(We the People) vs. (Us vs them mentality)

Allright, here’s the truth.
The fact and the matter is, I agree with the conclusions that blogs like lovetruthsite came up with.

They are all trying to create conflicts.

And they use white people, black people, muslims, christians or any other denomination.

The fact and the matter is, they are individuals who are looking only to provoke.
Provoke and distract.
What else we might find if we werent’ distracted by them.
We would have found peace.
We would have found that people are conned against another.
And that we usually blame each other.

Fact of the matter is, a majority of people will hardly understand this.
Because they have too much pride, they have made a habit out of thinking us vs them.
They have made a habit of thinking of themselves superior or stuff like that.

Fact of the matter is, they’re not.
And the manipulators are at fault too.
Things like these I write and I might forget.

So, here it is. Here’s the conclusion.
Because of their pride, a lot of people can be used to provoke each other into wars.
That’s the reality.

That’s the sin. Because of it, there will be wars, tolls, death.
What would be the root cause? Lack of compassion.
Because people would not want to become vegan for example.

So, there it is.

Lack of compassion!
Violence begets violence!
It starts with the animals!
It starts with the way the current ecosystem is built!

That’s the root cause, at least, for our planet.
And of course, the ‘offworlders’ apparently who might think in the same erroneous way, being prideful and creating conflicts.

There has been:
Us versus ( Us vs Them) mentality.
That, right there, is the main issue.
The us vs them people are only using us vs them for their own profit.

The lovetruth article:


I called them ‘discordians’ the ‘us vs them’ people. This is what we deal with!

Here’s a past article about discordians.

And a good video that  is good as a soundtrack when you read this:


A wall is good, if it stops bad people and bad substances. Measures to make it possible, and more projects.

It’s not that hard to understand…

A wall is good, if it stops bad people and bad substances.


This is why, Trump, building the wall, would be doing the right thing. Sure, some people might argue that ‘national emergency’ is questionable, but I don’t really think so. Here’s why. Even if, for some unlikely hypothetical reason, another president comes around and demands climate change, and uses national emergency, the following would be the circumstance: “Will the people, be it the military or other groups, support it?”. Because if not, then it might not work. In the case for Trump, it has support of the people and the military. They know the danger and what’s going on.

Sure, some might say that this might give ‘unprecedented power’ to a president. Another argument would be that, it could be used for bad. But let’s not forget, won’t the ‘bad people’ do similar things? They might. But here we are, and it’s a good opportunity to ‘Build that Wall’. Or Fence. Because it looks like a steel fence, which in a way is good, one can see through it.

It would be possible to bring up some sort of more legal and logical argument that would facilitate building a wall, ‘with more legitimacy’. Well, that wouldn’t really be so hard. Simply take the facts. “bad substances”, “bad people”. One can make a bill, that states the following:

“On self defense purposes, due to situations that might endanger the health and the living being of the good people that help others, in the country, one can take self-defense measures to stop bad substances and bad people in the country, as long as the budget would be less than 10% of GDP and the efficiency over 5 years due to the respective measure in terms of economic progress to be over 10%. ”

Well, with this simple bill or added paragraph in the constitution, the Wall could be built, and the budget could be as high as 2.1 trillion $ (10% of gdp).

Well that could lead to other grand projects. Right? Sounds simple, and not that hard to implement, if one would be in the key position, be it in government or something else to do it.



As for Cortez…

While the progressive tax rate is not bad, it’s simply badly implemented, and from people who would stop a wall, it’s simply untrustworthy.

My solution was to tax firms based on the number of employees. One way or another, it will go that way, for one because automation, and for the other, because people need to stay united, and because small groups have the operative capacity to sustain proper communication between each other, both on job, and also on personal levels.

With all this said, my conclusion is this.

It’s a good idea to build the wall, and it’s a good opportunity to do it. If, by any fear that another ‘president’ would use an emergency for bad reasons, then, it would be good for the current president to use provisions to restrict the use the ‘national emergency’ for future presidents, only in certain conditions. The paragraph that takes into account efficiency would definitely be of good use.

