The best punishment for those who like to commit evil

The best punishment for evildoers is not really any kind of crazy very very bad death sentence. Only in rarest of cases that might apply.

The best punishment, for those who are BLIND to see what they are doing, if, of course, maybe some of you readers guessed it, BLINDNESS.

No, we won’t take their eyes out.
No. That’s what evildoers do.

We will put them googles or glasses which makes them unable to see anything.
And on the glasses, it will be written their biggest crime.

That’s the best punishment.
Because they serve Darkness, and not Light.
And we will give them Darkness.
We will give them as much Darkness as they want.
We will give them glasses that cannot ever be removed.

Once every 30 days or so, the glasses could be removed for an hour or two. So they can see the light, the amount they deserve. Light for these beings, is something clearly they do not deserve.

For all the lies, deceptions and traps they’ve done, the best thing is to give them what they always wanted to implement. They want to implement darkness across planets, galaxies and universes, to fill people’s minds and hearts with sin, blindness, fear, despair, rage and all other bad things.
If they want darkness, we’ll give them darkness. They will be in the dark for as long as they deserve.

They call themselves ‘illuminati’. They are anything BUT illuminated. They become ‘illuminated’ by sending people around them into darkness. Into Lies.

Since they consider themselves ‘masters of confusion’ or magicians(as they call themselves)(which has the occupation to keep people deluded for as long as possible), well, then, they’ll get their own blinder, because they’ve seen too much light, in their opinion, and want some darkness to spread across the world.

Also, no ‘punishment by death should be applied’. They’ll just reincarnate and get away with it, some of them. That’s not justice. The best kind, would be to simply restraint some of their senses, and the most important one to which they heavily rely on, is their eyes.

Also, I don’t agree with the ‘death sentence ‘ penalty. That belongs to death and death is darkness.
That is who they serve, remember ‘skull&bones’?
They serve poison, death, darkness.
They are death cults.
They may commit suicide. We shouldn’t let them. There may be some methods to prevent such things, but to be applied, would need some major disclosures to be made first hand.

As for the illuminati symbol, the pyramid, since they are, as they call themselves masters of confusion, discord and darkness, or magicians, then, it is very very likely that, even the symbol they represent is a lie. The truth may be upside down, or reversed. Who knows how big a lie is their doctrine? Remember, it may be that it is truth reversed and it is so deceptive, that even the values they stand for, are made in such a way, so that, the right values to be discredited in the future, if they, somehow, fail. That way, so that even if they lose, the good guys, still lose somewhat.

Death won’t serve justice to evil people. But being blinded for a long long time, with glasses on which is written their biggest crimes, do.

It is 2017, happy new year! (even though 3rd january is late)


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