Truth and Virtue versus Lost Universe with darkness

I’ll start by posting as a good reference this article:

But if someone wanted to see the subject “Silent weapons for quiet wars”, look here:

If the above is true, then we might have lost count of the amount of ‘world wars’ have been on this planet, might as well just say it has been constantly a world war, in which humanity was always the victim and the so called ‘elite’ doing the ‘culling’.

The second link just proves that the so called ‘system’ wants to be nothing more than a ‘logic circuitboard’ in which ‘money’ might as well be called ‘the electrons’ that run the system. And of course, you could say that more than 90% are deeply dependent on chasing these ‘electrons’ called money, thus, the ones who ‘run the electrons’, can run the whole system. Of course, this is not taught/was not taught in Computer Science class on advanced electronics, neither in high school or in college, at neither the top economic universities or top computer science classes. The one way to get off this stupid circuit board is to pursue independent ways to survive without relying on the circuit board, like doing agriculture, pursuing aquaponics or any other self-sustainable with minimum effort system and doing alternative energy sources(from solar, to stuff that is not wanted to go mainstream(like free energy)) and at the same time, promote this kind of stuff into the mainstream and make it a way of life, and, of course, if you’re computer savvy and economics savvy, might as well implement algorithms that make profits on markets, the same way investment funds, high frequency trading firms, hedge funds and asset management funds do(because they are the ones with most power in charge to give the orders as to how, the rest of electrons move, as to control the living beings’s actions on this circuit board called ‘earth’) because they live off dividends on stocks and currency forwards and of course, raising price in such assets. They become a problem when they finance useless wars and useless weapons companies and make media spout more lies and useless news than affect the general public in not a good way. Though I’d say this doesn’t mean everyone in the finance industry does it. Just a few. There are good entities in the finance industry who just like business and revenue and growth, and recently, they prevailed. See last article about money interests winning against weapons interests with shadow government.

As a matter of fact, such interests would win greatly if peace is kept and tech progress is continued. Unless some of them are owned by off-worlders.

Anyways, if someone wants to study, how dangerous finance works, look no further than to ‘incunabula'(an article that starts saying about central banking): M

As for religion in this ‘matrix’, check this, ‘the god program’:

The title of the article says you can either choose Truth and Virtue versus ‘Lost Universe'(with darkness). There’s an anime by that name, which covers some topics of the first link in this article and some of these topics are:
-solid holograms
-artificial intelligence
-nightmare organisation
-battleship that grows sustenance out of ‘fear’
-the poisoned chalice
-stock manipulation(just a mention)
-universal guardians, just to name a few

That anime might have just explained well enough the ‘dark’ agenda that might be attempted. Please read the articles!

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