This is all for now, be right and have a good day!

A note from yesterday…

The note is below. What is between the parenthesis ( ) are comments written now that might explain the note. At first I was hesitant to write some of this stuff because I immediately would feel it might make some people uncomfortable. Well I wrote it anyways. Enjoy!

If what is true about Triumphant, but most importantly. (link to Triumphant part II)

The ley lines…

That represent like some sort of magnetic fields, the minds of the earth…

Then it’s simple…

Who and what sacrificed who over the past 2000 years?

Well, it’s none other than…

The evil ‘gods’.
All those who performed bloody sacrifices.

Now now…
One idea was to talk about these gods, but..
Another idea came up. What about the Sun?

What about the alignment of the other planets?
If they are like that, then, is it possible that all the activity on all planets might influence the Sun?
Who knows?
What about ‘global warming’ while in reality is cooling?
Well it’s simple, they might want to freeze it over in order to…

Reset it again.

The best idea is about the ‘animals’ and their suffering.
This also creates a ‘carom ball’ effect. Or better call it a ‘snowball’ effect.

Consider the Bible and the sacrifices… Sacrificing good dumb animals…
What kind of reality would that make?
Sacrificing or killing innocent and naive beings, that would be it.
Sacrificing the workers and so on…

Not hard to guess right?

So then again, what’s the best output and outcome?

We all work together, we all keep small ‘groups’ and structured leadership.
And also while we all work together…

We all keep a proper relationship with each other…

We don’t kill each other, except those who committed a lot of evil.


It’s simple….

Clean up the planet of all criminals, humans and animals. (I’m thinking predatory animals, there’s some theory that says that predatory animals might not existed a long time ago, this is from one of the Five levels of learning by Wes Penre)
Clean up and set up the proper ideology in all centers on this planet.
Those who are low quality, just limit their reproduction facilities if the children came from them would have low quality as well.(While it’s improper to have eugenics, it would be better if some specific people would not face the possible discrimination because of their potential lack of quality)
And that’s pretty much it.

Based on these objectives.
The planet would be clean, ideologically correct, and the people with the highest skills would do great work.
Also some people who are low quality might become medium to high quality depending on their opportunities.

Sexual energy would need to be controlled properly, else people would not be in control of themselves which would lead to a bad thing.

So that means, humans would have some mind programs like videos, music, audiotapes with music with the strict objective to control their sexuality. (Think NoFap materials, applies to both men and women)

Porn has to be out of this planet. It destroys the individual, both mentally and physically.

And that’s pretty much it, at least for now.
No triggering advertising, and so on.

As for what Earth needs… It needs the following…
Peace, prosperity, and caring and love driven by sound logic which can be seen either balanced, right, correct, straight.



Some thoughts on Righteousness and finally, Road to Infinity.

But first, I’d like to point out something.

In previous article:


It was suggested, by some researchers, that Earth is kind of Flat. Their theory sounds like the people live on a meteorite, with atmosphere, in space.

Here’s my point here:

Their evidence needs to be researched. To see if it’s true or not.

Someone needs to get a strong enough laser that would have a range of 60 miles. And see if, after using it, on the other side there is curvature or not. Or to use a telescope like they did in the video. Their evidence needs to be researched, to see if they’re true or not.

I will most likely not do any of these experiments in the next two months. But some people should and confirm it. Maybe I will test it out this year or the next.

The evidence needs to be researched to see if it’s true or not.

