I’ll start by saying the following.

The Truth about Christianity is all there to see. However it is needed some external input outside Christianity to truly understand it.

Whomever put himself on the cross, to humble himself in front of all the people, that did nothing, stands as proof as what kind of barbaric people they were at that time, due to the fact that they put him on the cross.

However, at the same time, this stands proof, as of today, to both all the unaware who call themselves ‘Christian Followers’ the fact that they let this be proof as to how blind it’s followers are. They worship someone beaten on the cross and a lot of them don’t know why. They simply have faith that ‘he will save them’, while at the same time, continue on their own ignorant traditions, like killing and sacrificing animals for their own pleasure. Some say Jesus said it is allowed to eat meat. Meat is known to contain the fear hormones the animal feels before it is killed. (If Jesus was  a savior, he would never let people eat meat. Acceptable? Not so much. Would be saying meat is allowed to have some popularity? Maybe. Be put on a cross? Well that’s the behavior and the justice of the savages of those times. ) The Prime Creator sees all, and what he sees is the bottom people in the whole Universe. Most of humanity, already(except for the heroes in the past who try to do great for the good of the people, but did with good logic), for their past history, are being seen as the biggest fools and clowns. But the biggest clowns of them all, is none other than the instigators themselves who, in their own utter foolishness(and ignorance) and barbaric stupidity, they decided to put him on the cross.

Let this be a reminder. The Prime Creator sees all. He lets this happen, as to have recorded proof of everything that they do, because, sometime later in the future, they, the ones who don’t behave well, will be known for being the biggest clowns in all the Universe. And there are many. The humiliation that will come after that realization, will make them commit suicide out of shame.

I’ll add one more interesting information, to make them realize the gravity of the situation they are in. Any advanced interstellar being, can move and see everything, with a speed of 2000 light years per second. And they know. They know what everyone on this planet did. They know everyone’s behavior. They even can go back in time to see everything that has happened. They don’t care about humanity’s behavior much. There are many many planets with life on this Universe, and they don’t care about them much. Humanity is not the only one. However, when the ‘perps’ will realize what they did and what they taught, they will try to hide themselves out of shame, if they have any sense of shame at all. If not, they will simply be destroyed like the barbaric animals that they are, when they’ll lash out of their own stupidity.

So to all ‘perps’ or violent islamists, Prime Creator won’t forgive you,(you call him Allah) he will simply be indifferent and uninterested in your own foolishness. When these ‘perps’ will realize what they’ve done and realize they have nowhere to hide, and absolutely nowhere, they will realize that by the attempt of trapping individuals, they themselves are trapped in a situation impossible to escape. And they will likely swallow all the fear that they themselves have created and be wiped out of existence. They will recycle themselves out of shame.

For those in a bad situation, there will be three main possible outcomes:

1.They will stop of whatever they were doing, they will study and restudy and reanalyze all that they have done, and after all they’ve learned, they will repair all the damage they caused.

2.They, out of shame and fear of themselves, will probably commit suicide.

3.They, will probably act like some barbaric individuals and will likely be destroyed and wiped out of their own existence, as a result of their own stupidity.

I’m giving this message to anyone willing to save themselves. The World, as the Universe, may or may not need much saving. That’s up to each of us and Prime Creator. However the people who see, on this planet, should be willing to save themselves, so as to not face a horrible humiliation in the future.


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