disagreement as to whether it would cause substantial damage when it passed.”

Roy then spoke with one of the astronomers there who said they don’t look at objects such as that.

Insiders in NASA & the military privately confirm that many of them are quietly contracting out the building of dome-homes (strongest structure known to man) in the upper USA (one of the said safest areas).

These domes can withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes. If these domes are built in the rolling hills or foothills, well away from the shorelines, major population centers, and flat plains (that are expected to flood with the constant rain and melting poles), the chances of survival are as good as you can get.

There are a wide variety of alternatives to dome housing. Some are very inexpensive:

Trusting the pentagon and the government to guard itself & relay needed information to protect you is clearly illogical.

Planet X is Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3660 years on its regular orbit, our 10th planet will pass again. Planet X’s effects on Earth, from prior passings, are recorded in ancient texts and in THE SCIENCE OF GEOLOGY & ARCHEOLOGY.

I’ve uncovered 50 names for Planet X and have 35 of them listed in my book, obtained from a wide variety of sources. “The Destroyer” is the latest name I’ve uncovered from New Zealand.


Father Malachi Martin worked in and around the highest echelons of the Catholic church, had an ear to the pope, and held 3 doctorates.

He explained in 1997 that the celestial body approaching us will cause millions to perish during its passage in 5-10 years. He said to look to the skies for a sign of impending doom. The sign will be in the form of a cross and everyone will see it. (Planet X is said to look like a red cross in the sky when it first appears)

Also, Malachi Martin has read the “Third Secret of Fatima“, which he would not talk about it with Art Bell on the air. Art did ask him, “Would millions of people perish?” Malachi replied, “Its worse than that, its worse than you can imagine”.

The Vatican actually owns its’ own telescope named VATT (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope) which is operated out of the Mt. Graham Observatory, located in SE Arizona.

The purpose for Mt. Graham International Observatory is explained in an interview with Art Bell. The actual time of the clip is April 5th, 1997 at 4:30AM PST. The complete broadcast begins Friday, April 4th, 1997 at 10 PM PST.

http //

Father Malachi Martin’s background

Eminent theologian, expert on the Catholic Church, former Jesuit and professor at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute, is the author of the national best-sellers Vatican, The Final Conclave, Hostage to the Devil, and The Jesuits. He was trained in theology at Louvain. There he received his doctorates in Semitic Languages, Archaeology and Oriental History. He subsequently studied at Oxford and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

From 1958 to 1964 he served in Rome, where he was a close associate of the renowned Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea and Pope John XXIII. Martin passed away late 1999. Some believe his death was a result of his open disclosures of the inbound planet and that the Vatican did not want to reveal that Wormwood (Biblical name for Planet X) was also tied to the “Third Secret of Fatima.”

I understand that the Catholic church sponsors and engages in scientific studies and not just to prove biblical history.

As of late there’s been a rash of observatories that have closed their doors for various reasons or have been destroyed. Many will simply not point their equipment for anyone in the direction of the Orion constellation if they do remain open. Some will give an excuse that there is some sort of obstruction in the way or equipment failure.

All at once, renovations are their favorite excuse. Griffith Observatory is the latest of a handful of the nation’s oldest planetariums to undergo major renovations in recent years. Others include the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago and the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York.

Coincidental or not, there are other observatories in various countries doing the same thing at this time.

X has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic among the world’s population.

Many websites and articles continue to be written about Planet X that spread lies and disinformation.

  1. They say Planet X only MAY exist or there’s no evidence for its existence or it comes around only once every few million years if it does exist. This first level of disinformation is widespread.
  2. The second layer of disinformation is for people that have done their homework and absolutely know that Planet X does exist. For them, the disinformation artists are saying it will not arrive in our lifetime.
  3. Lastly, for the observatories that are completely aware of Planet X and its approximate arrival time, they are saying “keep quiet and don’t worry, nothing will happen during the passage.”


In fact, history shows a few YEARS PRIOR to its passage that its far reaching electromagnetic influence changes Earth’s core flows, TRIGGERING MAJOR WEATHER CHANGES.

VOLCANIC and SEISMIC ACTIVITY start to change 3-4 decades prior to each passage. Since 1996 traditional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time records regularly. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS and changes in ELECTROMAGNETICS are being kept out of the media as much as possible.

Weather alone can falsely be blamed on global warming & sun cycles but not earth’s rumblings and solar system wide changes at the same time.

99% of the universe is made up of charged-plasma at the atomic level. Planets are densely charged plasma spheres. The approach of Planet X back into our immediate solar system is sending a tremendous amount of electrically charged plasmatic energy particles in waves to all the planets in our solar system via the filamentary magnetic field lines that criss-cross the universe.
The entire Universe is a connected web of electricity and plasma is the conductor.

The media would have you believe that the pollution of our industrial civilization is the cause of the weather changes or has caused global warming over the last few years. Since all planets in our solar system are experiencing dramatic changes, how can any of this be blamed on our irresponsible actions here Earth.

  • Why do they fail to mention the seismic and volcanic changes occurring simultaneously?
  • Why would ice cores show regular and dramatic changes in Earths climate from the past?

When you understand how our sun and every other planet in our solar system are being effected by Planet X’s approach, you’ll see how ridiculous the media cover-up becomes.

This is the Russian perspective on earth changes. Volcanic and seismic activity have increased 400-500 percent since 1975.
All planets are changing, Earth is not singled out. Basically, everything in the solar system is experiencing unusual phenomena, increased activity and unusual weather. Hard facts are going unreported by western media. Dr. Dmitriev‘s work shows that the planets themselves are changing.

They are undergoing variations in their atmospheres. For example, the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker and Earth’s moon is growing an atmosphere and according to Dmitriev, there is a 6,000 kilometer deep layer of Natrium that wasn’t there previously. He says that we’re having this kind of change in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere where HO gas is forming that wasn’t there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now.

It’s not related to global warming and it’s not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It’s just showing up.

Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing. The planets are experiencing sizable increases in their overall luminosity. Venus for example, is showing us marked elevations in its overall brightness. Jupiter has such a high energetic charge now that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that has formed between it and its moon.

You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken recently. In addition, the magnetic field strength of each planet has increased.

Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts. When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes.

The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories:

  • energy field changes
  • luminosity changes
  • atmospheric changes

Natural disasters increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993.

This does not take into account the largest increases that have taken place in the last 8-9 years since then! Dr. Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters, to come up with these figures. Even the Sun’s magnetic field increased by 230 percent since 1901.

So, all in all, what we’re seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically in Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research.

