The Truth about this world

In this world, there is richness and poorness, intelligent people and not so, happiness and sadness, though one thing in common they have between them all, indifference and separation.

I’m not going to talk about successes this world had. It had many, with their own joys, from the betterment of technology and a way of life, and that is part of the Tao,  however it had ups and downfalls, and in terms of wars and corruption, it stagnated, and that means no real progress has been made.

The rich act foolishly and without wisdom usually, and here I’m talking about the rich only materially, who own more than they can manage, and the way they usually manage it is in a static conservative way. For most of them, their behavior would be nothing more than conservative and that’s it. The current way ‘things work’ in this world, between the poor and the rich, is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If nothing, in most cases some would say the world is getting slow destruction with means of erosion, and the lack of benefit would usually fall under human condition, and it’s surplus on upgrades on material technology that is mostly way too much and pointless, for one who seeks true clarity, that is obtained with the way of the Tao. In essence, most of the effort would go to the machine ‘kingdom’ which is nothing more than some algorithmic programs, with some specific buttons at the top, and those specific buttons push the bottom on the population. Essentially it slowly it a hidden religion of some sorts, that uses it’s resources to robotize humans instead of empowering them. Conservatism promotes this, because conservative people take their values from past people and family, and the conservative mainstream way a society works.It’s results for the rich is a downgrade in human awareness condition, both for the rich and poor user, and the materialism only adds up to that, making human awareness only weaker, being bottled up with a lot of confusion where the only acceptable response is the default response of a machine ‘kingdom’, programmed to serve these same ‘interests’, that are for material propagation of matter, and the human spirit is put down. Essentially, the ‘owners’ of the machines, use machines, computers and AI’s to essentially dumb down our own ‘AI’s’, except in this term, these are Souls, and they are ours. So it’s more like that pentagram symbol and it’s motto. ‘mind over matter’, and ‘matter over mind’. For the world, the ‘matter over mind’ program is implemented, if you followed down up to this paragraph, essentially cluttering the mind. The ‘mind over matter’ program is done via following ‘the Tao’. Being that ‘Tao’ is hard to grasp, the only way to understand it, is to have a manual, in order to be able to approach it. That is, ‘Tao Te Ching’, essentially translated in ‘Path of Virtue’. The solution for all the wars, humanity problems, differences in religion and world peace, is done simply taking the teachings of the Tao, and implementing them in your daily life. If one wants unity for humans, it is better implemented making people aware of the Tao, and then there would be no differences between them. Because Tao is Supreme Truth. And that Truth is and becomes essentially the same for everybody. Thus, people will be much more profoundly united, because all it’s foundations are solid, because nothing is stronger and more virtuous that Tao in this universe, or any other. That means any other path to make people united is doomed to fail. And past experiences shown this. All revolutions, political systems, sooner than later failed. Tao stays eternal.

What the current mainstream world thinks about faith in gods and goddesses, is that they should be worshiped and obeyed. All mainstream religions don’t show any path to make one improve himself over the course of this lifetime, nor the passing in the next. The closest one that comes to improvement is Buddhism and Zen, however the Tao and it’s principles are supreme. Christianity and Islamism provide some morals as to how to live this life, but it never touches the Tao.  I’ll quote this paragraph, as to make this understandable:

When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
When goodness is lost, there is morality.
When morality is lost, there is ritual.
Ritual is the husk of true faith,
the beginning of chaos.

Christianity and Islamism stand at the level of morality, they barely reach goodness. And worst of all, they have been infiltrated by evil ‘gods’, and thus, humanity started to practice the seven deadly sins: “pride, sorrow, enmity, jealousy, gluttony, despair and partiality”(these are from a questionable source, but can well be considered ‘trials’ that the individual may need to overcome), in christianity’s values they are known as: “pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth”. It’s implementations over the course of history, and in the present times, present us with wars, many of them in the past, and now in the present time too. At their best, their best followers practice virtue and follow Tao. That was their original purpose. They don’t have anything to do with Tao, they have lost Tao(the way). Right now, due to extensive practice of the deadly sins, in both of them, they forgot the Way. As a result of their actions they go against the Tao, means they go backwards, into further separation and chaos. This is the result of the so called ‘religions’. Religion is a word formed from ‘re’ and ‘ligion’, so it’s more or less the meaning of ‘relink’. The relink can be from Lies to Truth, or from Truth to Lies. It depends on the content and the beliefs of the religions themselves, and it also depends if they promote extensive adoration that leads to the deadly sins(in which the individuals are tested through trials that they never overcome and as a result, the sins themselves become deadly for the individual). Only Virtue should be followed, and never to indulge in any way into the deadly sins(that lead to death). Most religions have been corrupted by these deadly sins and the only salvation for the people is to stop practicing the deadly sins. They are practiced almost in every day in our society. The Tao does not call itself a religion. It is philosophy, which is translated to “love of knowledge”. It is the way to Truth.



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