The Galaxy is so big, and carelessness will cost us the Universe

The Galaxy is so big, yet humans, if they don’t act well, they’ll give it to ‘you know who, if you know’, and you would not even be allowed to pass through it(the Universe). This article will explain the above phrase.

Let’s begin by watching this video, 131 seconds that will change the way you see the ocean:

So the oceans are this big, deeper than the height of Himalayas.

Next up, is the Maps that prove you don’t really know Earth:

It seems what we see in the maps in size might not correspond with actual size seen on the map. Can’t we have some maps that tell us the exact size? What would we discover if we had a real-like scaled map? Maybe other territories or something else?

Now let’s look at evolution on Earth in 60 seconds, and see where humans fit:

On a 600 million year lifespan, according to the history presented in the video, we barely appear. Also the videos from the author have not so great opening screens(this one with half reptile half human woman face and the first video with a screaming woman too. To be correct, the videos have been done using ‘mainstream’ history and geography, but, it would be mainstream only if you consider Earth as point of reference. The ‘mainstream’ would refer to a word that would describe a main stream, and, according to the past published history and geography, the mainstream would be either the center of the galaxy, or the center of all galaxies. So, not so ‘mainstream media’, is it? One could say, from here, that mainstream media as it is called in society, is not mainstream media at all. And, the closest thing to being mainstream media, would be the alternate media. In a fair correct world, the current so called ‘mainstream media’ would be, to give more specific words, ‘corrupted by the deadly sins(never learning from their trials), death media’, and the so called ‘alternate media’ on the internet would be closer to ‘life media’, and this ‘alternate media’ could be seen as ‘real mainstream media’ and not the way around.  After all, (corrupted by the 7 deadly sins)death media is only reporting and saying things with the purpose to produce lies, which lead only to death in the end. Anyways, let’s get back on the original topic of this article.

Before I go to the original topic of this article, I’d like to show you the size of the monetary system(What a Trillion Dollars looks like)(I don’t like the screens):

To have food and shelter, the average needed is less than 1000 us$, and minimum wage in average countries is close to 300$, and in very poor countries like in african continent it might not even reach 10$.

Now let’s see the size of observable universe, also, according to the video written by the author(I don’t like the opening face, but the information in the video might be useful):

Hm, according to the video, we’re very small as a planet, not to say compared to the Sun, or the whole galaxy.

So what are the chances of we being alone, since the galaxy and the universe is so vast, our history is painted as such a small peak, as if we never existed before that, and, of course, even our maps don’t look like what they are supposed to look like…

This begs the question of what is out there, and of course, what is out here, and what is going on with humanity…

To be answered, we find out a bleak picture of who might, after all, run the show.

At the time of this writing, 24th november 2016, Trump is President-Elect, he criticized the media, well expained here in this article:
And to quote from the article:

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.

//Then, the alternate scenario becomes slightly brighter(the scenario where Trump might be after all not serving the humanity’s interests after all),.

Ok, let’s clarify the subject of humanity’s interests and what it means to me.

To be ‘long humanity'(just like in markets): it means, for humans to live in peace, to have it’s population increased, to have a fair space program where no corrupt aliens(as a result of practice of the deadly sins, some are known to engage in lust )
will have the audacity to interfere, and respect our independence. And of course, if there are other life beings, to cooperate with them, if they want peace and cooperation with us. And of course, a lot of transparency about monetary issues, no ‘mainstream media’ that tells people that wars are ok(which they are not, humans killing humans is not a solution at all). The peace, is not that, as defined in the symolic ‘peace symbol’ that is actually ‘death of man’ which is well explained here:
Long humanity does not mean that kind of peace. What is wanted is the peace that is formed by following the Way, as it is well written in ‘The Way of Virtue’, Tao Te Ching. By following the Way, the individual truly embodies virtue, which might be better than 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13 virtues, depending who you ask.

Four(Cardinal) Virtues:
Tree of Virtues:
The Five Virtues:
Some would say the James Mahu’s 6 Heart Virtues:
The seven virtues:
The eight virtues:
Nine virtues:
Ten Buddhist Virtues:
Eleven (Benjamin Franklin’s) Virtues:
Aristotle’s Twelve Virtues:
Thirteen Virtues(Benjamin Franklin again):
Fourteen Virtues(by Marcus Aurelius):

Fifteen virtues(jainist), Sixteen virtues(Essenes), Twentytwo Virtues(Hinduism), Twentyfour Virtues(Torah for priesthood) and finally Thirteen Transcended Virtues that a Buddha has or Royalty is acquired through Thirty Virtues by Royalty(in Torah). And Torah has 48 virtues.