Part of Dr. Dmitriev’s research shows that the glowing plasma at the edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent. Higher-charged energy is in turn exciting the plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy is then
flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic.

All this is happening all at the same time and it’s all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift.


So, to summarize, a disaster would occur on a pole shift, 2/3 of the planet could get wiped out. Also this explains the increasing seismic activity registered and the volcanoes. It may be the gravitational pull and the magnetic effects of a planet as big as Jupiter entering our solar system.

Now let’s add some prophetic type of article, that tells us something about the DAY OF THE LORD. That apparently it’s 10 Earthly years. So, one day there, equals 10 years here. Hmm, interesting observation. More here:

Chapter 12
The Day Of The Lord

“But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

II Peter 3:10                             

Every celestial object that orbits another, greater celestial object passes through 360 degrees from orbital start to finish, no matter how circular or elliptical said orbit may be. If one were in a (more or less) circular orbit like the Earth around the Sun, the passage from one degree of the orbit to another would (more or less) be equal in time-length. On the other hand, if one were in a highly elliptical, comet-like orbit such as Planet X Nibiru, then those orbital degrees at aphelion and perihelion would be “shorter” than the orbital degrees in the “elongated sides” of the orbit. Nevertheless, certain “generalities” may be suggested about such an elliptical orbit. There is no doubt that the orbit of Planet X Nibiru around the Sun requires the passage of 3,600 Earth Years. If we consider one “full” generation to be 72 years (equivalent to the passage of one degree in Earth’s Precession of the Equinoxes, which lasts for 25,920 years), then in the span of One Nibiruan Year, 50 “full” generations of humanoid, Cro-Magnon Sapiens could come and go from the face of the Earth. Old memories from the mystical past would quickly fade like dreams from long ago, even before great-grandmother’s time. We cannot blame the ancient people for not accurately keeping these legends of Planet X Nibiru alive until our modern era. It would have been impossible for them (or us!), even under the best of circumstances.

Our Earth Orbit around the Sun requires 360 degrees and 365.25 days. One degree of our orbit (more or less) equals one day of our solar calendar. According to Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky in Worlds In Collision, before the last departure sequence of Planet X Nibiru, our calendar had exactly 360 days, the same as the number of degrees in our orbit. For additional details regarding these “galactic mathematics”, go HERE

Today’s Date: 21 December 2002
[NOTE: The first half of this essay was written in December 2002; the second half, in June 2003. And I have modified it slightly in August 2003 for inclusion in this book. RS]

We are exactly 10 years away from the Mayan End-Time Date of 21 December 2012. The Mayan Calendar can be compared to the odometer of an automobile. On 21 December 2012, the Mayan Calendar will “roll over” to, like an automobile does at 100,000 miles. On 22 December 2012 the count would look like this: No matter what else may happen in our lives between now and then, the Mayan Calendar will begin a newAtautun” on 22 December 2012. How do we know this? The Mayan Calendar was in operation before America was “discovered” by the Europeans, and it is still in operation amongst certain tribes in Guatemala. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the Mayan Calendar End-Time Date is 21 December 2012; and it is more than merely coincidental that this End-Time falls on the Winter Solstice, the time of the year at which our Sun is aligned with theDark Rift” or “Black Road” at the Center of the Galaxy, in line with the ultra-mysterious M-22 microlensing object, discovered in June 2001 by NASA astronomers.

Fortunately for us, Planet X Nibiru’s orbit is easy to analyze. 3,600 Earth Years divided by an orbit of 360 degrees equals 10 Earth Years per 1 Orbital Degree (on the average!). Therefore, if “as above, so below”, and one Nibiruan Day (more or less) equals one Orbital Degree (as here on Earth), then One Nibiruan Day equals 10 Earth Years. And if the Mayan End-Time Date indeed refers to the passage of Planet X Nibiru, then—from the Nibiruan perspective!—we have just entered the final day—THE DAY OF THE LORD! Many of thoseSaurians may have just come out of deep-space hibernation and are having breakfast, even as we “contemplate” them! Think about it.

The prediction of a 2003 passage falls within this DAY OF THE LORD. As far as I personally am concerned, at this point in planetary history, it is rather “immaterial” whether this DAY OF THE LORD culminates in 2003 or 2012 or somewhere in between. There is certainly enough leeway in “establishment history”—even within the Velikovskian Reconstruction—to accommodate an “error” of only 10 Earth Years between the calculated time of Exodus/Santorini and the Mayan End-Time Date. And let me remind everybody again that, according to John Major Jenkins, the “origin” of the “modern” Mayan Calendar started in the year 679 BCE which was only 8 years after 687 BCE. The year 679 BCE was a “turning point” year of history in the Middle East, as well as it obviously seems to have been in the New World, as then “undiscovered” by European Caucasians. This is simply not a “coincidence” that can be casually brushed aside. We would do so at our peril, especially when the number of years between Exodus/Santorini and 2012 equals exactly 3,600!

Exactly when we would first be able to view Planet X Nibiru with the naked eye would depend in large part on where its aphelion is located, where it travels in its orbit when it is not tethered to our North Pole. There are two possible aphelia:
Sirius or the Oort Cloud.

It is entirely possible that Planet X Nibiru actually travels to Sirius in a period of 900 Earth Years (one of its seasons), stays in the Sirius System for 900 years, returns here over another period of 900 years, and then remains here as The Cosmic Tree or North Nail Yggdrasill for 900 yearsThe Counter Earth, as Pythagoras described it. If so, then that cluster of free-floating “Rogue Planets” discovered in the vicinity of Orion five years ago (as reported in Astronomy magazine, December 1997—see Chapter 11) might be Planet X Nibiru and its “Host”. Orion is in the general direction of Sirius, and these Rogue Planets may be inbound. Consider the following mathematics, and I have also seen the distance to Sirius shortened to 8.3 Light-Years.

Sirius—> Sun = 8.7 Light-Years

1 Light-Year = 5,900,000,000,000 Miles

(America’s national debt in terms of dollars far exceeds the number of miles in one Light-Year, it might be noted parenthetically.)

8.7 X 5,900,000,000,000 = 51,330,000,000,000 Miles (51.33 Trillion Miles)

Rogue Planet X Nibiru’s Orbit = 3,600 Earth Years

Rogue Planet X Nibiru’s Year = 4

Rogue Planet X Nibiruan Seasons

1 Rogue Planet X Nibiruan Season = 900 Earth Years

  • Season One    = 900 Earth Years Tethered At Sirius
  • Season Two    = 900 Earth Years In Transit To Earth
  • Season Three  = 900 Earth Years Tethered As Earth’s Hyperborea
  • Season Four   = 900 Earth Years In Transit Back To Sirius

The Dogon Legend of Sirius B (see The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple and The Sirius Connection by Murry Hope) would fit quite nicely into this scenario. When asked by the Dogons whence they came, the Saurians pointed towards Sirius.

