The Death Cults

Death Cults were well described in past articles, but I’ll expose them again:

Members of satanism, by their actions that promote the deadly sins(good explanation in past articles).
See here:

It explains well the mindset somewhat.
For starters, it says satanists get into indulgence.
So that means they indulge into the deadly sins, and that is a proof that they are a death cult.
Also, in that video says, that satanists, are really SET-anists.
It may be a cult of SET.
Who is SET:
This was from 2013:
Set (pron.: /sɛt/) or Seth (/sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh, Setekh, or Suty) is a god of the desert, storms, and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. In later myths he is also the god of darkness and chaos. In Ancient Greek, the god’s name is given as Sēth (Σήθ).
In this later wiki link, the ‘darkness’ word disappeared. Also it was made a redirect.
Also an interesting look at Apep:
And to finish, with just who is the darkness, I’ll leave this blog with screenshots:

Members of discordianism. These members could be infiltrating religions to create discord, and to keep the discord and create an environment of discord. These discordians consider members of Zen thought school as friends.
Looks very very similar to Set, in it’s description, and it points out to being, Bellona, Enyo, Nike, Victoria, and this could point out to Athena.
A good article that explains how possible is that discordians could infiltrate and create discord:

Discordians and other sources, point out to Zen thought school as another of their friends.

That means Zen is another death cult, and the proof of it is Ouroboros.
It is a symbol of ignorance and entrapment, not a symbol for enlightment.

Zen symbol is ouroboros.

Zen has the similarity of those master-student systems. They somewhat forget sovereignity.

Zen has the koan like practice, and, have a lot in common with, the stuff that makes it a matter of “life and death”.

To them, this might be some sort of ‘zen exercise’, just to push things to the limits. For they to become ‘masters’ without being asked and do stuff that pushes things in a ‘matter of life and death’, where, if you live you learn, and if you die, oh well.

Very dangerous practice. As of right now, it is a zen-like mentality applied to everyone, to which the vast majority of the population are put into the ‘life and death situation’.

I don’t think our ‘consent’ was given, but as of right now, these act like ‘masters’ against the world itself, by pushing it to the limit, so to speak, to play ‘to the end’, ‘to the death’.

This is the game they are playing, and this is how, ‘they’, at least some in the know, will ‘justify themselves’. They were just practicing ‘zen’ against the whole population,  and made it a matter of ‘life and death’ to deceive population at it’s best, to give the population as much lessons as it can, and at the same time, the ones who learn their lesson, are the living, while those who have ‘died’ have to repeat their lesson again. The lesson to learn, to ‘win the game’, so to speak, is to learn “life itself” and live, and for them, to have it impossible to teach you any kind of ‘lesson’.

A good fitting name, though not sure about that, is “Evil Zen Masters”.

Also, an addition, some interesting thing about the ‘Sun’. Here, below:



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