Anonymous hack may be fake, Who is really “Anonymous” and what should really be done…

Just when I was about to get some well deserved rest, I read on zerohedge that anonymous hacks bilderberg meetings website….

I see on their articles, very very similar demands to that tv show, mr. robot. Which is made by the same guys that run the CIA(and the ‘so called’ Mainstream Media).

I look up, anonymous is cia. And it is. It is partly fanatic noobs(likely zero chance, anyone who does their homework knows who they really are) who think they are making a change, under the pretext of evil rich people, why they, not realize, that they are actually working for more eviler richer people(who may not be people at all).

The so called Bilderberg hack is nothing more than Intelligence agencies funded. It is ‘billionaires’ or trillionaires attacking billionaires:

Or they are ‘attacking’ themselves to push more fake bad laws?

Apparently commenters have lost their sense of knowledge this time.(on zerohedge; they’re all cheering)
Call it false flag or whatever. I don’t say Bilderberg is full of good guys, but that doesn’t mean Anonymous is independent.

It is essentially rich and evil people attacking innocent people, both rich and poor, corrupt or not. The same group that is behind CIA is behind Holywood and all Media in US.

Rich and evil people, CON-TROLL the cia and the news and the media.

Anonymous is (owned by) CIA:

Anonymous is funded or owned by CIA/Intelligence agencies.


Essentially, that means people who join those out of naivity can be used and leveraged, see anonymous good cop, cia/fbi bad cop.

Also, the ones associated with it are connected to holywood.
Holywood media is owned by the same persons that own/control the CIA. The list of them:
-Universal Cable Productions
-CBS Corporation
-Warner Bros.
-Time Warner

This became evident after the way they lied to all mainstream media.

There was a tv show, “Mr. Robot”, which promoted such ideas of taking down bad people. Whomever is behind the hack, is likely inspired of those tv shows.

Bonus link:

“The CGI technology used, actually brought a “dead man” back to life!”

There is no sense of justice whatsoever neither in the CIA and neither in the Mainstream Media nor the TV shows they are promoting. It is some sort of a small group/elite that runs both the CIA and the News Media. And that should intuitively mean that they have their tail in Bilderberg too.

The solutions, as always, independence of the individual, free speech, eating healthy, staying independent.

This evil group would like to rob all citizens of the world and they are looking for a pretext to do it.

This message still remains valid:

Former CIA agent message to america:

Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!


Also a good pyramid about capitalism:

Nasa and what don’t they tell you:

Also similar:

The evil group that is behind what is said above, has it’s tail in aliens, etc. They are promoting it on tv shows lately, which brings to question, what are they trying to accomplish.

As long as lies are being fed to people around the world and false narratives and useless tv shows, with almost no real connection to the real world, you can forget ‘celebrating’ that Trump is President Elect. It is far from over.

Also, there is the theory of Nibiru getting really close to Earth in 2017. Hm, it may be possible this is all a distraction from the real problem?(Nibiru) and Pole shift? Also an ICE AGE coming as a result of it.  I’ll post another article about it soon.

Happy new year. 2017 will look like a challenging year.


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