Review of a timeline hinting future scenarios

I’ll post the chapters that may be the most important to read, from an article:


Chapter 12

Present Day

Those men currently at the centre of this power-play today seem to be the Zionists.

These are a group of very powerful ‘fake–Jews’ hailing originally from a region above the modern-day Georgia called Khazaria. It was a brutal empire that spanned the southern portions of Russia above Persia, from the 6th to 10th centuries AD.

It was composed of warlords who ruled their people with an iron fist.

The leaders of this once powerful empire adopted the Jewish faith in 740 AD and heretofore falsely claimed descent from Abraham. After their empire fell in the 11th Century AD they spread out across Eastern Europe and Russia and intermarried with orthodox Jews and so the lineage of the Khazar Jew expanded.

It did not re-emerge until centuries later when they spawned the House of Rothschild among others and began to finance a plan for global domination that placed nation-states and monarchs into debt with Federal Banks, as well as funding WW1, WW2, the Bolshevik Revolution and pretty much every war or coup d’état you can name.

These men are creators of the infamous Illuminati and it is they who are at the centre of moving the world towards a one world communist dictatorship.

Hopefully, at this stage you can now make the leap of logic and realize just how easy it has been for a selection of individuals, with tentacles all over the globe, to deceive the masses and lead them into self-imposed slavery.

In 1948 they instigated the final stages of their plan – they took back Canaan from the Muslims when they created the State of Israel after some help from the British (blackmailed?) with the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

They have been openly working towards their goal of total control of Greater Israel (Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt… where all the ancient bases/stargates are).

It looks like the Bankers are in control but they may not however be the sole designers of this plan, and require the co-operation of members of the European royal families. Whether this cooperation is willful or coercive I cannot say, but it’s most likely a little of both. It’s important to remember that there are probably divided opinions within these factions, they aren’t all bad.

Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, the Muslims may in fact be the protectors of the Holy Land, conditioned by the Nibiru earlier in history to take back the land from Siva and the ‘infidels’ and to keep her treasures and technology from him.

They have been in control here since Mohammed in the 7th century, and they have been under siege ever since. When Siva lost the area the obvious move for him would indeed have been to push up into Eastern Europe and the region of Khazaria whilst his other bloodlines spread across Europe.

A logical conclusion from this would be that these family lineages run back into the Merovingian bloodline which was said to lead back to King David himself.

Members of these lineages would eventually evolve up into some of the famous ruling Houses of Europe such as the Hapsburgs, Hanovers and Saxe-Coburgs (Windsor) who used to be in control overtly but now have been reduced to covert control beneath the guise of a democratic system to keep the masses unaware.

There is evidence to suggest that their bloodline is not of King David (Horus) at all, but in fact that of the tribe of Dan descendant of Cain (aka Siva).

This would make sense considering the biblical prophecy concerning the coming of the Anti-Christ… he will masquerade as the Messiah and be of Jewish blood but it will all be a trick, he will in fact be of different blood. Sounds very familiar to the claims our European nobility today trying to link themselves to Davidic bloodlines.

There are many players in this Master Plan and no one ‘human’ party/nation/society/individual can take credit alone for it.

There is a hierarchy and if you subscribe to this material Satan will be at the top in flesh and blood and his bloodlines are executing his commands through the major royal families and the elite bankers across the world, filtering down to the brainwashed populous who play out the plan without ever knowing they have been manipulated.

Everyone doing his part but never informed of all the facts.

One has to wonder if the rituals taking place at Bohemian Grove are more than just ritual, are the elite indeed getting their orders from Satan him/herself?


Chapter 13

The Future

The culmination of his great work is a New World Order and one world government/dictatorship where he can control and rule the masses forever through micro-chipping, bad food, fake religions etc.

So how far along is he?

Well let’s look at the secret plans of the Club of Rome to create 10 trading blocs throughout the globe that will be based on the concepts of sustainable development and scarce resources.

The Club of Rome, formed officially in 1968 is composed of the Black Nobility of European families and have been in control of vast financial empires for the last 1500 years.

They are the bloodlines spoken of above; this is their plan, not the plan of the people.

Below is their model:

North American Union (identical to block 1 with the inclusion of Mexico):

The USA is already under the control of the elite.

Barack Obama is a proven fraud who lied to the American people in order to gain power. He is the chosen puppet to sell the NWO agenda to the American people. He is dismantling the US constitution as we speak and moving America towards a socialist dictatorship… remember Nazi Germany!!

All high-ranking member of his cabinet are from Wall-street and all are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, this is the shadow government of unaccountable agencies. He is currently moving ahead with the creation of the North American Union and the potential introduction of the Amero as the new currency.

The European Union (Identical to block 2):

The European project is also close to completion, with the Lisbon Treaty now enacted it removes all power from the nation states and place it into the hands of Brussels.

European Law will override national law and national citizens cannot reject future treaties as Lisbon is self-amending. The right to referendum is removed.

The result is that the unelected president of the European Union will be able to dictate policy; the EU parliament is powerless as long as the nation-state political puppets accept legislation on behalf of their country.

The Arab League (similar to block 7) is well under way lead by the Hashemite dynasty and royal family of Jordan.

The African Union (block 8) is now full steam ahead with Libya’s Kaddafi at the helm until his recent removal. His formerly war-torn country is now getting massive investment from the western corporations and he was being given all the tools to bring the Union into reality.