51,330,000,000,000 Miles / 900 Earth Years = 57,000,000,000 Miles Per Year

57,000,000,000 / 365.25 = 156,000,000 Miles Per Day

156,000,000 / 24 = 6,500,000 Miles Per Hour

Today’s Date = 21 December 2002 CE.
Rogue Planet X Nibiru’s “Maximum” Return Date = 21 December 2012 CE (Chinese Year Of The Dragon, Mayan End-Time Date)

Conclusion: From this mathematical hypothesis, including a transit to Sirius and back, it can be determined that as of today, 10 years in advance of its actual “maximum” return date, Rogue Planet X Nibiru would be located (10 X
57,000,000,000 =) 570,000,000,000 miles from Earth. That distance would equal (570 / 3.666 =) 155.48 times farther from the Sun than the mean distance to the Planet Pluto. It would not be visible to either the naked eye or any telescope.

Assumption: Rogue Planet X Nibiru (about the size of Neptune) can be faintly sighted by the naked eye at a distance from Earth equivalent to the mean distance from the Sun to Neptune.

  • Neptune’s Mean Distance = 2,700,000,000 Miles (2.7 Billion Miles)
  • 2,700,000,000 miles / 156,000,000 miles travel per day = 17.31 Earth Days

Conclusion: Therefore, hypothetically in this assumption, Rogue Planet X Nibiru could first be sighted by the discerning naked eye only on the date of 3 December 2012 CE. Thus, in epochs long past, the “priests” of Sumeria would have needed to travel out into the darkened desert to watch their then unpolluted sky for the arrival of the “Planet of the Crossing” only about a month in advance of the mass-public naked-eye sighting by the vast majority of common people. Now to develop the alternate scenario that Planet X Nibiru’s aphelion occurs near the Oort Cloud, the distance from the Sun to the outermost fringes of this Solar System, i.e., to the isotropic bubble known as the Oort Cloud, is estimated to be approximately 50,000 Astronomical Units (or AU). One AU is equivalent to the mean distance from the Sun to the Earth, which is 92,900,000 miles.

  • 50,000 X 92,900,000 = 4,645,000,000,000 Miles (4.645 Trillion Miles)
  • One Light-Year = 5,900,000,000,000 Miles (5.9 Trillion Miles)

Thus, the Oort Cloud’s radius from the Sun is about 1.25 trillion miles shorter than the distance of one Light-Year.

Assuming that Planet X Nibiru (or some hypothetical companion Brown-Dwarf “Nemesis Star”) does not “cross over” between the Sirius System and our Solar System (i.e., “Planet Of The Crossing” or “Planet Of The Passing Over”), that it traverses only the internal distances of this Solar System; and assuming further that 900 Earth Years, one local “season” on Planet X Nibiru, is spent tethered to Earth as the Object Hyperborea, then after Planet X Nibiru detethers and begins its voyage back to its Oort Cloud Aphelion, where it turns around to repeat its return voyage to its Hyperborea Perihelion, in its elongated comet-like orbit, it would travel approximately twice the distance from the Sun to the Oort Cloud.

  • 2 X 4,645,000,000,000 = 9,290,000,000,000 Miles (9.29 Trillion Miles)
  • 3,600 Earth Years – 900 Earth Years at Hyperborea = 2,700 Years Transit
  • 9,290,000,000,000 / 2,700 = 344,074,074 Miles Per Earth Year
  • 344,074,074 / 365.25 = 942,023.47 Miles Per Day
  • 942,023.47 / 24 = 39,250.98 Miles Per Hour

By way of comparison, the Earth travels around the Sun at a speed of about 66,587.66 Miles Per Hour, as can be determined by the following calculations.

  • C = 2(PI)r
  • PI = 3.14159
  • r = 92,900,000 Miles (Mean Distance Sun-Earth)
  • 2 X 3.14159 X 92,900,000 = 583,707,422 Miles (Earth Orbit Circumference)
  • 583,707,422 / 365.25 = 1,598,103.825 Miles Per Day
  • 1,598,103.825 / 24 = 66,587.66 Miles Per Hour

Earth’s “space travel” speed would be significantly faster than that of Planet X Nibiru, as determined by this Intra-Solar-System Scenario; however, as per the previous calculations of the speed of Planet X, if it does indeed travel or “cross over” from the Sirius System to our System, its previous rate of 6,500,000 Miles Per Hour is approximately 100 times the speed of Earth in our orbit.

Assuming that Planet X Nibiru’s “maximum” return date coincides with the next Chinese Year of the Dragon and the Mayan End-Time Date, then at the present time it would be (10 X 344,074,074 =) 3,440,740,740 miles distant from the Sun. That is 226 million fewer miles than the mean distance from the Sun to the Planet Pluto, which is 3,666,000,000 miles. Thus, at the present time, Planet X Nibiru would be closer to us than Pluto, yet more distant than Neptune, and thus still be invisible to the naked eye.

In this Intra-Solar-System Scenario, where Planet X Nibiru does not “cross” or “pass” over from one star-system to another, when this Uranus/Neptune-sized Planet reaches the innermore Solar System, it would become visible to the nakedeye at some point in time, perhaps at a distance of 2 billion miles, midway between the Planets Neptune and Uranus.

2,000,000,000 / 344,074,074 = 5.813

In such a case, Planet X Nibiru would first become visible to the naked eye 5.813 Years prior to the date of 21 December 2012—or one might add for clarity here, prior to the date of the “passing” per se, which in the case of a “passing” in May 2003 should have occurred 5-6 years ago.

  • 21 December 2012 – 5 Years = 21 December 2007
  • 0.813 X 365.25 = 296.95 Days
  • 21 December 2007 – 296.95 Days = 28 February 2007

NOTA BENE: “The Planet Of The Crossing” is intimately associated with the Jewish Passover, as a “Planet Of The Passing Over”. Since the Jewish Passover is connected to both the onset of Spring and to the annual Christian Easter Date, this serendipitously hypothetical projection harmonizes quite well with the approximate seasonality of the Jewish Passover. In fact, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky quite significantly and coincidentally postulated in Worlds In Collision that his “Mars Catastrophe” (i.e., the detethering and departure sequence of thePlanet X Nibiru) began on 26 February 747 BCE and ended on 23 March 687 BCE. And because Dr. Velikovsky’s “Venus Catastrophe” (i.e., the arrival tethering sequence of Planet X Nibiru) accompanied the Israelite Exodus from Egypt (following the very first Passover), then that earlier “Venus Catastrophe” also occurred around the time of the Vernal Equinox, although Dr. Velikovsky did not provide an absolutely specific calendar date for his “Venus Catastrophe” or Exodus-Santorini Cataclysm. See also Chapter 6.