As for the main theme, I have to say the following thoughts came from today and written:

A world where teachers don’t teach, but perform badly on their education and expect the students to learn it all.
A world where governments tax and steal, and money isn’t managed properly.
A world where the propaganda promotes death, disdain and destruction, be it with their posionous curriculum, be it with their poisonous media, be it with their poisonous technology.
Medicine that circulates into the people’s hand, mostly, is poisonous to the people.
Education that circulates into the people’s minds, mostly, is poisonous to the people.
Taxes that circulate into the idiotic governments, mostly, is poisonous to the people.
When will it stop? When we’ll make it start.
Enough is enough. This is bull shit. This has gone long enough.
For over 100 years at least.
Before that, there were wars against the people. The same idiotic rulers poisoned the common man…
The only explanation why there are exceptionally good people would be because of either genetic anomalies or simply lucky environment that led to small gene modifications that resulted in a different people.
Or simply that a part of good people survived over the years.

People will have to work to keep up their bodies. So they will have to always work.
But some create schemes and strategies so that people will work more, and a certain people would work less, or at least be given the privileges. And guess what. The dominant trolls are for the most part evil, because whatever they implemented, was bad.
They will try to wash it off in their consciousness. They will try to wash it off into their peers and so on.

I will tell you this much.
Whatever you did.
If you would get rich, the bad evil overseers would attack you and influence you to be bad. with your riches. for the most part.
If you would get poor, not many people would care about you so the majority that is dependent on the rich, would be controlled by evil.

China did organ trafficking, total bs, for over 20 years. How was this overlooked?
United States in the name of unjust righteousness apparently did war, but instead ended up in exploitation and drugging it’s own people with opioids (see Iraq).
Russia siding with China, a country who gives it’s people the impression that they’re ‘christian’, but, at the same times, friends with those who kill Christians, destroy churches, ban Bibles.

China, ruthlessly stomping a foot into people’s lives without proper and public judgement beforehand. But most importantly.
If somebody wants to punish a bunch of people, their organs should have never been used. At all.
But instead. They’ve been stolen and used. That is proof of corruption.

United States. A bunch of criminals in charge, who destroyed countless countries, abused and lied. And they still continuously lie.

Russia, a regime that is not honest with who it is and represents. Claims it is holy but then allies with the unholy.
Had bad past during USSR. Germans had bad past too.

It’s like, somebody is trying to create and put evidences and circumstances that promote mistakes.
It’s like someone forcing people to create mistakes via situational standings, mental thoughts and so on.
It’s all abuse and trying to force to turn a clean soul into a corrupt one.
A righteous one would dislike it.

So, this is what it is.

Forced impressions of evil upon it’s people. Why? The result is obvious: conflict, slavery and the chance of the one who has most experience and strength to gather the loot from all the losers.
“When two fight, the third wins.” So their blueprint seems, if not really is, to simply keep conflicts, out of which the unexperienced to continuously lose and lose over the years.

Also keeping the illusion of progress by giving a small grain of gold at a time, and the puppets being happy about it.

When will this ever end?

When there will be Truth.
When there will be honesty.
When there will be… Righteousness.

When they will be exposed and forced to pay it all back.
When people like these would start to be hunted for all eternity. And, not only that.
For them to be properly be found in different timelines. In parallel universes.

There’s no other way. When someone evil escapes.
Everything must be explored, finished exploring and after that getting that evil, punishing it, eliminating it, draining it and getting rid of it forever.

If not…
The evil that has been for the past millennia would continue…
There would be no peace for the next generation. There would be no peace for the current one. There would be no peace for other people on other cities, countries, continents, planets, galaxies, universes, timelines and all of it.
There would be none.

So then the choice is clear. Get it done. Get them. Don’t stop. This is your life.
Limited as it is. Stupid and disliking as it is.
A life where you would need to feed yourself to continue living.
A life where you would have to work to continue living.
A life where there is only conflict upon conflict.
A life where not everything is aligned in perfection, as it should be.
A life where hope is not always there, and where it might be trampled upon.

This is this life, this is this prison.

You want this to end? All of it?
Ban bad deeds. Ban corruption, ban theft. Ban taxes. Limit bad education. Speak the truth.
Promote good medicine. Criticize bad medicine.
Promote good tech where it is. Criticize bad tech.