And here’s a list of them, going all the way to 365:

At 365, each day has it’s own demi-god to whom they attributed virtues, one for each day, and the god who rules them is Abraxas.
Ironically, there’s a petroleum corporation named after that name.(not a good ‘god’ and he’s described as an ‘archon’ (what it is, here: )

But most notable and most closely to ‘The Way of Virtue’ written in Tao Te Ching, is Cardinal Virtues and Seven Virtues, Five Virtues of Confucius(even though Lao Tzu is better),  and Noble Eightfold path:

Out of all the above virtues, the ‘Way of Virtue’ is best described in Tao Te Ching.

To be ‘short humanity’ is to have humans manipulated by the infiltrators who promote indulgence of deadly sins(which become trials for the individuals, but always keeping the individuals in the dark, without giving them the lessons to practice virtue as a result of these trials) in churches, religions, governments and corporations, to take all their wealth(as seen in India(wealth confiscation)), to promote slavery of humans, to end any attempt of humans ever having the idea of a space program, a one world government in which ‘corrupt aliens’ are in control, and not humans(this is the globalist agenda at it’s core, and I think it’s done by two sides(both the opposing sides might serve the same agenda, but it remains to be seen if that is so, written here in this article: ), as it will be explained in the below articles), and this being done by convincing humans that (corrupted by 7 deadly sins)death media is their friend(which is actually promoting only death and no good solutions on tv that look like ‘good intentions’ which are not good at all, and in fact is nothing short for slavery). Also, this is done intentionally to divide countries and essentially not let humanity in any way be strong(virtuous) enough to have a very good technological progress based only on virtuous people and a space program that could drive these bad aliens out. The ‘short humanity’ agenda is promoted on tv and everywhere, and make people convinced, that ‘short humanity’ is the way to live, for humans to die is ok, for humans to have limited lifespans filled with phony death pharma. That’s why anything healthy for humans is not liked by governments or corporations. Oh, and holywood media (that has been corrupted too and the material they provide each day is proof of that(by indulging in the 7 deadly sins)) is working for them too, so anything you see on tv is very likely according to ‘short humanity’ agenda.

There were two sides on us presidency to choose, the ‘clinton side’ which , if chosen, says that a group of humans would like to kill themselves by having ww3, and ‘they’ would help it with us, and this being done ‘clear in the open’ and then, after that, a ‘fake savior indulging in the 7 deadly sins(as per usual)’ would show up at the right time, claiming it would save us all from all these ‘wars’, but instead, the humans, in their own big ignorance that would choose this ‘fake savior’ would be entering even harsher levels of slavery. It seems like bible agenda and armageddon agenda and even ragnarok legends(game of thrones in their tv shows says winter is coming, the first sign of the ragnarok is three consecutive winters with no summer) was about to be implemented, but failed, or is it postponed? Remains to be seen(three consecutive winters with no summer can be likely, considering global warming propaganda to completely ignore the other scenario, and the sun apparently cooling, see article here: ).

The other side, would be, the not so convenient one, where ‘trump’ becomes the leader, however better, because he said he would ‘make america great again’. This is better because you’d avoid the ‘clinton ww3 scenario’ and you’d have peace. And if he doesn’t keep up his promises, he would be easier to be contested, so he can’t have much power to do bad. But at the same time it proves difficult when you have paid shills by soros(who insults everyone by calling himself george, he’s anything but St. George, may be a subliminal attempt to discredit the name george by evil men) at universities to have all kinds of anti-trump movements, it’s something like “If he wins, what if he uses the win to not help humanity and do similar agenda as clinton versus if he loses, a clinton like administration takes over”. Not in a good place to be, is it?  Someone said that 46% of us eligible voters, voted ‘Nobody’, while 25% voted clinton and the other 25% voted trump and the rest of 4% would be smaller candidates. It seems that ‘Nobody’ won the elections, and that, by a landslide.
If it were a true democracy, no president should be elected, and a voting system that would allow negative voting and the condition of no president should be put, and if not, that is no independence for the population. So, in reality, the us presidency looks more like a President who won the elections because of good citizens demands, and we might have a President that we don’t really know if he’s gonna keep it’s promises, caught between ‘the people’ versus ‘the establishment’.

Now, from the latest actions, not sure how good they are(by  choosing former Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan execs in key positions of Government as Secretary of Treasury), it might look like it’s part of the establishment. However is better to elect experienced individuals from finance, because they are the best to clean up their own mess, so it might not be a bad choice after all. And if they do clean up, the economy will be great. Some say, Money Interests won the battle between Warmongers(Weapons) Interests with Governments. At least one doesn’t like the other(the wars), so that might be better after all, however, let’s see things in depth from this article:

Let’s look at a quote from Albert Pike:

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

It looks like Trump(with israel) versus Clinton&Obama&Soros(with islamism). It doesn’t look good. The last thing we need is an actual ww3. And I think you suspect, that both of the sides are made to fight each other, by somebody. It doesn’t seem fair.