It must be emphasized here that my calculation resulting in this February date for the year 2007 was “serendipitous” in the sense that a naked-eye visibility distance from Earth might first occur at a distance of 2 billion miles. If one were to use a distance of 2.7 billion miles, for example, the mean distance to Neptune, this second calculation would not necessarily be the same. This is an “accidental” conclusion based solely upon the mathematics contained here, in which a distance of 2 billion miles was rather arbitrarily selected. However, it is certainly “interesting” that it was computed as such, but this serendipity does not imply complete accuracy. For the record, the Jewish Passover will fall on 2 April 2007 and Easter Sunday on April 8.

In ancient times, when people were technologically inferior (although not necessarily intellectually inferior) to us today, maybe the “sudden appearance” of Rogue Planet X Nibiru and its “Host” did indeed seem like the coming of a thief in the night. One would hope that in our modern world with our International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope, we won’t be taken aback by total surprise this time around. But, if this Rogue Planet is “cloaked” specifically to prevent our detection, then there would be little that we could do, technologically or otherwise, to “discover” it in advance of when it “wishes” itself to be discovered, when “Gabriel blows his horn” to announce its arrival. As that old Greek Samian riddle states:

“My cloak I shed in the light of my reflection.
My grand entrance I make after the serpent appears.
Then they will know me.”

Only when Planet X Nibiru once more becomes visible either to the Hubble Space Telescope or to the naked eye shall we be able to compute with greater certainty all of these various mathematical factors.

In the rest of this chapter, I am going to transcribe verbatim from The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin (New York, 1978), specifically from Chapter 8, “Kingship Of Heaven”, pages 236-248 in my Avon edition. Quotation marks will not be placed around Sitchin’s text itself, and I’ll intersperse COMMENTs within it.

Studies of the “Epic of Creation” and parallel texts (for example, S. Langdon’s The Babylonian Epic of Creation) show that sometime after 2000 B.C., Marduk, son of Enki, was the successful winner of a contest with Ninurta, son of Enlil, for supremacy among the gods. The Babylonians then revised the original Sumerian “Epic of Creation”, expunged from it all references to Ninurta and most references to Enlil, and renamed the invading planet Marduk. The actual elevation of Marduk to the status of “King of the Gods” upon Earth was thus accompanied by assigning to him, as his celestial counterpart, the planet of the Nefilim, the Twelfth Planet. As “Lord of the Celestial Gods {the planets}” Marduk was thus also “King of the Heavens”.

Some scholars at first believed that “Marduk” was either the North Star or some other bright star seen in the Mesopotamian skies at the time of the spring equinox because the celestial Marduk was described as a “bright heavenly body”. But Albert Schott (Marduk und sein Stern) and others have shown conclusively that all the ancient astronomical texts spoke of Marduk as a member of the solar system.

[COMMENT: Three important points must be made about the preceding paragraph. First, obviously somewhere in his research Sitchin found a reference to Marduk in connection with the North Star. That certainly refers to a tethered Nibiru eclipsing the position of the North Star.

[Second, note the reference to this “bright star” being seen at the time of the Vernal Equinox. As Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky has demonstrated in Worlds In Collision, the “cataclysm” of 1587 BCE occurred around the Vernal Equinox and gave rise to the tradition of the Jewish Passover, another phrase to describe this “Planet of the Crossing” implying a “passing over” from one position to another. If Sitchinhad not found a reference to the Vernal Equinox, then he would not have “instinctively” or “subconsciously” included a mention of it.

[And third, Dr. Velikovsky concluded in Worlds In Collision that these mysterious references to “Marduk” actually referred to Venus, which “exploded” out of Jupiter as a “comet” in 1587 BCE, resulting in a series of cataclysms on Earth, before this new “comet-planet” settled into it current orbit, somewhere around 1500 BCE. RS]

Since other epithets described Marduk as the “Great Heavenly Body” and the “One Who Illumines”, the theory was advanced that Marduk was a Babylonian Sun God, parallel to theEgyptian god Ra, whom the scholars also considered a Sun God. Texts describing Marduk as he “who scans the heights of the distant heavens…wearing a halo whose brilliance is awe-inspiriting” appeared to support this theory. But the same text continued to say that “he surveys the lands like Shamash {the Sun}.” If Marduk was in some respects akin to the Sun, he could not, of course, be the Sun.

[COMMENT: This is a most crucial concept that Sitchin is presenting here. Any planet that was tethered approximately 60,000 miles (100,000 kilometers) above our North Pole would be visible day and night to any observer in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, it would seem to “rule” the sky, similar to the dawn-to-dawn Sun God Ra, which would refer to the Sun that we see today. It would “survey the lands” from on high, as the Sun does. RS]

If Marduk was not the Sun, which one of the planets was he? The ancient astronomical texts failed to fit any one planet. Basing their theories on certain epithets (such as Son of the Sun), some scholars pointed at Saturn. The description of Marduk as a reddish planet made Mars, too, a candidate. But the texts placed Marduk in markas shame (“In the center of Heaven”), and this convinced most scholars that the proper identification should be Jupiter, which is located in the center of the line of planets:

  • Mercury Venus Earth Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

This theory suffers from a contradiction. The same scholars who put it forward were the ones who held the view that the Chaldeans were unaware of the planets beyond Saturn. These scholars list Earth as a planet, while contending that the Chaldeans thought of Earth as a flat center of the planetary system. And they omit the Moon, which the Mesopotamiansmost definitely counted among the “celestial gods”. The equating of the Twelfth Planet with Jupiter simply does not work out.

[COMMENT: If one were living in the Northern Hemisphere, where all these ancient civilizations were located, and one looked to the North and saw all the Constellations revolving around “Yggdrasill”, and if said “Hyperborea” (Beyond The North) were 12 times larger than our Sun God Ra, certainly it would seem to be in the “center” of Heaven.