Being vegan would at least give the mentality of not harming. Which is good because is a door open to compassion.
Sure, some people would start hating humans, those who are not like them, but it is what it is.
The trap is, to not get caught by criminals.
Look at it, the bad guys who are known for their evil deeds follow the same template:
-buy their stuff in order to win them, and possibly turn them back .

Because that’s what it is. Bad groups know that criticizing vegans alone is not good enough.
Bad groups know that good people fighting each other is what’s good for them.
This is why they push some vegans against conservatives.
They infiltrate both and then try to make conflicts between each other.
Power gained in the past via corruption and standings gives them the energy to do so.
The activists fueled by the bad groups have energy because they’re likely funded. They can be easy to spot, but…
Few if most people might not catch on.

A righteous man/ woman will:
-Follow the righteous laws from the Bible, but not the commands from ‘claimed gods’ that might do bad to good people.
-Follow any other righteous logic, from any document, but not commands from ‘individuals who claim they’re best’, that might do bad to good people.
-As a result, he/she will avoid pain to innocent, good beings, be it humans or animals. If it can’t, he/she will know that it will have a debt to that being that it harmed, that will have to be paid back someday.
-Do actions that will create trouble to bad groups and limit the influence of bad groups.
-Defend their life, of the righteous people and their mission to do good on this planet.
-Do actions that will create good opportunities to righteous good people on this Planet, plane of existence, World, Universe, Timeline, All Timelines and Universes.
-Do right permutations of logic in their lives that will make one day the possibility of we, united as one group, to have this world cleared of all evil, and have maximum potential of all good. They could be written, and it might never stop, so the answer is to do those infinite good things that are out there so that we, in the end, be one in action and thought, synced.

After all this…

The Road to Infinity, is clear.

What if the Earth is not Spherical? Independent evidence suggests little to no curvature.

I recommend watching it till the end.


But to summarize, they did the following experiments to challenge the ‘curvature’:

They used lasers, they used strong telescopes and they used separate GPS coordinates to prove size.

The results? All of their results point out that the ‘curvature’ does not really exist.

Their view of Earth sounds like a ‘Convex Earth’ , with the waters flat.

They say the Sun and the Moon have different trajectories and that these objects might be way closer than the science says it is.

Anyways, this is their website:


If the Earth is indeed ‘Flat’, then how much other propaganda is out there?



This year so far, and Happy New Year!

List of articles:

So far, the titles and the articles might just seem weird.

But the content there is valuable. I did this for me to be aware of what’s happening.

Also I did this because I feel these subjects deserve attention.

I talked about history, then food(and lack of), then the reason the millennial generation faced hurdles(hint, hint, it’s the previous generations that made this happen), Trump, Russia, Market Crash(correctly predicted, it actually fell 20% during the next 3 months), this was mostly due to both technical analysis, a feeling of big things possibly going down and a lot of impending past factors.

Then, about some cool music, then Trump again, then EU (and CCCP), then what happens in Middle East, then Midterms and that symbolic egyptian thing on some, if not a lot of flags and seals, the Left, and then how the Left possibly came to existence, Julian, chips, taxes and how stocks might go up(or not) until 2020.

Considering an article would take me a minimum of 1h, and a maxiumum of 5-6h, the average time spent on writing 28 articles (not including this one), is about… 60-100 hours. Tends to be 100 hours. I don’t regret the time spent like that right now. Writing actually soothes your soul. (Not only comforts it, but fills it with truth, sooth -> truth).

As for last year’s ambition…

Well at least some start of it went ok. Materializing the stance written in these articles is certainly not easy. The likely main reason why there isn’t further technological progress, looks to be simple. The abusive powers who do not respect the rights of others, leaning towards war and conflict, would only get more power, if it’s given to them. And let’s not forget there are violent people in some parts of the Middle East that would make it worse, if they get an edge of power. This is possibly the main reason the 1970’s achievements in space, likely came to a halt. And the covert ones possibly And looking at the current environment, you see half-controlled media, pursuing way below average objectives. The reason for all of this?(Their inability?) Because they were raised badly from the start, and those laws at that time didn’t actively solve the problems.