Also, the Roman Catholic church had over 10000 arrests over pedophilia commited by it and more than 4 billion dollars paid in fines and lawsuits on this, since 2002. Here’s the article:

It doesn’t look so holy after all, does it?
The Roman Catholic church, if they are truly virtuous and don’t want their organisation to fall apart, should excommunicate all so called ‘priests’ caught in these acts. It is, first of all, they, as an organisation, being corrupted in the deadly sins is one of the most great sins. They let sins spread. This is very very bad. Tolerance of the 7 deadly sins is evil.

So likely both sides are involved in this scandal, and both are likely equally compromised. However only the one who rids itself from the corruption in the 7 deadly sins will survive. Those who indulge in those seven deadly sins will meet it’s deadly fate.

There may be some ‘hope’ with Trump, but it all depends on what he does in the future.

Now, let’s explain the real, likely perpetrators, who likely never showed face, and made a living hell of a life for billions of people on this planet for thousands, if not, millions of years. Those who call themselves gods, and are actually demons.

The best explanation for this, is found in Wes Penre Papers and Terra Papers.

I’ll start with Wes Penre Papers-A journey through the multiverse:

First Level of Learning – Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Agenda:
Second Level of Learning – Extraterrestrial manipulation of mankind:
Third Level of Learning – The rise of the Machine Kingdom :
Fourth Level of Learning – Lucifer’s Rebellion:
Fifth Level of Learning – The Vedic Texts:
Here’s wes penre’s blog:

And now, some Terra Papers videos:
Message from devil Enki:

Terra Papers video:

Terra Papers star elders(similar video, newer):

I recommend using youtube downloading sites for further study offline. This site can download videos from youtube:

From both Terra Papers and Wes penre papers, they suggest humans have been subject to DNA manipulation, meaning, DNA DOWNGRADE. And almost all so called ‘spiritual communities’, in concert with the ‘media’ and GMO’s(Genetically modified organisms) that are ingested into humans, likely help to keep that downgrade that was put there once, in place. Once, humans had, in that so called ‘junk dna’, 12 strand DNA instead of 2 strand DNA like we currently have.

So it seems that the ‘alien agenda’ for humans, always was, ‘short humanity’.

That’s right, all the floods, all the wars, all the bad things that happened to humans on this planet, it’s because of their actions of downgrading humans and treated this planet as a ‘human farming’ program. If you don’t know what human farming is, look here:

Also, a very good video that simply just proves all of the above:

Now, since I showed the information neccesary to explain the title, there is only one more thing to do. Explain the title. Why will be carelessness cost us the Universe?

From Tao Te Ching, chapter 76:

A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff. Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life. Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle. A tree that is unbending is easily broken. The hard and strong will fall. The soft and weak will overcome.

From Tao Te Ching, chapter 15:

The ancient Tao cultivators were subtle and mysterious. They were of immeasurable profundity. Because they were too subtle to be known, so reluctantly they were being described as follow: Cautious, as if crossing an icy river. Hesitant, as if fearful of the surroundings. Reverent, like an honorable guest. Dispersed, like winter ice began to melt in spring. Simple and sincere, like a genuine virgin. Open-minded, like an empty valley. Harmonized, like the turbid water. How can one turn the turbid water into clarity? A person of Tao would maintain peace in order to achieve pureness of the mind. And therefore shall not be disturbed by the worldly desires. After achieving pureness of the mind, how can one let it be everlasting? A person of Tao would unify and harmonize himself with all beings which shall lead to eternity. Those who abide by this Tao will not indulge themselves in the desire of greed. It is because of this humbleness that enables one to embrace the original “Oneness,” the Great Tao.

Why will be carelessness cost us the Universe?

Those who fail to understand Tao, fail to understand the Way, the Life, and Truth. As such, by their actions, the fate of death will repeat itself. Until they start following the Way.