The Union of South American Nations (bloc 6) is now enacted with 12 participating countries modeled on the EU it has a parliament in Bolivia, it’s headquarters in Ecuador and the ‘Bank of the South’ in Colombia!! Although the likes of Chavez in Venezuela are on to the plan and are not giving up without a fight.

The Asia-Pacific Union (blocs 3, 4 9 & 10) has been mentioned by Australia’s Kevin Rudd (2010) recently as a response to the power of the other major trading blocs and in response to issues such as terrorism and climate change. He proposed that major countries in the region including China and India form an EU style confederation of nations.

The Eastern European Union (bloc 5) may be a problem and a more long-term objective as it looks like Putin in Russia is making life difficult for the bankers much like Czar Nicholas II put a dent in the plans of the Illuminati over a century ago. Russia, rich in natural resources and a free from debt will be a prime target of the Illuminati for destruction.

But it looks like the clock is ticking because 2012 (the end of the age according to the ancient Mayan calendar) is here and the good guys may be coming back to sort him out for good.

So what needs to be observed in the run up to 2012?

  • Massive trading blocs coming together

  • The people surrendering their freedoms in return for security

  • An overall push for a one world centralized government, one world bank, one world currency and one world army

This is a tall order, so how will they do it?


Chapter 14

The New World Order

In order to unite the world under a one world government you need to first put in place the framework and legislation for doing so.

The Treaty of Copenhagen, debated in December 2009, contains the provision for the creation of a world government, under the UN banner, which has powers to enforce the terms of the agreement in relation to carbon-related global warming and climate change (scientifically proven not to exist, these are vehicles to be used by the elite to push towards one world integration for the sake of the planet)

The most popular method of bringing humanity to it’s knees has always been fear. We are already seeing a dramatic increase in wars, famine, crises and social breakdown across the globe. The level of anarchy currently simmering just below the surface is now reaching dangerous levels and the correct trigger could send it over the edge (or it could wake people up).

What will the trigger be then?

Werner von Braun, a former Nazi astrophysicist who worked many years for NASA confided in his assistant just before his death some very interesting information about what we could expect from the 1950’s onwards. He said that the powers that be are seeking to weaponize space at any cost – keep people in and keep the people out.

In order to do this cleverly and discretely they require the consent of the people and would use the following plan in order to get it.

It’s all a question of “SECURITY.”

  • First of all they would use The Soviet Union as a threat to the Western world (Communism vs. Capitalism), the ‘space-race’ and ‘Cold War’ was a cover used to initially get satellites into space that could eventually be weaponized.

  • Secondly they would create a threat to the west coming from undeveloped 3rd world countries – terrorists. They can then increase the level of technology in order to increase security for the people against these dangerous terrorists. This is where we are currently.

  • Thirdly he said that they would use the threat of a meteor impact as the reason to actually weaponize the satellites in order to blow-up any potentially dangerous fly-bys; and finally an alien invasion would be staged so the people would call for the ultimate protection from external threats; they could then do what they like.

The question is: will people wake up before it’s too late?


Chapter 15

The Wild-Card

The good guys, our distant relatives, our Nibiru ancestors, have no doubt been watching-on as the last few thousand years have played out.

Intervention has been minimal with the possible exception of several successful attempts to disable and disarm nuclear weaponry that was headed for space. They cannot help us unless we help ourselves and we must start by remembering our power and our truth. When the time is right and when the vibration of this planet has been raised towards the vibration of LOVE we may then see that we have a powerful ally by our side.

The key to figuring all this out is simple.

Understand yourself. You are consciousness, you are soul and you are all-powerful. Don’t buy into the games and the distractions; understand it, integrate it and move forward. Once you have awoken to the fact that the world is structured to suit the bad guys you know enough.

Next you need to awaken yourself.

Be positive, be happy, be of love, listen to beautiful music, connect with nature and the animals every chance you get. You have a destiny to fulfill. Remember who you are. Use positive affirmations, meditate, be healthy, understand the body, the natural energy system, the immune system, food and natural medicine.

Learn and practice everything you can to be the most powerful person you can be.

Follow your dreams and listen your heart. You can do it, you can do anything.


It’s all well and good to be aware of this information and I’ll tell you, it does become an all-consuming pursuit for answers, joining the dots, making assumptions and trying to piece it all together.

So much so that the exercise itself becomes a distraction as much as X-Factor, Eastenders and football is also a distraction. The deception used by these families through the millennia is bigger than anyone can imagine; this is what they do.

They tell the biggest lies you’ve ever heard, so big they sound unbelievable and that’s what they want. They have consistently tricked and deceived the masses throughout 450,000 years of history to great effect.

They have created many empires that have risen and fallen and they have never learned from their mistakes.

The past and present speak for themselves and cannot be denied, but the future is a different story. We will be the generation the sees the shift; prepare yourselves mentally, physically and spiritually because there could be a bumpy ride ahead if you’re not ready.

Stay positive, say hello to people, ask them how they are, talk to strangers, help others, practice giving and be of LOVE.

Just blast out good energy as often as possible and your vibration will CHANGE THE WORLD.


To summarize,  in this article it talks about the ‘bad new world order implementing’ , uniting humanity through ‘terror’ to promote a space war that would make all humanity (well at least 90% probably counts as all humanity) to be used as cannon fodder for the interests of some evil individuals, who never show face, never tell what is going on and do all kinds of bad stuff to promote discord and chaos, as a means to ‘con-troll’ more and more population to make wars, against who? Most likely peaceful individuals.


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