Well, it’s a simple problem of trust. And here’s an actual game that explains it ( I do not own the content nor I share a connection to it)


In our current world, we have, likely, an increasing number of cheats. And a decreasing number of generous people. But, according to that game, if the cooperative effort is more rewarding, or at least more ‘copycats’, the game would be won by good players.

I believe a truly higher progress, which would be the equivalent of ‘road to infinity’ would be achieved when, there are a lot of generous people, or, at least a lot of ‘generous first time’ copycats, or  ‘copykitten’, according to that game provided in the link.

This is all, it’s just the number of ‘cheaters’ today is too high, and they almost always hinder progress.

Solution? Expose them and don’t finance them.

Once there are more than enough people that promote cooperation, then things will naturally progress.

As ironic as it is, this game, at ncase.me/trust , explains who is the winner and the loser in certain given situation. And it has a very good implication in the real world.

So now, what can I say?

It depends on us, the players, how we shape the game and the environment.



High Taxes ruin lives for every day people. Little to zero tax is best for them! High taxes only for the rich and big corps!


Remember: Usually, taxation can be, and in most cases will be, theft!

When high taxes exist, then wealth is created. That wealth can easily be mismanaged, due to how human nature of most people is greed and laziness. This is why, a lot of taxes, usually, if not always, get misappropriated. In the vast majority of countries of this entire world, it is pretty much the same. Only part of the money taxed gets spent on infrastructure, the rest usually gets into pockets of an already generation of rich people, be it politicians, people running big corporations, and the military-industrial complex.

The only way to solve this issue, is do one, simple, thing!

Keep taxes locally. At least 50%, if not 75% of the money gained through taxes should stay in the local area. And it should always be monitored, where will it go.

And taxes per individual, should be between 0% and 10%. Nothing more. No tax on property. A small tax on profits.

If someone wants to improve the infrastructure, they will have to improve it themselves. Public roads that would be built, should be negotiated with the citizens directly, not with some politician.

People this way need to have public awareness. A politician can only promote, but people should be ones to choose!

This is what is best. If there are low taxes, and a lot less money for the politicians, this will only keep people who truly want to do good things, and not those who are just opportunists that go in politics to make a buck.

Also, another good idea! Small taxes for small businesses! Big taxes for big businesses!

If a firm has 25 employees, it should get a small tax, between 0-10%.

But if a firm has 25-50, make it 10-15%. (Or 10-20%?)

50-100 employees. 15-20%. (Or 20-30%?) (Even better, 20-40%?)

100-200 employees. 20-25%. (Or 30-40%?) (Even better, 40-60%?)

200-400 employees. 25-30%. (Or 40-50%?) (Even better, 60-80%?)

400-800 employees. 30-35%. (Or 50-60%?) (Even better, 80-100%)

800-1600 employees. 35-40%. (Or 60-70%?) (Even better, 100% )

1600-3200 employees. 40-45%. (Or 70-80%?) (Even better, 100% )

3200-6400 employees. 45-50%. (Or 80-90%?) (Even better, 100% )

6400-12800 employees. 50-55%. (Or 90-100%?) (Even better, 100% )

12800-25600 employees, 55-60%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

25600-51200 employees, 60-65%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

51200-102400 employees, 65-70%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

102400-204800 employees, 70-75%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

204800-409600 employees, 75-80%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

409600-819200 employees, 80-85%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

819200-1638400 employees, 85-90%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

1638400-3276800 employees, 90-95%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

3276800-6553600 employees, 95-100%. (Or 100% guaranteed tax on profits?)

6553600+ employees, 100%.

Anything that has over 6553600 employees would be taxed at 100%.

Or is it better, to have a 100% tax on profits at just 12800 employees? Or to have it at just over 800 employees?

The bigger a firm gets in terms of employees, the more it should be taxed.

Now for the article, it clearly says, it taxes the middle class people, but it doesn’t really tax the rich. It should really be opposite.


