The only choice Americans have(to vote for Trump or not vote at all)

There are only two good choices to do on voting the US elections, for Americans.
The first choice, which is based on hope, is to vote for Trump.
The second choice, which is huge pessimism, is to not vote at all.
The third choice, meaning to vote for Hillary Clinton, would mean voting for ww3, wars, tpp, terrorism, and all kinds of crap that will enhance human enslavement conditions. The ones who vote for the third choice shouldn’t be eligible to vote at all. If a person votes for Hillary Clinton, it proves their indulgence in deadly sins and corruption and that person need to be checked on intelligence tests, psychiatry tests, and all kinds of stuff that check one’s sanity. Because if one would vote for Hillary Clinton, he is either simply retarded, a puppet or an evil individual who supports terrorism, violence, “radical islamism-these are Trump’s words, not mine”, and all kinds of other crime. Any person who votes for Hillary Clinton should be locked up and considered a danger to society.

The second choice is ok’ish, it means you are pessimistic enough to expect that both Trump and Hillary are bad, it’s all just a ruse for people to vote for Trump, and you wouldn’t want to take responsibility to vote for any of those potential bad choices.

The first choice would be based on hope. To vote for Trump. To have faith that whatever he plans to do, is exactly what he said he’s gonna do in the election. It is a choice to vote on hope that he will do good in his mandate. If he even acheives 50% of what he said in the election that he plans to do, that’s good.

The First choice(vote for Trump) at this stage, seems favorable. There is hope that he will do whatever he says he’ll do. (90% chance)

The Second choice is kinda pessimistic, it’s all about saying, better not vote at all and have the audacity to say, if stuff gets really bad, “I was right after all, politics is never going to save America.”(Though Trump is not a politician, and he is one in a long time to actually have the potential to do stuff right.) (10% chance)

The third choice is out of the question. One who would vote for the third choice would vote for ‘evil wins, let’s do all kinds of evil’. Voting for Hillary is EVIL.
(0% chance)

About the debate:

Trump wins the debate. (The third one).
Trump won the second debate in my opinion.
Trump tied with Clinton on first debate.
The only good thing Clinton said right is a new energy grid kind of system(solar), however, we would need to focus on recycling to get fuel, instead of oil, coal, etc.(See gas obtained from natural organic animal waste. It’s even better than normal gas and gasoline, people say).
Hillary had an evil smile filled with pride and ignorance on those three debates. She was indulging in deadly sins at that time.

Trump speeches are good.
No sane man would vote for Hillary.
If you would vote for Hillary, your heart would be corrupted by those seven deadly sins, and as a result it would mean you’re mentally retarded or simply an evil individual who supports terrorism, violence, and all kinds of crime.

If you vote for Trump, you’d vote for the hope that he’s gonna do everything he says he will do. If he does what he says, which becomes likely, though there’s a small 1% chance he’s a turncoat(Trump doing what he says might be too good to be true). But I think, chances are, he’s for real.

If Hillary somehow wins, either elections are rigged(The highly likely choice) or american people are, as a whole, evil, retarded or both.

Chances are favored for Trump to win, in my opinion.


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