[Sitchin’s logic is correct, but he fails to understand the meaning of the concept of “center of Heaven”. Neither did Dr. Velikovsky, who proposed in KRONOS Journal in the 1970s that Saturn was this peculiar “tethered object” above our North Pole. It was not Saturn. It was the Planet X Nibiru. RS]

The “Epic of Creation” clearly states that Marduk was an invader from outside the solar system, passing by the outer planets (including Saturn and Jupiter) before colliding with Tiamat. The Sumerians called the planet NIBIRU, the “planet of the crossing”, and the Babylonian version of the epic retained the following astronomical information:

Planet NIBIRU:
The Crossroads of Heaven and Earth he shall occupy.
Above and below, they shall not go across;
They must await him.

Planet NIBIRU:
Planet which is brilliant in the heavens.
He holds the central position;
To him they shall pay homage.

Planet NIBIRU:
It is he who without tiring
The midst of Tiamat keeps crossing.
Let “CROSSING” be his name—
The one who occupies the midst.

These lines provide the additional and conclusive information that in dividing the other planets into two equal groups, the Twelfth Planet in “the midst of Tiamat keeps crossing”: Its orbit takes it again and again to the site of the celestial battle, where Tiamat used to be.

[COMMENT: I would venture the idea that the exact rendering of the Sumerian word doesn’t so much mean “crossing” but “turning”; that would correlate with the millwheel ideas of de Santillana and von Dechend in Hamlet’s Mill. RS]

We find that astronomical texts that dealt in a highly sophisticated manner with the planetary periods, as well as lists of planets in their celestial order, also suggested that Marduk appeared somewhere between Jupiter and Mars. Since the Sumerians did not know of all the planets, the appearance of the Twelfth Planet in “the central position” confirms our conclusions:

  • Mercury Venus Moon Earth Mars
  • Marduk
  • Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

If Marduk’s orbit takes it to where Tiamat once was, relatively near us (between Mars and Jupiter), why have we not yet seen this planet, which is supposedly large and bright?

[COMMENT: To re-emphasize, “the central position” would be the celestial position of the rotation of the Earth on its axis, that is, the North Star. RS]

The Mesopotamian texts spoke of Marduk as reaching unknown regions of the skies and the far reaches of the universe. “He scans the hidden knowledge…he sees all the quarters of the universe.” He was described as the “monitor” of all the planets, one whose orbit enables him to encircle all the others. “He keeps hold on their bands {orbits},” makes a “hoop” around them. His orbit was “loftier” and “grander” than that of any other planet. It thus occurred to Franz Kugler (Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babylon) that Marduk was a fast-moving celestial body, orbiting in a great elliptical path just like a comet.

[COMMENT: What the ancients meant by “far reaches of the universe” is something that we can only speculate about. However, as discussed previously, if “Marduk” spends its “aphelion” (with respect to us) tethered in the Sirius System, perhaps Sirius, or the Orion Region, is what is meant by “far reaches”. Or perhaps it is a reference to the “Oort Cloud” about which the ancients probably had no idea. Nevertheless, if Planet X Nibiru were tethered to our North Pole, it would certainly seem “loftier” and “grander” than the other planets. RS]

Such an elliptical path, focused on the Sun as a center of gravity, has an apogee— the point farthest from the Sun, where the return flight begins—and a perigee—the point nearest the Sun, where the return to outer space begins. We find that two such “bases” are indeed associated with Marduk in the Mesopotamian texts. The Sumerian texts described the planet as going from AN.UR (“Heaven’s base”) to E.NUN (“lordly abode”). The Creation epic said of Marduk:

He crossed the heaven and surveyed the regions… The structure of the Deep the Lord then measured. E-Shara he established as his outstanding abode; E-Shara as a great abode in the Heaven he established.

One “abode” was thus “outstanding”—far in the deep regions of space. The other was established in the “Heaven”, within the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. (Fig. 111)

[COMMENT: Sitchin includes a diagram of the orbit of “Marduk” which is long and “cometary” in nature and perpendicular to the orbits of the Planets of the Ecliptic. It is simply impossible to know at this juncture of research if Planet X Nibiru’s aphelion is in the Oort Cloud or the Sirian System or somewhere else. Its “ultimate perihelion” or its “station” in the sky would be between here and the North Star Polaris, tethered to our North Pole from its South Pole. The Cosmic Tree. Yggdrasill. Hyperborea. Asgard. RS]

Following the teachings of their Sumerian forefather, Abraham of Ur, the ancient Hebrews also associated their supreme deity with the supreme planet. Like the Mesopotamian texts, many books of the Old Testament describe the “Lord” as having his abode in the “heights of Heaven”, where he “beheld the foremost planets as they were arisen”; a celestial Lord who, unseen, “in the heavens moves about in a circle”. The Book of Job, having described the celestial collision, contains these significant verses telling us where the lordly planet had gone:

Upon the Deep he marked out an orbit;
Where light and darkness {merge}
In his farthest limit.

No less explicitly, the Psalms outlined the planet’s majestic course:

The Heavens bespeak the glory of the Lord;
The Hammered Bracelet proclaims his handiwork… He comes forth as a groom from the canopy;
Like an athlete he rejoices to run the course.
From the end of heavens he emanates,
And his circuit is to their end.

Recognized as a great traveler in the heavens, soaring to immense heights at its apogee and then “coming down, bowing unto the Heaven” at its perigee, the planet was depicted as a Winged Globe.

Wherever archaeologists uncovered the remains of Near Eastern peoples, the symbol of the Winged Globe was conspicuous, dominating temples and palaces, carved on rocks, etched on cylinder seals, painted on walls. It accompanied kings and priests, stood above their throne, “hovered” above them in battle scenes, was etched into their chariots. Clay, metal, stone, and wood objects were adorned with the symbol. The rulers of Sumer and Akkad, Babylon and Assyria, Elam and Urartu, Mari and Nuzi, Mitanni and Canaan—all revered the symbol. Hittite kings Egyptian pharaohs, Persian shars—all proclaimed the symbol (and what it stood for) supreme. It remained so for millennia. (Fig. 112)

[COMMENT: This figure shows six representations of the “Winged Globe” or “Winged Disk”. This is obviously a representation of what this “disk” or “planet” looked like as it was tethered to our North Pole in the “supreme” place of Heaven. There is simply no other explanation, given all the peripheral evidence. If you do an Internet Google search for “winged disk”, you’ll bring up quite a number of websites containing this graphic. In the USA, particularly in New Mexico, it is known as the “thunderbird”. And often a “thunderbird” sat atop a “totem pole” just as Planet X Nibiru sits atop a “treetrunk” or “electromagnetic beam” over our North Pole. See various Illustrations. RS]

Central to the religious beliefs and astronomy of the ancient world was the conviction that the Twelfth Planet, the “Planet of the Gods”, remained within the solar system and that its grand orbit returned it periodically to Earth’s vicinity. The pictographic sign for the Twelfth Planet, the “Planet of Crossing”, was a cross. This cuneiform sign, which also meant “Anu” and “divine”, evolved in the Semitic languages to the letter tav, which meant “the sign”. Indeed, all the peoples of the ancient world considered the periodic nearing of the Twelfth Planet as a sign of upheavals, great changes, and new eras. The Mesopotamian texts spoke of the planet’s periodic appearance as an anticipated, predictable, and observable event:

The great planet:
At his appearance, dark red.
The Heaven he divides in half and stands as Nibiru.