To quote:

Via Alt-Market

Any large and apparently spontaneous activist event can force a measure of change within a system (depending on longevity), but the problem is always how that movement is being directed.  Is it a legitimate grass roots effort, or is there something else at play? 

I am reserving judgement on the “Yellow Jackets” for now, and simply watching.  When they start engaging in public relations regularly, they will present terms, and also probably present their vision of France’s future.  There will also be politicians that attach themselves to the movement if the movement achieves some success, as they seem poised to do.  Then, we will know who is involved, and if the movement is controlled opposition or a real front against centralization. 

Also keep in mind that the globalists may be seeking to give such “populist” movements room to grow, because they plan on collapsing the system anyway and blaming the whole mess on decentralization activists.  I certainly hope this is a win for the people of France, but I would never underestimate the 4th Generation warfare of the establishment.

– Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market.com

This article was written by Peter C. Earle and originally published at AIER.org

The gilets jaunes (Yellow Jacket) anti-tax riots in France escalated over the past weekend, again citing the impact of higher taxes on fossil fuels – and high levels of taxation in general – on everyday life. French citizens, already subject to the highest taxes in the OECD, are being crushed by both new and systematically increasing taxes, and have taken to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in a “citizen’s revolution”. Recommendations to declare a state of emergency have for the time being been tabled.

With no sense of irony whatsoever, in a press conference on Saturday French President Emmanuel Macron stated:

“I will never accept violence.”

Yet violence is the core component of his chosen vocation as a statesman.

Taxation poses as an equitable transaction – goods and services provided by a government in return for a fee (more galling and Orwellian, a “contribution”) from the taxpayer – but the nature of the interaction is obvious to all but the indifferent or determinedly thoughtless. It is not voluntary and does not follow from reason; neither will even the most indefatigable defenders of state appropriation, given the choice (and confidentiality), miss an opportunity to skirt the taxman and retain their property.

The force of violent compulsion is the quintessence of taxation and tax policy, thinly ensconced behind a veil of platitudes regarding social goods and general welfare. In Paris, an oft-repeated phrase among the protesters is that they’re “fed up.” Ambulance drivers have joined the protests, as have both teachers and students in at least 100 schools across France.

Levying taxes on individuals to combat climate change – or for the accomplishment of any social betterment project – is unfailingly undertaken in the name of the sanctity of life. Yet if life is an invaluable state and condition, so too is that of the right of personal property. A life absent the ability to enjoy the products of our toil by utilizing them directly or voluntarily exchanging them with that of others is a life circumscribed, and thus a life forcibly, purposely denigrated in quality.

Media images depicting the tax insurrection are dominated by burning cars, graffiti on the Arc de Triomphe, and clashes with police – despite the fact that the majority of the 136,000 protestors on Saturday were disruptive but peaceful.

Yet none should doubt the long-seething precursor to this conflagration despite the impossibility of capturing winnowed domestic budgets and severe fiscal hardship on film. Furor arising over a life circumscribed by bad luck or adverse conditions is considerable; that which results from unquestionable bureaucratic decrees is ultimately incendiary.

The public reaction to the incremental repression of life’s expression by state coercion at a certain point becomes immediate and visceral. It is playing itself out in the streets of Paris right now.

Consider the larger stakes here. For more than 100 years, European governments have built their invasive states, with the public sector controlling ever more of life. The promise of combining security and prosperity through state enhancement has failed to achieve its promise. And what does the political class propose? More government power, this time in the name of green energy.

At some point, it is too much. Just as the citizens suffering under Soviet rule finally said no more, the people suffering under social-democratic rule might someday do the same. Observers have waited decades to see reforms that might forestall such a thing. Reforms haven’t happened. Now the people are in the streets, setting fires and protesting the police.

And it’s not just France. It’s spreading to Belgium and the Netherlands – the building of a European Spring.

What we see in Paris today might be the end of social democracy as we know it. What comes in its place is what the battle of ideas today is really about.


The solution? Small tax for small firms, Big tax for big firms!