The unseen slavery

Someone in this world has started a topic by asking the people, a question about what kind of animal do they want to be of the following two:

-a cattle(bull or cow), has a master, lives in prison, gets farmed and slaughtered in the end

-a deer, lives in freedom, gets it’s own food from Mother Nature, lives according to Natural Law

After some consideration, most of them, in that speech, they decided they want to be cattle. Because they get taken care of, and maybe, it’s easier that way. We all know that cattle never experience real freedom, only illusory one.

According to the Tao, eloquent words aren’t true, and true words aren’t eloquent. This stands true in a high percentage rate.

So now the question remains, are people who accept saviors, cattles or deers? It depends on what the so called ‘savior’ promotes. Promote Virtue and thus you promote the right way. Promote the deadly sins, and thus you practice farming. Does religion promote independence or saviorship? Most religions promote both independence and saviorship. But some, practice a saviorship that promotes deadly sins. That is not saviorship. That, through the corruption that the deadly sins entail, promote human farming. They don’t promote wisdom and never try to give you true freedom. Religion that promotes deadly sins treats people like cattle. That’s the truth. And this phenomena happens in christian religion and islamic religion and of course satanists, who are the ones to blame for all this. Anyone who calls themselves lords or stuff like that and starts telling you to engage in practice of the deadly sins, practices human farming. Depending on how strong a ‘religion’ imposes authority, and promotes forgiveness of deadly sins, the more it’s guilty of human farming. As bad as this is, even buddhism and hinduism sometimes practice worship and saviorship with a tolerance to deadly sins. Like it or not, this is how slavery it’s done. It’s done on overindulgence and promoting of deadly sins(thus leading the souls astray) and then the evil ones promote themselves as the good ones with an authority-like regime that condemns those sinners for their sins, while they hide their own sins from the public. The only thing that follows Natural Law is the Tao. It does not require you to worship anyone. You focus your mind in developing wisdom and truth. Thus, better and wiser decisions are made in your life. It may get difficult to cooperate with people who let themselves transformed into cattle by religions promoting deadly sins, but Tao is like water, and by following the Way, the people close to you will more or less realize the position they are in.

What about corporations and governments? Well, anything that happens to surpass the number of 30 people as an organisation, can keep secrets, lie, promote separatism, follow their own selfish interests, and as a result, indulge themselves in deadly sins and practice human farming. When you have a government that you pay taxes to and corporations that try to exploit human nature as much as possible, you have inevitable serfdom and slavery. Then they use that money to promote more serfdom and slavery through media, propaganda and wars. They kill other people with your money. How are people treated? Like cattle. They are fed food that makes them indulge in gluttony, media that makes them indulge in lust, and all the rest of it’s corrupt culture amounts to deadly sins. Whenever someone wants you to be your master, they should be suspected in wanting you to be cattle. People who indulge in deadly sins should never be followed. They will make their followers, slaves and will lead those slaves to death. Primary suspects are governments, religions and corporations that promote or indulge deadly sins. And they are many. Following them leads to people’s death, and it’s proven in human history. So what’s the answer? Well some say live like a deer. Get some house, farm crops and live as independent as you can. Pay no taxes, or pay as little taxes as possible in your lifetime,  have no affliction to any religion that promotes or indulges deadly sins, because they are all poison by promoting corrupt saviorship that becomes ‘slave”iorship’ and live according to Tao Te Ching, meaning a Path of Virtue.

How society should build itself? Become free and independent, make organisations that have no more than 20 to 30 people, meaning any firm is limited to that number, and nothing more. This helps reduce the effect and power one man can get. This way, people know themselves and work as a team, instead of a hierarchy(which is parasitic by nature).

Government is formed from the words ‘Guverno’, which means control, and mens, mentis, which means mind or consciousness. So from the start, the word government means mind control. That’s the translation in latin. So anyone who accepts any form of government, by default accepts mind control. The issue is not many people know this, as a matter of fact, more than 99% of the population doesn’t know of this. If corporations happen to control the government, it means they have a mean to mind control the population. And corporations have not been better in the past either. There is numerous evidence on the internet of the huge amount of corruption scandals, exploitation, sometimes even causing earthquakes by drilling to exploit natural gas. I think the point is clear.

If people want peace, they should follow the Tao and inform people of the bad influence that the goverment, religions, corporations has upon it’s people by being indulgent and indifferent and promoting sins and try to fix it by promoting self-sustainability, meaning to produce your own food and clothing. Current technology has the means to make this possible with the advancements in robotics, aquaponics and 3d printers. The solution that would work would be free trade between individuals, and any organisation that is build should be with the purpose of non profit thus having no salary, because you would have the means of self-sustaining.

Any solution that promotes either government, religion or corporations filled with deadly sins will push humanity into further slavery. We don’t want that, do we?





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