[COMMENT: “The Heaven he divides in half” obviously refers to the fact that from ground-level the long electromagnetic tether beam up to Planet X Nibiru’s South Pole would seem to divide the firmament into a western (left-hand) section and an eastern (right-hand) section, looking due-north. “Stands as Nibiru” would mean that it stands as Nibiru atop “Bifrost”, or the “Rainbow Bridge”—the Golden Pole with the Golden Cage on top. RS]

Many of the texts dealing with the planet’s arrival were omen texts prophesying the effect the event would have upon Earth and Mankind. R. Campbell Thompson (Reports of the Magicians and Astronomers of Nineveh and Babylon) reproduced several such texts, which trace the progress of the planet as it “ringed the station of Jupiter” and arrived at the point of crossing, Nibiru:

When from the station of Jupiter
the Planet passes towards the west,
there will be a time of dwelling in security.
Kindly peace will descend on the land.
When from the station of Jupiter
the Planet increases in brilliance
and in the Zodiac of Cancer will become Nibiru,
Akkad will overflow with plenty,
the king of Akkad will grow powerful.
When Nibiru culminates…
the lands will dwell securely,
Hostile kings will be at peace,
The gods will receive prayers and hear supplications.

[COMMENT: In Worlds In Collision Dr. Velikovsky wrote that his “Venus” of the Exodus came from the direction of Jupiter, that it exploded out of Jupiter. Many times I have thought about the idea that Planet X Nibiru may be “lying in wait” beneath the vast clouds of Jupiter. Jupiter is 360 times bigger than the Earth, so it would be about 90 times bigger than Nibiru. Perhaps Planet X is cloaked underneath the Jovian clouds when it is not tethered to our North Pole, and remains in this immediate system permanently. And what were those strange “cometary fragments” that “landed” on Jupiter back in the summer of 1994, the so-called Shoemaker-Levy Comet?

[At any rate, this planet will come from the direction of Jupiter. Perhaps it only truly becomes distinctly visible to the naked eye when it is as close as Jupiter. “In the Zodiac of Cancer will become Nibiru” has always puzzled me. Cancer is not all that far distant from Sirius and Orion, so perhaps when Jupiter is in Cancer, the planet “becomes Nibiru”.

[“Akkad will overflow with plenty, the king of Akkad will grow powerful.” Guess who owns Akkad today? Guess who’s the “King of Akkad” today? Is that merely a coincidence? RS]

The nearing planet, however, was expected to cause rains and flooding, as its strong gravitational effects have been known to do:

When the Planet of the Throne of Heaven
will grow brighter,
there will be floods and rains…
When Nibiru attains its perigee,
the gods will give peace;
troubles will be cleared up,
complications will be unravelled.
Rains and floods will come.

[COMMENT: “The Throne of Heaven” obviously refers to the position of the “millwheel” or “winged disk” in the North; Hyperborea, “land beyond the North, land beyond the mountains where the North Wind rises.” Mount Olympus. Mount Zion. Mount Meru. RS]

Like the Mesopotamian savants, the Hebrew prophets considered the time of the planet’s approaching Earth and becoming visible to Mankind as ushering in a new era. The similarities between the Mesopotamian omens of peace and prosperity that would accompany the Planet of the Throne of Heaven, and the biblical prophesies of the peace and justice that would settle upon Earth after the Day of the Lord, can best be expressed in the words of Isaiah:

And it shall come to pass at the End of Days:
…the Lord shall judge among the nations
and shall rebuke many peoples.
They shall beat their swords into ploughshares
and their spears into pruning hooks;
nation shall not lift up sword against nation.

In contrast with the blessings of the new era following the Day of the Lord, the day itself was described by the Old Testament as a time of rains, inundations, and earthquakes. If we think of the biblical passages as referring like their Mesopotamian counterparts, to the passage in Earth’s vicinity of a large planet with a strong gravitational pull, the words of Isaiah can be plainly understood:

Like the noise of a multitude in the mountains,
a tumultuous noise like of a great many people,
of kingdoms of nations gathered together;
it is the Lord of Hosts,
commanding a Host to battle.
From a far away land they come,
from the end-point of Heaven
do the Lord and his Weapons of wrath
come to destroy the whole Earth…
Therefore will I agitate the Heaven
and Earth shall be shaken out of its place
when the Lord of Hosts shall be crossing,
the day of his burning wrath.

[COMMENT: It must be noted that Isaiah was alive during the last tethering of Yggdrasill/Hyperborea, known to him as Mount Zion. Thus, Isaiah was writing about traditions of the arrival that had been passed down to him. Or, perhaps, Isaiah was describing events connected with the detethering and departure sequence of 762-687 BCE because Isaiah lived during the reign of King Uzziah of Israel, in whose 25th year occurred the “Great Earthquake” of 15 June 762 BCE. Amos preceded Isaiah by a few years, and I have dated the Vision Of Amos to the year 764 BCE. See the Epilogue. RS]

While on Earth, “mountains shall melt…valleys shall be cleft”, Earth’s axial spin would also be affected. The prophet Amos explicitly predicted:

It shall come to pass on that Day,
sayeth the Lord God,
that I will cause the Sun to go down at noon
and I will darken the Earth in the midst of daytime.

[COMMENT: The so-called “Great Eclipse” of 15 June 762 BCE is one of history’s most celebrated eclipses. It was visible from all of the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Italy, Greece, “Yugoslavia”, Albania, Turkiye, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan and China. It has been mapped in Oppolzer’s celebrated Canon of Eclipses. There are legends about it in many of these cultures. “The Great Eclipse” has been an invaluable date in linking history to astronomy. “The Eclipse Of Thales” is another. Here history must be linked to specific calendar dates that are unalterable. If Amos had his vision in 764, then perhaps he was referring to the future “Great Eclipse” rather than to the previous arrival sequence. However, there was no polar displacement after 1587 BCE. RS]

Announcing, “Behold the Day of the Lord is come!” the prophet Zechariah informed the people that this phenomenon of an arrest in Earth’s spin around its own axis would last only one day: 

And it shall come to pass on that Day there shall be no light—uncommonly shall it freeze.
And there shall be one day, known to the Lord,
which shall be neither day nor night,
where at eve-time there shall be light.

