Additions to all past posts

I made some additions and modifications to past articles, explaining the reason why all our current organisations, like governments, corporations and religions are corrupt. It’s because of the indulgence of practice of the 7 deadly sins. These are actually trials for the individual, which can be either both revealing the way of life or they will lead to death. They are the trials in which the right or wrong decisions can be made.
I ask the readers to read the articles again.

I’d like to say that there is hope in religions, if all their members stop indulging in the 7 deadly sins and start learning from them to practice virtue.(like this: ).
The bigger an organisation can be, the more the potential for it for both good and evil it can be.
As such, the bigger the organisation, the greater the virtue is needed for the individual.
All religions need to start practicing Virtue, by starting with the Cardinal Virtues, with the 7 Virtues, to read the Tao Te Ching (written by Lao Tzu = Lao Dan ~= Wōdan = Odin -> Lao Tzu) and being very vigilant to not commit any of the 7 deadly sins.

Yes, there is a likely chance that Odin is Lao Tzu.

Well with the experience of studying Wes Penre Papers, it’s intuitively to determine that Odin is likely Lao Tzu.

Also, if you, by chance have watched the anime shown in previous post, there is one anime, that can explain a similar theme about the last post from this blog.

Ragnarok the Animation:
This anime is one of the few who touches the relationship between gods and human nature(alongside Slayers).
You can download the anime here:
My review is that it is explicit throughout the story about interesting themes, however, I don’t really like two aspects of it. One is the cursed ruby scene and the other is the unexpected side ‘players’ at the end. Else the anime seems ok.
Also feel free to comment any other things you find interesting about this post.


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