(Likely) the best scenario for US and the world

Seeing that the ‘anti-Trump’ supporters make no good points and are shown to be incompetent both in the past and in the present, let’s analyse the scenarios.
In december 19th, the electoral college happens.
The opposing side(anti-Trump) has been involved in a lot of corrupt acts and they are already known for a very bad reputation.
The best scenario is for Trump to be elected for the reason that he had a positive reaction from the alt media overall(and in actuality, is the voice with a very good reasoning, compared to the so called ‘mainstream media’ who are looking to be nothing more than paid shills by corrupt oligarchs willing to promote corrupt socialism).
Trump winning the electoral college vote would be the best outcome. If the other candidate is voted, then a very bad outcome could happen. There are lots of details in this article that makes a good comparison between the candidates:

As for Trump’s foreign policy, so far it is great. There are corrupt governments that have done irreparable damage to their citizens by committing very bad crimes(like organ trafficking).
The anti-Trump candidate is known to have ties with such corrupt governments, and as such, it cannot be seen as a good solution.

Trump winning the electoral college is likely the best outcome.


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