Any living organism who doesn’t follow the Way, follows death. That’s why it dies in the end. What are machines and robots? They are not alive, but are artificial life. Their creators are the ones responsible for their existence. They are an instrument of death, and as such, they are lifeless. One who fails to understand this, has no virtue, and thus, is fated to die. The only possible reasons for all these ‘conflicts’ in the world, is likely because either the ‘aliens'(we don’t know if they are machines or living creatures, but according to their behavior, the first one is most likely applicable) chose to simply follow the mission of ending all life in the universe either for the purpose of being able to recreate all life or simply absorb all energy from the living beings. In any case, any being that implements a system of slavery is simply dumb enough to realize that it’s fate is death, as a price to pay for it, or being slave in it’s turn, and simply cannot realize what is independence and how can it be applied to other human beings. If it’s a robot or artificial intelligence(there’s proof of this), then it’s being programmed by the creator of it that way. In any case, it all somehow amounts to something, a certain someone wants from humans, and can be implemented only in the ways of slavery or it’s the only way they see it’s possible, without realizing the risks of their own extinction as a result of attempting this, or simply they want to commit mass suicide and they want every living being in the universe to sign up for it.

Their agenda is short humanity.

Now let’s expose the weapons they have at their disposal.

So they have sattelites that can track thoughts and manipulate dreams.
That means that most(if not all) channelings are nothing but cia/nsa psyops using thought reading and dream manipulation technology. Maybe someone else can use this technology too. When they don’t really like what you’re doing, they might give you all kinds of scary dreams.
Also, since there are AI’s, these AI’s can, like a human mind, see all the thoughts of millions, if not billions, scan them and record them simultaneously, and as such everyone’s thought history is recorded, and this program, actually, has been done for more than 10 years. The social networks are just there to give people the illusion that if you’re not on social networks, you’re ok. Nope. What is going on is unconstitutional, just as unconstitutional as registering you in a government database when you are born and you are given a name that was not of your own choosing. Just like that wasn’t done via consent, this isn’t done either. The pay for these crimes are huge, so if they have to pay back, they have a lot to pay for, and as such, they like to avoid that scenario as much as possible. Anyways, there are also financial ai’s connected to the thought reading ai’s, so they can make certain patterns so that specific people deemed dangerous would lose money they invest in. At certain times, they can even suggest thoughts and desires. It is actually the easiest weapon to control an individual. Desires. If one renounces desires one could simply be, at least, more immune than others to thought conditioning. That’s why most are stupid. The radios, tv’s combined, adding desires to the mix, creates an easily controlled donkey that always runs for the carrot, and thus, can be easily moved, it’s actions made in such a way that they get what they want.

Now let’s go a bit offtopic and check out how Buddha kept his independence from ‘Mara’ influences. Sounds like a ‘god'(Mara), doesn’t it?

In any case, this is a video that somewhat explains the existence of AI’s and their somewhat ‘independence’:

It’s not a pretty image of society, and this article would likely take a day or two to scratch it’s surface, but it points out all the evidence necessary to understand what’s going on. It would take one month at least to read wes penre’s levels of learning 3000 pages or more.

In any case, this is what humanity is dealing with…

It’s dealing with death cults. Because that’s what they are, and they cultivate death.

And there’s a certain someone who wants to make sure people follow that direction.

Anyways, it’s time for the conclusions.

The long humanity scenario would be that humans won’t need ‘aliens’ or ‘evil gods’ or ‘demons’ or whatever to be manipulated with and be told what to do. It would mean they would say goodbye to them, they would become independent, they would ‘grow up’. That’s why in the media, humans are treated like little children, keeping ‘secrets’, lies, etc. No wonder roman catholic church and the media is full of pedophiles, but evil gods are likely pedophiles too. The solution for all this is the great so called ‘religions’ to stop being indulgent of the 7 deadly sins. That’s where the root of all evil starts. The so called ‘religions’ need to promote True Virtue Once Again and make sure the corruption of the 7 deadly sins don’t get into people’s behavior anymore. If there are those who are called by other people ‘gods’ and they are virtuous and don’t promote in any way the seven deadly sins, their influence in humanity would be beneficial. But in a world filled with behavior leading to 7 deadly sins, few would listen, and, most of them would say it’s best for individual to evolve by himself. Remember, if these ‘gods’ were really having our best intentions, they would simply teach us how to be independent and make sure it stays that way. Maybe it’s happening as of this moment. Maybe they plot more sinister plans. Who knows? Ok, I’ll leave some links(In the first one there’s the rumor of gods deleting records of such a thing as independence from ‘gods’:

The short humanity scenario would be further enslavement in this system that is corrupted by the 7 deadly sins in which the system’s representatives are religion, banks, corporations, etcetera. It would mean armageddon prophecies from the bible fulfilled, or the ragnarok prophecy which is actually very scary, and the humans would get a beating and further enslavement for millenias to come. That’s all they really want after all(or they are highly suspicious of).

Ok, let’s repeat.

long humanity = final fate of the evil gods, and humanity reaching the stars and other solar systems
short humanity = very bad for humanity

It’s a simple binary choice. It’s independence versus slavery. Choose wisely, reader!

I’ll be leaving this video at the end:


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