[COMMENT: And this brings us back to the idea of the Sun standing still over China. See Chapter 4. The “twilight zone” would have occurred somewhere in the region of Afghanistan, perhaps even a bit farther westwards. South America would be in complete darkness, as would Egypt, but in the “twilight zone” there would be neither day nor night, as Amos wrote. RS]

On the Day of the Lord, the prophet Joel said, “the Sun and Moon shall be darkened, the stars shall withdraw their radiance”; “the Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the Moon shall be as red blood.”

[COMMENT: It could be that these latter-day prophets like Isaiah and Joel were giving some “instructions from God” as to what we could expect the next time around. Before “the gods” of Planet X Nibiruleft, perhaps they issued a “pressrelease warning” about “next time”! Thus, we have been forewarned! RS]

Mesopotamian texts exalted the planet’s radiance and suggested that it could be seen even at daytime: “visible at sunrise, disappearing from view at sunset.” A cylinder seal, found at Nippur, depicts a group of plowmen looking up with awe as the Twelfth Planet (depicted with its cross symbol) is visible in the skies. (Fig. 113) The ancient peoples not only expected the periodic arrival of the Twelfth Planet but also charted its advancing course.

Various biblical passages—especially in Isaiah, Amos, and Job—relate the movement of the celestial Lord to various constellations.

“Alone he stretches out the heavens and treads upon the highest Deep; he arrives at the Great Bear, Orion and Sirius, and the constellations of the south.” Or, “He smiles his face upon Taurus and Aries; from Taurus to Sagittarius he shall go.”

These verses describe a planet that not only spans the highest heavens but also comes in from the south and moves in a clockwise direction—just as we have deduced from the Mesopotamian data. Quite explicitly, the prophet Habakkuk stated:

“The Lord from the south shall come…his glory shall fill the Earth…and Venus shall be as light, its rays of the Lord given.”

[COMMENT: I’ve read that passage time and again and still find it puzzling. Taurus and Aries are close to Orion and Sirius, but they are halfway around the Zodiac from Sagittarius. The Mayas recorded that this Planet or “Demon Sun” comes from the “Dark Riftin Sagittarius, and then travels northwards along the “Black Road” to its final position atop the “Sacred Tree”.

[However, if the Jupiter of Dr. Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision has to echo or “ghost-correlate” in conjunction with the Galactic Center at M22, the Mayan Dark Rift in the Constellation of Sagittarius, for this Planet X Nibiru arrival sequence to commence, then when will that be?

[On 22 August 2003 (when Mars will be at its celebrated closest proximity to Earth in “60,000 years”, it must be mentioned, coincidental or otherwise), Jupiter will be in conjunction with the Sun and Earth. In other words, at sunset Jupiter will be directly beyond the westward Sun and invisible because of the Sun’s glare. On August 22 the Sun will be aligned with the Star Regulus in the Constellation of Leo. Earth, Sun, Jupiter and Regulus will be in a “straight line” going due-west. From Regulus eastwardly around the Ecliptic to the Galactic Center behind M22 is a Zodiac span of about 126°.

[ 126 / 360 = 0.35

[The orbit of Jupiter takes 11.86 Earth Years.

[ 0.35 X 11.86 = 4.151 Earth Years

[If you now divide 11.86 Earth Years (for 1 Jovian Year) by 12 Constellations of the Zodiac (12 X 30 = 360), you get 0.988 Earth Year for one Jovian passage through a Constellation. That works out to 360.988 Earth Days for one “Jovian Sign of the Zodiac”, as it were.

[Add 4.151 Earth Years to 22 August 2003 and you get 16 October 2007. If we assume M22 to be the center of the “thirty degrees” known as Sagittarius, then Jupiter will actually be inside the Constellation of Sagittarius from about 18 April 2007 until about 14 April 2008. Except for about a month in December 2007 and January 2008 (Earth perihelion on January 4) when Jupiter will be occulted by the Sun’s glare, Jupiter will be either a morning or an evening Star for the rest of this span of a year. And, serendipitously again, the Jewish Passover is 2 April 2007 and Easter Sunday, 8 April 2007 [On 16 October 2007, at sunset Jupiter will be located about 75° up from the western horizon. The “Milky Way” which runs behind M22 will be cutting across the sky high overhead. Jupiter will be inside the Milky Way, which will be snaking northeastwardly from its Dark Rift “exit” (Jupiter at M22) to the Black Road, leading to the northern Sacred Tree.

[A couple of hours later, Orion and the Pleiades will be rising in the east. Orion’s Belt-Stars point to Sirius, which will rise in the east at about 11 PM on 16 October 2007, just as Jupiter will be setting in the west. After that, in slow-motion, Jupiter and Sirius will seem to move closer together in the future. If the now microlensing “Midgard Serpent” comes from the M22 Dark Rift Galactic Center to clash with the “Fenris Wolf” Rogue Planet Host from Orion/Sirius (which makes its grand entrance after the serpent appears), then December 2007 through March 2008 seems like an auspicious time for this to happen, based upon all the ancient legends.

[This is worth noting scientifically and mathematically, because most of us will still be alive in 2008 to document any results. If by midsummer or fall of 2008, when Jupiter is moving away from M22 and the Constellation of Sagittarius, nothing has happened, then we simply may be able to discredit this “legend” as false. But to discredit it as “false” in advance would be foolhardy, considering all the possible ramifications of what could unfold in the next ten years. However, unlike some others, I’m certainly not going to advise people to go out and stock up on potential 2007 “doomsday supplies”! RS]

Among the many Mesopotamian texts that dealt with the subject, one is quite clear:

Planet of the god Marduk:
Upon its appearance: Mercury.
Rising thirty degrees of the celestial arc: Jupiter.
When standing in the place of the celestial battle:

As the accompanying schematic chart illustrates, the above texts do not simply call the Twelfth Planet by different names (as scholars have assumed). They deal rather with the movements of the planet and the three crucial points at which its appearance can be observed and charted from Earth. (Fig. 114) The first opportunity to observe the Twelfth Planet as its orbit brings it back to Earth’s vicinity, then, was when it aligned with Mercury (point A)—by our calculations, at an angle of 30 degrees to the imaginary celestial axis of Sun-Earth-perigee. Coming closer to Earth and thus appearing to “rise” farther in Earth’s skies (another 30 degrees, to be exact), the planet crossed the orbit of Jupiter at point B. Finally, arriving at the place where the celestial battle had taken place, the perigee, or the Place of the Crossing, the planet is Nibiru, point C. Drawing an imaginary axis between Sun, Earth and the perigee of Marduk’s orbit, observers on Earth first saw Marduk aligned with Mercury, at a 30° angle (point A). Progressing another 30°, Marduk crossed the orbital path of Jupiter at point B.

Then, at its perigee (point C) Marduk reached The Crossing: back at the site of the Celestial Battle, it was closest to Earth, and began its orbit back to distant space.

[COMMENT: Even if you don’t consider that Planet X Nibiru will actually dock and tether to the Earth for 900 years, then it would pass through the place of the Celestial Battle, the Asteroid Belt, as it neared Earth. Then it would loop around the Sun, pass by Earth’s orbit a second time and then back through the Asteroid Belt a second time. Assuming, as I do, that it will remain here tethered for 900 years, then at some point in its passage around Earth and the Sun, it would unleash its tether to form the Cosmic “Treetrunk”. We who are aware of these confusing details are beholden to the Future to keep better records of this event this time around. We need to learn how to think in terms of “shars”, not just years! RS]

The anticipation of the Day of the Lord in the ancient Mesopotamian and Hebrew writings (which were echoed in the New Testament’s expectations of the coming of the Kingship of Heaven) was thus based on the actual experiences of Earth’s people: their witnessing the periodic return of the Planet of Kingship to Earth’s vicinity.

The planet’s periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth’s view confirms the assumption of its permanence in solar orbit. In this it acts like many comets. Some of the known comets—like Halley’s comet, which nears Earth every seventy-five years—disappeared from view for such long times that astronomers were hardpressed to realize that they were seeing the same comet. Other comets have been seen only once in human memory, and are assumed to have orbital periods running into thousands of years. The comet Kohoutek, for example, first discovered in March 1973, came within 75,000,000 miles of Earth in January 1974, and disappeared behind the Sun soon thereafter. Astronomers calculate it will reappear anywhere from 7,500 to 75,000 years in the future. Human familiarity with the Twelfth Planet’s periodic appearances and disappearances from view suggests that its orbital period is shorter than that calculated for Kohoutek. If so, why are our astronomers not aware of the existence of this planet? The fact is that even an orbit half as long as the lower figure for Kohoutek would take the Twelfth Planet about six times farther away from us than Pluto—a distance at which such a planet would not be visible from Earth, since it would barely (if at all) reflect the Sun’s light toward Earth. In fact, the known planets beyond Saturn were first discovered not visually but mathematically. The orbits of known planets, astronomers found, were apparently being affected by other celestial bodies.

This may also be the way in which astronomers will “discover” the Twelfth Planet. There has already been speculation that a “Planet X” exists, which, though unseen, may be “sensed” through its effects on the orbits of certain comets. In 1972 Joseph L. Brady of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory of the University of California discovered that discrepancies in the orbit of Halley’s comet could be caused by a planet the size of Jupiter orbiting the Sun every 1,800 years. At its estimated distance of 6,000,000,000 miles, its presence could be detected only mathematically.

While such an orbital period cannot be ruled out, the Mesopotamian and biblical sources present strong evidence that the orbital period of the Twelfth Planet is 3,600 years. The number 3,600 was written in Sumerian as a large circle. The epithet for the planet—shar (“supreme ruler”)—also meant “a perfect circle”, a “completed cycle”. It also meant the number 3,600. And the identity of the three terms— planet/orbit/3,600—could not be a mere coincidence.

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Millennium Of The Gods

The following synchronized chronology comprises the entire previous “Millennium Of The Gods”, when Planet X Nibiru arrived, docked, tethered and finally departed. All of the people who lived during this period would actually have seen The Cosmic Tree with their own eyes. Not until late in the 600s would all those people have died out, leaving no eyewitnesses, only strange legends and myths of a “Golden Age Of The Gods” in a “World Tree” or a “Sacred Mountain” in a “Land Beyond The North”. Thus, if Egyptian King Thutmose III depicted a “Winged Disk” atop a “Pyramid”, then he was depicting an image of what he saw himself, or what his artists and sculptors saw.

No attempt is made here to mathematically justify these dates. They are based upon the Historical Reconstruction of the Velikovskian School (see the Ages In Chaos series). Dr. Velikovsky’s “duplicated kings” or “ghost correlations” appear in parentheses after the more acceptable names of the monarchs. For example, Egyptian King Shabataka of Thebeswas known as Osorkon II in Memphis/Sais; and Assyrian King Sennacherib, also referred to as Candaules, was the Hittite King Murshilis II, called Myrsilus by the Greeks. Also, a notation such as “14 Piankhi II” or “3 Hoshea” means that this event took place in the 14th or 3rd year of the respective monarch.

For the subsequent chronology after 687 BCE, go HERE

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Source: 12

More from that same source:

by Rob Solàrion

from SlowMotionDoomsday Website

Yggdrasill, The Cosmic Tree, Guarded By Serpents
Painting by the late Manley Palmer Hall

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 For more information on this planet, here’s a good link with a lot of resources:

Also zetatalk claims it was 1997(but I think that organisation was created as a psyop to achieve easier discreditation of those facts)

Now let’s see some videos:

Nibiru’s Orbit and some explanations:

Some other description:

This is only some ridiculous long speech with nothing but audio, but I’ll post it:

This is how is this planet reported at ‘zetatalk’ :

Also very very interesting videos posted by this individual:

More from his sites:

He says set date is 21st July 2017.  He says it’s accurate until 13th may 2017.

His source is from this website:

Also let’s look at this video:

It is said, in that video, that NASA and some other three lettered agencies knew about the existence of this planet since the 1960’s, and  the only reason that Hubble Sattelite was launched into space was to specifically detect the trajectory of Planet Nibiru and that the pole shift will occur in 28 minutes. That means, the whole PLANET TILTS, switching north pole to south pole. Imagine that our planet makes a movement that rotates around itself like that in 12 hours. Can you imagine the changes if our planet would spin suddenly, 12 hours faster? The earth changes? The oceans rising? The earthquakes? The floods? 

Nevertheless, this source says the planet is Red, opposite to what other source says.

For the fellow reader, if you want to do something to find out, you can try installing Astrograv software, find nibiru coordinates and do a simulation to see where it is.

This article has a lot of information about Nibiru. If anyone wants to add something, feel free to comment. Have a nice day.


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